Methos and Harry Dresden in the Wizard, the Knight and the Pragmatist

Highlander / Dresden Files crossover

I found my editor and she did her magic! This is a repost of a corrected version of chapter one with (hopefully) the spelling and grammar are fixed.

This story is written in 1st person narrative. Both Harry Dresden and Methos will be telling us the story. The transitions are clearly marked for the reader. This story takes place in the Dresden Files Book Universe immediately after the end of Small Favors (2008). In this Alternative Universe wizards and immortals have had little or no contact since the time of the original Merlin. Readers will find a wizard's nexus with an immortal slightly different than that of a wizard's nexus with mortal men, (i.e. a soulgaze, wizard's sight etc).

Disclaimer - TheDresden files are the sole property of Jim Butcher. Highlander (Methos) is the property of Davis-Panzer Productions

I wish to thank my editor BCF for correcting all my crazy spelling. I wish to thank my Beta Reader RJ Bingham who spent much of his own time learning the Dresden Files Universe so he could Beta this Fan-Fiction. I would encourage everyone to go read his stories, they are both well written and fun. They can be found at (.net/u/2428181/R_J_Bingham)

Chapter One - Harry Meets Methos

Charity, Molly and I were in the Hospital waiting room. I joined them after I had finished having a conversation with Mab in the Hospital chapel. Hells Bells, I hate talking to her. The Doctor came in at ten seventeen and introduced himself as Dr ME Stacy, the lead Trauma surgeon for Michael. He was a tall slender man with a British accent. While we were waiting, the nurses had assured us that Dr Stacy was absolutely the best trauma surgeon they had on staff. It was a fluke, just some random act of good fortune that Dr Stacy was working tonight because he wasn't scheduled to be on call. The on call OR surgeon, Dr Warren Harris, had an auto accident earlier today where he had been injured. Dr Harris had asked for a small favor when he got his friend Dr. ME Stacy to take his shift tonight.

"He's in recovery," Dr Stacy said. "The Procedures went…" Dr Stacy sighed. He looked at least as tired as either of the Carpenter women. "As well as could be expected. Better, really. I hesitate to make any claims at this point, but he seems to be stable, and assuming there are no complications in the next hour or two, I think he'll pull through."

Charity bit her lip hard. Molly threw her arms around her mother.

"Thank you Dr. Stacy" Charity whispered.

The doctor gave us a weary half smile, and looked at us with his hazel eyes that seem to exude something deeper than words could say. Dr. Stacy went on to inform us that Michael's injuries were very extensive and he might never fully recover from them. That there was also a possibility for brain damage. The Doc said that Mr. Carpenter may need assistance, possibly for the rest of his life. But then Dr Stacy reassured us he would stay on Mr. Carpenter's case and would continue to follow Mr. Carpenter as long as he was needed. Molly and I had to leave because Michael was in an iron lung and being wizards, we need to stay away from modern medical technology. Charity stayed and promised to call Molly as soon as Michael woke up.

I called Thomas and he gave me and Molly a ride over to Murphy's place. I had to hash things out with the wardens, Captain Luccio and check on Ivy. I ended up on making a date with the Captain for dinner at Japanese steakhouse. Murphy didn't think going out with Luccio was a good idea but Stars and Stones, I have to live my own life even if people don't agree with it. Murphy felt there were more bad things on the horizon and made me promise she would be part of the fight. I asked Murphy to take Molly home and drop me at St Mary's where I had left my car, she said yes.

At St Mary's church to see Father Forthill, but instead I found Sanya. We traded manly hugs, you know the ones with all the back thumping, but then he ruined them with those crazy Russian kisses on both cheeks. After a drink of bourbon, I thought Sanya should be drinking vodka, but Sanya countered me with why wasn't I wearing a pointy hat and riding a broomstick. I said "Touché"

After a discussion about Thorned Namshiel and Johnny Marcone, Sanya came out with Amoracchius, offering me the blade. I told Sanya I had free will and he could go jump in the lake; I finally snatched the sword from his hands.

"As if I didn't have enough problems I had to go around carrying freaking Excalibur now too!" After slamming the door of the blue beetle I looked at the copy of The Two Towers that Uriel had given me. Inside the front cover were the hand written words - The reward for work well done is more work. "Ain't that the truth" I muttered to myself.

In the days to come, whenever I came to visit Michael, I would see Dr Stacy who I just started calling Doc. Sometime we would have long conversations lasting long after visiting hour were over. The Doc seemed have the all the qualities of someone I might want to get to know better. He was originally fromEngland,Waleshe corrected me, and seemed like a decent guy. He was smart, a gifted surgeon, and had a wicked sense of humor too. One night when I was visiting Michael, the Doc and I got into a discussion about whether beer should be drunk warm or chilled. Doc said he would drink beer either way, but the best micro brewed beers are best served warm. I thought McAnally would like the guy. Funny, Doc seemed to know a bit more about beer than the average person, and a lot more than a trauma surgeon should!

Well, as I said, the Doc had spent a lot of extra attention on Michael's case and had gone that hundred and fifty percent to make sure Michael would make as much of a recovery as possible. One evening, he was getting off shift at the same time I was leaving after I visited Michael, so I invited the Doc for a drink at McAnally's. The Doc gave me one of his half smiles I was beginning to know so well and offered to drive. Since the Blue Beetle was in the shop again, I said sure and took him up on the offer. His car was a lot like Thomas's, but instead of a Hummer, the Doc had a big BMW SUV, new and shiny with all the bells and whistles. I was hoping I didn't fry its computer systems, but figured a ride to McAnally's would not cause too many jolts to the new SUV's.

Once at McAnally's, the Doc gave the place a once over, he counted the thirteen columns and thirteen tables and noticed the repetition. The Doc was a guy who seemed to observe every detail. I introduced him to McAnally, the owner and brew master.

"Mac, I would like you to meet Doc Stacy, he is the guy who patched up Michael and saved his life" I said as the Doc sat at a table.

"Oh, I am just a simple doctor, nothing special. Interesting place you have here. Mr. Dresden says you make your own micro brewed beer and server in warm. I am from the other side of the pond and I have been looking for some decent brew since I move to this God forsaken city seven years ago." the Doc said as he extended his hand to Mac.

Mac did the strangest thing, he shook the Doc's hand smiled and said "Thanks Doc for what you did for Michael." I didn't know he could string eight words together so elegancy!

I took a double take; Mac didn't make one grunt in the whole sentence. Then while still in a bit of shock I managed spit out "Mac two of your best brews and two steaks and the Doc is buying"

The Doc gave me a glaring looking and then laughed. "So Mr. Dresden, Mrs. Carpenter tells me you are a detective who advertises as a wizard in the Chicago Yellow Pages?"

"Yep, that's right I am a wizard" I smiled back at him, I could tell he didn't believe me, so I changed the subject, "so tell me, what does the ME in ME Stacy stand for?"

"You're a wizard, OK that's different. You're asking me what was my first name is, I usually don't tell anyone but very close friends, but you seem like a nice chap, so for you I will make an exception. It's a family name Merlin Edwin. It's kind of a joke around the hospital. Speaking of wizards, they say I am a wizard in the operating room," the Doc laughed.

Nope, he didn't believe for one moment I was a real wizard. Maybe the Doc seemed like the kind of guy who only believed in what he could whip up in his test tubes.

"And its Harry, not Mr. Dresden, Doc Merlin" I laughed, wow what a name Merlin Edwin Stacy. I couldn't have made up a better name myself.

The Doc rolled his eyes "I knew I shouldn't have told you that, just call me Doc, or Edwin if you really need to get personal, Harry"

After Mac brought us our brews and steaks, I took a good look at my new friend. He was just over six feet tall, thin but hiding a muscular build under his expensive bulky sweater. The Doc sported a short goatee and mustache, and dark brown hair that was neatly trimmed, but fell just above his collar. Outside the hospital, he wore a long trench coat even in the warmer weather. Actually, there was nothing exceptional about him except his rather large nose. Really, he was just another face in the crowd. Except for his intense hazel eyes, I quickly scanned when he wasn't looking at me. His eyes seemed to hint that that there was more to this man than his age suggested. His eyes almost had a glitter of gold in them. He was impeccably dressed and anyone could see that even thought he never said it, Dr Stacy preferred the finer things in life. I had seen him in hand tailored suits, I knew this because he had his name embroidered on the inside of the suit coat. I overheard the staff tease him, that he being a bachelor, was living in a huge penthouse condominium at one ofChicago's best high-rise addresses. The only thing was, he never appeared ostentatious, only generous to a fault. He was known to do a great deal of pro bono work and spent at least one day a week working at Medical Center Free Clinic. The more I got to know about the good Dr. Stacy, I realized the more contradiction I found in him. He was a puzzle, but I am a detective and I so like solving puzzles.

"Harry I have to say this beer and steak are the best I had since I left theUK." The Doc paused, closed his eye and smiled "No Paris, there is a small bar in Paris a friend of mine used to own called "Le Blues Bar" where the beer is as good and the company too." he said as he smiled offering a boon of friendship with his words. After we had eaten, the Doc said "Want a lift home Harry, I don't mind driving you and but I do have to get going I have to be in the hospital at seven AM."

While driving home, there was a problem, the Magellan stated shorting out first, followed by lights not working right, the Bluetooth interface causing the sound system to make eerie noises that sounded like a ghost. Then The Doc got nervous, and suggested I take a cab and offered me the fare. The Doc had no Idea that modern technology shorted out near wizards and a SUV like the Doc's was sure to be a goner with me driving around in it for very long. First I thought he was upset about the SUV starting to go berserk, but soon I found that wasn't the problem. We were by Wrigley Field and the Doc just stopped the SUV looked at me and said; "Harry if you don't want to take a cab home just take my BMW, but please I am getting out here." There was a strange quality in his voice, there was no reasoning with him, and he gave no information, he just gave me an order.

"Doc this is crazy! Maybe you should call triple A, I think your BMW is dying. It's late and no one is here, it's not the best part of town, I am not just leaving you here" I questioned my new friend.

"Harry, listen to me, for your own safety just go, you can leave the car anywhere. Tomorrow I can find it and fix the problem, take it home if you want. I am sorry Harry, but please do not ask me to explain." I could see in Doc Stacy wasn't in a mood for negotiation.

I found out that continuing to talk to him was fruitless so I dropped the Doc off and he disappeared in to the night. The moon was full and in the dim light I saw him enter the baseball stadium. I didn't go home, only drove around to the other side of the stadium and parked the SUV. After picking the locks on a few doors, I entered Wrigley Field to find out why the Doc had entered the baseball stadium. I saw that the Doc was on the field and went out to the pitcher's mound where there he met another man.

As I said the moon was full thus I could see the two men drop their coats, and pull out their swords.


Wasn't this the guy I just had a beer with at McAnally's, where the hell was he hiding that sword the whole time!

Now the Doc and another man were right in the middle of Wrigley Field intending to have a sword fight! Hells Bells, what was going on? The acoustics in the stadium were excellent and I just caught the other man loudly announced himself as Marshal Keaner. The Doc preferred not to identify himself, but Keaner called him Benjamin Adams. OK, why was Doc Stacy letting some stranger with a sword call him Benjamin Adams? Then again, why was the Doc standing in the middle of Wrigley Field with a sword? Then it got really strange - the two men went at each other as if they both wanted blood, swinging their swords with controlled thrusts. It was as if I was watching a Jedi Knight vs. Sith Lords light sabers battle. But there were two important differences, these men were not using light saber but steel swords, and it wasn't a movie.

End chapter one

Chapter 2

Swords, Beheadings and Beer, a Soulgaze.