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Rachel's Point of View

"Rachel….Rachel…wake up princess… BITCH WAKE THE FUCK UP." I was jolted awake to my close friend and colleague Kurt who has stared along side me in many Broadway plays. The most recent being a revival of Spring Awakening where I played the role of Wendla and Kurt played the part of Moritz. We had just finished up a seven month run and had closed up the play. Now me and Kurt had plans to audition for the much anticipated revival of Wicked and we were both confident that everything would go as we would hope.

"Kurt what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?" I asked groggily as Kurt looked down on me giggling. I groaned as I turned my face into the pillow hoping maybe lack of oxygen would knock me out so I could go back to sleep knowing that now that Kurt was here I wasn't going to be able to go back to bed.

"You have a spare key hidden underneath the welcome mat. Not terribly original if I do say so for myself Rachel. Now get up I have a whole day planned on how to spend your 28th birthday. I'm thinking spa… shopping maybe we could catch some small play filled with Broadway wannabe's and then tonight we go shopping again for the perfect outfit to take you out clubbing to find a new guy to replace Roberto." He said before opening my closet to select my outfit for today.

Roberto doesn't exist per say its just an inside joke between the two of us because of my complete lack of sex I have gotten the past two and half years. Roberto was my go to lover in the bottom drawer of my night stand if you understand my meaning. I got out of bed and threw on my robe and slippers and went to the elevator to take me downstairs to check the mail.

There at the mailbox was the mailman Tom just doing his job…distributing mail.

"Hello Tom!" I say cheerily as I run up to him and he gives me an uninterested glance.

"Hello Ms. Berry" He says as he continues to place people's mail into their mailboxes.

"Tom you know today is my birthday." I say happily as I wait for him to give me my mail. Tom just sighs and looks through his piles of mail and finds mine and hands it to me. My mail is filled with bills, advertisements and birthday cards.

"Oh really well happy birthday." He says as he continues to ignore me.

"Yes it will be a happy birthday! I'm 28 today and I'm going to a spa and shopping and I'm going to have a blast!" I said as I ran to the elevator to take me back to my apartment where Kurt was waiting for me.

When I got back into my apartment I casually throw my mail on the table as I walk into the kitchen and find Kurt making us a delicious vegan breakfast. He smiles at me as he places a lib on one the simmering dishes and walks over to me.

"Ok that needs to simmer for about 30 minutes so why don't you go take a shower and get ready I already picked out the perfect outfit for you." He said pushing me once again to my bedroom to take a shower.

It didn't take me long to shower my once long hair I had cut to a simple bob. I was out of the shower and completely dry in less then ten minutes. The "Perfect outfit" Kurt had picked out was a simple white tank top with a long black cardigan a pair of form fitting True Religion jeans and a pair of lilac colored ballerina shoes.

I spent the next twenty minutes making sure my make up was absolutely perfect. When I came out I found Kurt looking through my mail his face was bone white. I walked closer to him and he handed me the offending envelope.

Rachel Berry

8789 Leeds Apartments

Houston Boulevard

New York, New York


I knew that handwriting it belonged to the same person who had broken my heart two and a half years ago. A rush of the feeling of betrayal overcame me as I held the envelope. I quickly threw the offending envelope as far way as I could unable to throw it away. It just so happened it landed about a foot away from where Kurt and I would be sitting to eat our breakfast.

Me and Kurt tried to eat our breakfast not paying attention to the letter however, every once in a while one of us would look at it and feel as if it were mocking us.

"So Kurt…I haven't seen Sam around lately." I said trying to change the topic and Kurt stopped and his face drained once again and I knew I had said the wrong thing.

"We broke up some time ago…I broke up with him I mean." I said looking at his plate as if it was the most fascinating thing ever.

"Really? Why you two were so happy together I thought? Was he cheating or something?" Cheating was something I was all to familiar with and I would not want Kurt to have experienced that by someone he had planned to spend forever with.

"No Sam was great and I love him… loved him but its for his own good really. I mean I'm a Broadway actor and my job requires a lot from me… he deserves better than me. Much better." There was something he wasn't telling me.

"What else Kurt." I asked looking at him feeling extremely worried both from this new realization of Kurt's single status and the contents of the unopened letter.

"I was receiving threats Rachel they weren't targeting me but they were about Sam. This person would talk about all the terrible ways they would hurt him if we didn't break up. That they…would kill him…and take pictures of every thing they did then send me pictures of his dead tortured body. A..and how they were my number one fan and no one should have me but them." Kurt was sobbing and it had been my fault.

"Kurt I'm so sor…" I began to say but he cut me off and stood up and picked up the envelope and handed it to me.

"Read it Rachel it could be important." I slowly opened the letter and pulled out a greeting card that on the front read "I may not be by your side…celebrating your Special Day with you…But I want you to know that I'm thinking of you…and wishing you a wonderful birthday." That was so like her I let out a small laugh until I looked inside and let out a gasp.

"Dear Rachel,

Don't stop reading please I'm begging you.

I'm dying and I want to see you one last time.

I'm at New York General Hospital.

I love you so much.

Love Always Your BEST FRIEND,

Quinn 3