"You know Ms. Elizabeth I don't understand you at all," Abilene told me, "You have a beautiful kind smart and important chil' and you treat her like she ain't nothin' but a burden."

"I raised her the way my momma raised me," I said, "and I told out jus' fine"

"Well if that's fine then you need a new definition for fine," Abilene said, "an' you kin get mad at me all you want to. I duncare. You have no idea how to be a mother. Baby girl deserves better then you."
Suddenly I had an idea. I couldn't be a good mother to her but Abilene can. I had to do what was best for my child. I couldn't love her. I didn't have it in me to love her. I had to love her enough to give her to someone who could do better loving her