I won't bore you with many details, but this is rather important.

First, this is a drabble. If someone likes this, I'll continue. If nobody does anything, I won't.

... That's a lie, I'll go up to chapter 5 or so.

But you get the point.

Second: First fic, tell me what you think!

Summary: The destructive boy and the sinful girl, a match by the Devil himself. Paradichlorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene.

WARNING: This fic is not for kids. Right now, this isn't much, but it'll get much worse. When it does, the rating will go up. Blood, gore, insanity, angst, liars. You've been warned.

Word Count: 134

Walk of Insanity


I. Identification


The boy identifies things as he walks.




He doesn't walk fast, for there is no purpose to his wanderings. I just want to be a little evil. Nothing bound him. No rules to stop me. Nobody knew him. The loneliness how it aches. Nobody acknowledged him. All of them are enemies so it doesn't even matter. He hid it behind a shy mask. Nobody can see my jealousy.

He walks with no purpose, for he has no purpose.




He stops, tilting his head, as if asking a question. "Boy?"

There was a pregnant pause, as he deliberated things that no one could comprehend.


His face twists frighteningly, but it doesn't matter, because nobody can see him.