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Sarah's POV

I separate from Rory and Erica; after deciding that the night had been too much for me I change course and head home, which, luckily, is not that far away from where we are now. It's amazing how second nature this whole flying thing is; only a few minutes ago did I rely solely on my feet, car, and public transportation to get around.

This is just too much for bear right now; I'd sworn to myself and to everyone else that I'd NEVER drink human blood, and yet I did. Why? That's what I'm struggling with. I've always believed that I was a good person; I make good grades, I'm polite, I never get into any trouble – I just want to be normal… but now I feel so terribly different… so not me.

I wanted more than anything to be normal again – heck I still do… but I'd gone and thrown everything out of the window for… Ethan. See what I mean? I'm rambling on as if he's not a part of the matter, which he definitely is. I drank blood tonight – HIS blood – and it was… amazing.

I feel bad for that on so many levels. I never wanted to, but when I did, I didn't want to stop. But I had to, because I didn't drink from Ethan to quench the thirst that haunts me – that haunts all of us. No. I drank from Ethan to keep him from becoming one of us. He didn't deserve this life… I don't think anyone does, but yet, there are those out there who consider this barbaric lifestyle a dream come true. Those… like Jesse.

I touchdown outside of my place. I'm sure it's well after midnight but my folks won't care, that's even if they're home. I knew that Jesse was going to keep us from enjoying the school dance tonight, so I hadn't even bothered telling my parents that I was going.

The house is warm and it consumes me as I enter; like diving into an oven of freshly baked cookies. The smell is nice, and the oven isn't too hot, you can stand it. I run up stairs and scuffle to my room, carefull not to make too much noise. I close the door and collapse on my bed, thinking of all the mess in my life that I was going to have to untangle tomorrow. But first thing's first… the reason why I'm in a bit of this mess in the first place. I have to talk to Ethan.

I cared for Ethan… iono maybe not in that way but… I can't honestly say that I wouldn't have drunk blood for anyone else. It still amazes me how desperate Jesse gets at times. He only bit Ethan so that he could leave me with an ultimatum; he didn't care if he lived or died, Ethan didn't matter to him. Save Ethan's life by drinking his blood – I become a full vampire. Don't drink his blood – he becomes what I am… or what I was. A fledgling, and I can't let him go through what I've been going through for the last three months; I mean… I was already there, so why not take the grief off his hands too… right? iono.

My fingers struggle to find my phone somewhere inside of my dress…. ah… kay, found it. I tap it on and find Ethan under contacts. He doesn't know this, but he's the only one under my favorites. Of course, Erica should have been, but lately our friendship has been more on the need-to-know basis, so I haven't bothered. I hit talk and wait.

ring… ring… ring…

More like, repeated quotes of, "Let the force be with you" from Star Wars. Ugh… he could be such a dork sometimes. Then again, I did recognize it. I guess that's just one of the reasons why I'm drawn to Ethan. He's not that hard to figure out, but he is still soo not average. Inside, he's brave enough to just be him, and that's very attractive, but then you have those people (Erica) who just loves to push his buttons and tease, and he shrivels up and hides from us… he hides from me.

All the while my brain is having this platonic conversation with itself I don't notice that I'm no longer listening to that horrible call tone, but nothing. I'm listening to his answering machine, probably rigged to record someone's thoughts, and I quickly hang up. Well… that's strange. Whenever I call, he's usually quick to pick up. Maybe he's just not near his phone, God forbid he ignored my call. God… oh geez… God… sorry about the whole… undead demon thing big guy… promise it hadn't been in my intentions.

Or he could have been still shaken from the encounter with Jesse. Guilt swells my insides to the point where I think I'm going to pop; I'd really rather Ethan all choked up on his deathbed somewhere than to be ignoring my phone calls.

Why am I being so Territorial? Get it together Sarah.

Maybe a shower is what I need. I have my own bathroom, so in seconds I'm down to my undies and crossing the room to my bathroom. I stripped the remainder and climbed in. The water was freezing at first, but then it warmed, carrying me away on a steamy boat ride across cotton candy bubbles into a worry free land that I could only dream of.

I step out, dry off, and prance my way to the mirror – false hope in my mind as I reach for my hairbrush and stare blankly into the glass… no reflection. "I have no reflection" I say aloud, tossing the brush back onto the marble. I hear it clank and I roll my eyes. Worry free… oh that was but a dream. What a way to wake up.

I enter my room and climb into bed, pulling the comforter all the way up to my chin. I lay there, silent and motionless for nearly twenty minutes. I like lying on my back and sliding the bottom of my feet up and down the sheets; it tickles and I laugh and I feel like such a kid again…. then I'm brought back to reality.

My phone is ringing, and the song it plays is really annoying it the silence and comfort of my dark cave. My closest hand launches at my phone and press answer.

"Hello" I whisper in the best seductive voice that I could manage, and I really even didn't know why. I'd never intentionally tried to turn on a boy; I mean - I flirt… everyone flirts, but this was different. It was as if a little monster inside me wanted this… I wanted Ethan's attention, and not just in any way… but the good way.

He hesitated, and I knew that i had done something right. "H-Hi… Sarah?" it was more of question than an acknowledgement. "Em hm…" I hum. My finger's to my mouth and I'm pressing my teeth against the nail - it hurt, but I think it fueled my little monster…

"My bad… I missed your call" he began. So he noticed. What else? "I was downstairs with Benny. He just left" he continued. — and? "Well… what's up?" he asks. You fail Ethan Morgan! "Um… iono. How are you Ethannn?" I drag his name out longer than I needed to. "Uh… I'm good. Been better," he replies. I give him a little giggle. "K." "Well…" he says, and here I can tell that I've lost him. He wasn't too good with this. Good.

"Jus' checkin'. See you tomorrow?" I'm just as inviting as I want to be when I ask, a monster calling its prey in a way that it can't refuse - come here if you think you can handle it Ethan. "Y-Yea… Tomorrow… my place?" he asks. I should refuse - claim I just want to talk, but… I guess that's overkill. "K" I reply, and I hang up.

WHY did I just do that? Really… why? Ethan would have been happy to hang, and I didn't have to seduce him into it. Yes I did, but why. The truth is, I don't even know. Maybe I wanted him to want it just that much more… or maybe I'm still just a little shook up about tonight. Um… Sarah, that was weird, let's not go there again.

Whatever… I'm no longer half mortal, Ethan… you owe me, and until you pay off your debts, you're mine! My alter ego does a villainous laugh as I contemplate his options; let's be honest… I'm confused all of a sudden Ethan - and I want you to satisfy me.

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