This story takes place after the Conqueror of Shambala movie.

Chapter One

The Return

Former Brigadier General Roy Mustang stared at the open gate through which Fullmetal and his brother had just disappeared. How was he going to get it to close?

Of course you had to leave me to clean up your mess again, Fullmetal. Roy thought, with a hint of a smile. Turning, he looked down at Winry Rockbell who was helping Sciezka to her feet. "So, you came to Central as well." He commented.

Winry smiled sadly. "Yes." She looked up at the gate-way above them. According to Edward and Alphonse Elric, that gate was a link to another world, whose inhabitants had just tried to conquer theirs. "What are you going to do now?" she asked, still staring at the gate.

"Ed left me with the responsibility of closing this gate." Roy answered. "So that is what I am going to do."

"How are you going to close it?"

"I don't know." He confessed, as he raised a glove-clad hand. Snapping, he directed the flames that appeared toward the gate above them. When the flames cleared, the gate could still be seen, wide open.

"Oh dear!" Sciezka wailed. "What if more aliens come through and destroy our world?" her face became pale, and her lips quivered.

"Those weren't aliens!" Winry exclaimed, exasperatedly. "That woman was definitely some sort of human."

Sciezka's eyes narrowed. "Yeah, but what about those other things? Can you explain them?"

Winry looked annoyed as she admitted, "No, I can't."

"That's because they were aliens!"

Roy couldn't help but smile to himself, despite how serious the situation was.

A sudden movement inside the gate caused Winry and Sciezka to fall silent and seize each other in fear. Roy turned to find two black blobs falling from the gate. They fell into the large, gaping hole in the street that led down to the lost city below. Using alchemy, he constructed a platform, which Winry and Sciezka managed to jump onto, and guided it down into the darkness.

"I told you they were aliens!" Sciezka muttered as they drifted slowly down.

Roy ignored them both, until Winry asked him, "General Mustang, why are you following those….things?"

"I'm not a general anymore, and I am making sure they aren't the same things that attacked Central and Liore earlier." He halted the platform a safe distance above the ground, where he could monitor what was happening without putting them in too much danger.

He watched as these blobs actually slithered forward, with faces like…..the things that had emerged from the gate along with the Elric brothers. Eye narrowed, he positioned himself between the formless things and the two girls, who had returned to clinging to each other.

The blobs seemed to be competing with one another; one would inch slightly ahead until the other would ram into it, causing that one to gain the lead. This continued until one blob reached some of the red stone littering the ground; all that was left of Wrath's fight with Gluttony.

That can only mean one thing. Roy thought, jumping from the platform.

"General Mustang!" both girls cried, as he landed on the ground. They cried his old title again as he made the platform rise back to the surface.

"Roy!" Winry shouted down at him; he could hear the panic in her voice as he realized this was the first time she had ever used his first name. "What are you doing? Roy!"

Roy turned his attention back to the blobs, ignoring the receding cries of the girls. Finally deciding a course of action to take against these strange things, which he suspected could be something else entirely, he snapped his fingers again. Fire rocketed toward the two, but somehow, one managed to dodge it while the other shrieked in agony. The previous rolled over to another pile of stones; a mouth appeared and consumed the imperfect Philosopher Stones. As it did, the blob began to elongate, gaining distinct humanistic features. Roy realized with horror who those features belonged to.

A wicked smile spread on this creature's face, revealing pointed teeth. Wild greenish hair and violet eyes with cat-like pupils confirmed this was none other than-

"Envy!" Roy cried, as the homunculus charged toward him.

"Hey flame boy!" Envy cried maniacally, as Roy dodged to the side. "Did you miss me?"

Roy turned to watch Envy's next charge at him, realizing at this point, his flames wouldn't cause any substantial damage. How could he have reverted fully to his old body so quickly? Ed told me it took a while for a homunculus to gain a body-

His questioning was cut short as the oldest of the homunculi landed on him, knocking him hard to the ground. He futilely struggled against Envy, fighting to remove the homunculus' fingers from his neck. As Envy's iron grip tightened, Roy was able to glimpse over his attacker's shoulder to see another figure growing behind him.

Greed flexed his hands, then made a noncommittal noise that sounded like "Huh." The next oldest homunculus finally turned his attention back to the one trying to crush Roy's windpipe.

Growling, Greed marched toward them, turning into his monster-like Ultimate Shield form. "Time to finish what we started, Envy!"

Roy suddenly felt himself flying across the underground street as Envy threw him aside. "Oh no, Greed, it's only just begun!" Envy cackled, as he launched himself past Greed, dashing up the staircase and out of sight as the gate creaked shut above them.

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