Disclaimer: I do not own Legolas or any other characters from THE LORD OF THE RINGS collection. Legolas is not really married (in the book) nor has he any children, so Casusandera and Saurvasa are mine.

Chapter 1

An orc came and rushed from over a far away hill. Legolas stood his ground. All of a sudden the orc changed its course of direction. Legolas looked on, wondering as to why the orc was not still coming for him. What he saw shocked him scared him greatly. A small elf of no more than eleven stood in shock as the orc rushed to her, sword held high, ready to bear down on the girl. Legolas jumped, a cold sweat all over his body. The dream had awakened him and he looked around in the dark. He wiped some of the sweat from his face. It had been many years since he had need worry about orcs and such, but they still haunted him in his sleep. He got up slowly, being careful not to awaken his wife, Casusandera. He walked out of the room and descended down a long passage. He slipped quietly into a room. There he saw the girl from his dream sleeping safely. This girl was his daughter. "Sleep well, Saurvasa," Legolas said as he walked back to his own room.


"Daddy! Breakfast is ready!" Saurvasa called out the door. Legolas walked in the door, smiling at Saurvasa. He sat down at the table, but said nothing else to his daughter. She looked slightly curious and a little hurt. "Don't you know what today is?" the young elf questioned.

"Hmmm… no. Is their something special going on today?" he questioned Casusandera.

"Legolas, leave the girl alone of your foolishness. We both know what today is, Saurvasa," Casusandera said, trying to seem annoyed, yet she gave herself away as she smiled at Legolas.

"Oh, alright. Today is your 11th year," Legolas told his daughter, who in turn sighed in relief.

"For a moment I thought you had really and truly forgotten." Casusandera brought breakfast to the table and laid a plate in front of everyone. When breakfast was over Legolas announced he would be gone for the day, for he was expecting company. He walked out the door giving Saurvasa and Casusandera both kisses.

"Goodbye," he called walking on the path to the forests of Mirkwood.

"Mom, who is Daddy expecting?" Saurvasa questioned curiously.

"You will find out soon enough. Now, in the mean-time why don't you run along outside?" Saurvasa hurried out the door. She started off into the town to see if any of her friends were there. She saw a group of elves standing by a tree, talking amongst themselves. Sauvasa walked by slowly, hoping the group would not see her. But, unfortunately for her, luck was not with her and hoping had done no good.

"Well, well, well, look who we have here," one of the boys answered snidely. Saurvasa kept on walking by, trying to act cool and collected. But she tripped over a tree root that had been sticking on top of the ground. The whole of the group burst out in laughter. "And to think your name means Dancing or Graceful Elf. Graceful indeed! Compared to a one- legged frog!" The whole group burst out for a second time in mocking laughter. Saurvasa, covered in dirt, and hair all tangled from the fall, ran out off towards her home. She ran straight into a tall man with a gray beard and a pointed hat.

"What's the matter my dear?" the stranger asked. Saurvasa looked curiously at him. He stooped down next to the girl and asked, "What is your name?"

"Saurvasa," she slowly said. "Who are you?"

"My name is Gandalf. I am a friend of your father's. I told him I would go out and search for you. Come, let us go home." Saurvasa walked behind Gandalf, following him to her home. The two walked up the trail to the Greenleaf's house. She walked inside and saw a great number of people; well I should not say people for they were not human. There were hobbits and dwarves and a human. She looked around at all everyone, wondering what was going on.

"Saurvasa, I will… what happened?!" Legolas questioned, eying her dirt-stained dress.

"I tripped, that is all," Saurvasa answered blushing.

"Come, we'll go get you some new clothes to put on," Casusandera said to Saurvasa. The two walked upstairs. Moments later Saurvasa re-entered the room in a clean new dress.

"Now," Legolas began, "I will introduce you to our company. This Legolas said, pointing to one of the hobbits, "is Frodo Baggins." He continued to point out the other hobbits. "This is Merry Brandybuck, Sam Gamgee, and Pippin Took." They all said "hi" to Saurvasa and Legolas continued. He pointed to a dwarf. "This is Gimli." To the human he then turned to, "This is Aarogorn. And I believe you have already become acquainted with Gandalf." Saurvasa looked at Gandalf and nodded. "Well then, that seems to be everyone." Casusandera asked everyone to please sit at the table for dinner would be ready in a couple of moments. Minutes later she came out with a steaming plate of steak (which all the hobbit's mouths watered at the sight of), a stack of mashed potatoes (more drooling from the hobbits), a pot of gravy, and sitting in the back of the room a pie (which by the smell of it was blueberry). Everyone filled their plates and ate their fill and drank their full of wine (that is all except Saurvasa who was too young for wine so instead had a rich cranberry juice). After the meal all were off and talking amongst themselves. Casusandera stayed in the kitchen cleaning up what was left of the meal. Saurvasa sat outside on the steps of their home. Gandalf pulled Legolas aside from the group.

"Legolas," he began, "I have not come here just for visiting purposes only." Legolas looked at him curiously.

"What do you mean Gandalf?" Legolas questioned.

"I mean that someway, somehow the ring has been brought up from the volcano."

"But that's impossible. Could there have somehow been a mistake?" Legolas asked hopingly. He unfortunately still remembered the days of the Fellowship's journey. It had not been a pleasant one at all.

"I wish there had been a mistake," Gandalf sighed. "But I am afraid that is not so."

"But how was it retrieved, and by whom?" Legolas asked worriedly.

"I'm not sure," Gandalf sighed in reply. "But this is why I have come. I need you to come on the quest to destroy the Ring if you are able."

"I will come," was all Legolas said. "Though I would rather not, I know I am needed."

"Very good," said Gandalf.

"What of the others? The original Fellowship?" Legolas wondered aloud.

"They, too, have said they will come along," Gandalf replied. Legolas walked off into the kitchen where Casusandera was.

"Umm, Casusandera?"

"Yes?" she asked Legolas.

"I have some news for you." Casausandera looked over to Legolas. "I must leave."

"Leave? Where to? How long shall you be away?" Casusandera questioned anxiously.

"I no the answer to neither of those questions, I am sorry to say. But even if I did I do not think I shall tell you, for it would bring you and Saurvasa into grave danger."

"What of the purpose of this quest?" Casusandera asked.

"This I cannot tell you either, I am sorry to say," Legolas replied sadly.

"Well than, can you at least tell me when you shall be leaving?" she asked starting to aggravated.

"I believe we shall be leaving Mirkwood tonight."

"Have you told Saurvasa yet?"

Legolas sighed. "Not yet."


Saurvasa sat outside on a wooden swing and swung back and forth. She looked over and saw the four hobbits talking amongst themselves. One of the hobbits (the named Sam she thought) looked over and saw her staring. She quickly looked away. Sam walked over and stood beside her. She looked at him. "Hello," squeaked out. "I'm sorry for staring before," she apologized blushing.

"That is alright," Sam replied. "I just wanted to come over and say 'hi'. That's all."



Three hours later Saurvasa climbed the steps to her bedroom. She lay in her bed listening to the talk of the others downstairs.

"Must you leave tonight?" Casusandera asked.

"I am afraid I must," Legolas replied.

'He's leaving?' Saurvasa thought to herself. 'Where is he going?' She waited a couple moments and then heard Legolas coming up the stairs. She turned on her side and faked sleep. Legolas bent down and kissed her lightly on the cheek. He left the room and Saurvasa got up from her bed and looked out the window. She saw Legolas leaving the house and start up the path towards the forests of Mirkwood. She then heard Casusandera come up the stairs and walk quietly to her room. Saurvasa got out of her bed and quietly crept downstairs and out the door. She walked towards the forest and followed the path the others had taken.


Legolas and the others looked around, pondering if the camping spot was good enough. They were several miles from Legolas's house as he had planned for it to be. Saurvasa walked on slowly and stopped before she came too close to he camp. She was still a couple hundred yards away. Though elves are the most creatures in all of Middle Earth, younger elves do not hold the grace of the elder ones. Also she well enough knew of her father's keen hearing abilities. She stayed where she was until she decided if she were to make camp here and continue to follow them she would definitely need to move back about one hundred yards. Once she found the perfect place for camp she lay down some pine needles from the evergreen trees as her father had taught her.


At the sight of the Fellowship Legolas tossed and turned in his sleep. Once again he was troubled by dreams. It was the same one he had had only the night before of the orcs and the attack on Saurvasa. He woke up and wiped the sweat from his face. He got up and walked along to a nearby creek that ran through the forest. He scooped up some water from the creek and splashed it on his face. He then went back to the campsite and slipped a dream-free sleep.


Saurvasa turned in her sleep and then jolted awake. CRACK! She got up quietly and slipped behind a tree so she was concealed in the shadows. She peeked her head out and had to force herself not to scream out in terror. She slipped back around the tree and was face to face with the ugliest creature she had ever seen. She started to run but felt a sharp pain in her side. She looked down and saw blood trickling down her side. She wavered and sank to the ground. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the ugly creatures advancing and bending down towards her.