This will be a bit unconventional but maybe it'll be good.

I've noticed that most of the pairings are MiuxKenichi, TakedaxKenichi, NatsuxKenichi, KenichixShigure, KenichixSakaki.

And yeah I have a few for Akisame and OC's.

But no one seems to be wondering about poor little Apachai. And that sort of makes me sad because he has such potential for a pairing. Especially given how gentle and kind he is.

So- Here may be the first ever ApaxOC. (laughs uncontrollably)

This is going to be fun!


The music was much louder than the group had expected it to be, aside from Kensei and Sakaki, the others from Ryozanpkau had never been to a club before yet they couldn't leave now. Not when they had promised Apachai who had asked to go out on the town for the night to celebrate passing his second year in the local college.

The group made their way up to the second floor, away from most of the crowd and found themselves a booth where they could sit, drink some booze, and enjoy the company of their friends without being bothered.

Sakaki sat back from the table with a glass of gin in his hand. While Akisame, Shigure, Kensei, and the elder master drank the scotch that they had ordered a few minutes ago as Apachai looked around the crowded building, taking in the flashing lights in vivid hues of blue, green, yellow and red. Then looked down at the dance floor at all the people in scandalously revealing clothes pressing against each other, grinding, having the time of their lives.

Up until three years ago, Apachai had never experienced a lot of things.

Like the joys of going to school and making friends. He'd been a martial artist all his life. Having sacrificed his education, his chance to meet normal people and interact with them; to perfect his talents at Muay Thai.

However after a series of events, he and the other masters had gained more than their fair share of free time. Upon which Apachai had asked Akisame, the most knowledgeable of the masters at Ryozanpaku to teach him what he would need to know so that he could go to college.

Akisame had done as he had asked, nearly killing him more than once in his endeavors to cram a lifetime of knowledge into Apachai's head. And just to make sure that Apachai learned quickly, Akisame had punished him severely everytime he failed to grasp something right away.

But in the end it had worked wonderfully.

Apachai had learned everything, and in his spare time had picked up several new hobbies. Like reading everything he could get his hands on. Science, history, war- He read books on animal behavior, ancient civilazations, any thing at all that he could get his hands on.

He'd read so much that he went through five books every day. And his speaking patterns had changed because of this. His vocabulary was larger, his understanding of things was now much better than it had been before.

And he could now carry on intelligent conversations with Akisame and very rarely got confused.

There was just one small thing- Something that had nagged at him for a while now. Ever since Kenichi and Miu had gotten engaged to be exact. Everyone at some point was meeting someone nice and settling down.

Shigure had met a guy and had been dating.

Akisame had found himself a nice woman that he enjoyed spending time with. Apachai suspected it was because she could outwit him. And nothing got the man to pay attention faster than being outwitted.

Sakaki had been married for a while about a year ago. But he and his wife had seperated fro reasons that he didn't feel like sharing.

Which just left Apachai. Who had had several crushes after starting college, but the girls were so intimidated by his size and build that they refused to date him if he managed to muster enough courage to ask them out.

He felt Sakaki's hand grab his wrist and looked back at his friends with a startled look on his face. "You okay Apachai?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Really? Because you don't seem to be having much fun just sitting here drinking with us."

"I'm fine." Apachai assured his friends with a smile despite the growing ache in his chest.