Chapter 5

'Mother just can't be dead!' Saurvasa thought, almost pleaded, to herself. She heard footsteps coming towards her door, but she no longer cared of the orcs.

"Come and get your food!" the orc yelled at her.

Saurvasa did nothing, but stayed in the corner, not coming out.

"I said EAT!" The orc approached Saurvasa, took hold of her hair, and dragged her over to the plate.

Saurvasa allowed herself to drug across the floor, but still sat there.

"NOW!" The orc pushed her face into to food.

Saurvasa struggled to get up and coughed food up.

The orc picked up the tray and walked out of the room. "Starve then!" The orc slammed the door shut, leaving Saurvasa alone.

She sat in the corner and shivered from the cold. 'I've got to get out of here!' she thought to herself. She lay down and slept. Though she had only just woke up she was tired and weary already.


Casusandera awoke, sun shining in her bright blue eyes. She looked over at the tree she had been sitting in the night before. She saw Legolas sitting in the tree, still as stone. She got up slowly and walked towards Legolas. Legolas turned in surprise.

"You're awake!"

"Yes… you didn't stay up ALL night surely!" Casusandera asked.

"Of course I did! Who else would watch over camp?"

"Well I would have watched camp for a while."

"Well, lets not talk of it. We need to concentrate on how to get to Saurvasa."

Casusandera sighed. "I suppose you're right. I do hope she's alright. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her…" Fresh tears brewed up in her eyes.

She'll be just fine," Legolas said comfortingly. "She's tough and knows how to care for herself."

"I know… but I'm still worried." They started off on the continuance of their journey.


"Where exactly are we going, Aragorn?" Pippin asked tiredly.

"Mordor of course!" Aragorn said. "That is where I suppose they must be keeping the Ring."

Pippin sighed deeply. All of a sudden Pippin fell from underneath himself. He was being dragged backwards.

"Pippin!" the hobbits all yelled in worry. A whole troop of orcs came out from behind a patch of bushes.

"Where is the elf!?" an orc yelled. "Tell me now!"

"We haven't any elves traveling with us!" Gandalf said. "Now be gone with you, or I shall get rid of you myself!"

The orc backed away, cursing at the wizard. They turned and took off at a sprint, back into the forest.

Why did we not kill them right then?" Gimli asked, fingering his axe.

"I have my reasons Master Dwarf, but if that isn't enough for you I shall tell you of my reasonings," Gandalf said in an irritated voice. "If we had killed them we would not know for sure where the Ring is being kept. They are likely to be servants of whoever is wielding the Ring at this moment. But by letting them live we can track them back to their shelter… and the sheltering of the Ring as well."

Gimli said nothing.

"Will you be able to track them my friend?" Gandalf asked Aragorn. "For you are after all the best tracker we have."

"I will," Aragorn replied. "But how are we to be sure that the orcs are servants of the same who wields the Ring?"

"Well we cannot be sure of anything, but this is the biggest lead we have yet my friend."

"But what would the Wielder want Legolas for?"

"I am not sure… It could possibly have been a band of orcs from the one who has Saurvasa…" Gandalf trailed off. "I am not sure," he said again. "But I do know it is the biggest clue we have had so far."

Aragorn sighed. "You are right Gandalf."


Saurvasa sat alone in her cell-room. Her stomach growled with hunger, but she no longer cared if she lived or died… death could not be any worse than this. 'If anything,' she thought to herself, 'it will be better.' She sat there, thinking of what to do. 'Saurvasa! You can't go around thinking such thoughts of death as if it were a pleasure! I must think of something…' She bent her head into her lap and thought hard. Her head snapped up as a plan came to her. She grabbed a rock she found from the corner.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed loudly at the top of her lungs. She heard footsteps coming from the hallway. An orc came in the door.

"What…" But he hadn't a chance to ask his question.

Saurvasa hurled the rock at the orc's face. The orc fell unconscious upon the ground. Saurvasa crept out the door and into the shadows of the hallway. She walked quietly and carefully down the corridor, desperately seeking a way out of the horrid place. She heard footsteps coming down the way. She backed up against the wall, not daring to breath. 'Please!' she silently prayed. The footsteps walked past, not noticing her, then slowly died away. She crept out of her hiding place slowly. She snuck down another corridor; one she hoped would lead the way out. She heard a scream of rage from the direction of her cell. She quickened her pace knowing the news of her escape would quickly reach Goluk. Soon there would be orcs all around looking for her. All of a sudden something like a siren went off. Saurvasa knew all now were aware of her escaping and would be looking for her. She knew the consequences were not good at all if she were to be caught. She steeped into the shadows, having heard several feet approaching her. 'Come on… pass on through…' she pleaded silently. The orcs stopped near where she was standing, but moved on quickly. She let out a quiet sigh of relief. She stepped out of the shadows and continued on.


"Do you know where they are hiding her Legolas?" Casusandera asked again.

"I know only that it is out in the far west," Legolas answered. "But from there I have no clue."

Casusandera sighed. "Legolas, we must eat sometime."

"I suppose you are right." He stopped in his tracks and stood there. "But we should eat something quick that will not have to be prepared."

"I agree." They continued on into the woods, looking for anything that might be edible. They stopped and looked about and then spotted a berry bush. They went over to it, picked the ripe ones, and ate. When they were finished they moved on, westward.


The Fellowship was doing well on the tracking. Aragorn marched up front looking for clues that might tell them which way the orcs were traveling.

"Gandalf," Aragorn started. "These cannot be the same orcs we are looking for. I agree with you that the Ring must be in Mordor, but…"

"Yes, what is it?" asked Gandalf.

"Well, it is that these tracks are heading straight west, and it doesn't look as if they have any plans of changing their course."

"Now what are we to do?" Gimli asked, speaking for the first time since they departed after the orcs.

Gandalf sighed. "I am not sure. But Aragorn, you are right. These cannot possibly be the same orcs. They must be working for another. One that we are not meant to find. The only thing we could do is turn back."

"But it will take us the rest of the day just to get back to where we first started," Merry reasoned.

"I am aware of that Master Brandybuck. But we haven't any other choice."

Merry sighed knowing Gandalf was right. There was no other way. They would simply have to turn around and go back.