Okay, here's the forth chapter.


Apachai led the way back down to the dance floor, ever aware of his grasp on the tiny delicate hand held within his own as the woman tried to pull her hand free and reason with him. She hadn't come here to dance. He knew that, after all- he wasn't an idiot. He knew that she had likely been chased into the club by someone wanting to corner her.

And it would have worked if not for all the people, which told him that whoever was after her was armed. Possibly to the teeth.

Which meant that the fools obviously thought to use their weapons on her either in a dark corner somewhere, or they were planning to force everyone out and grab her in all the confusion. It was a bit of a cliché plan, but why argue with progress. He thought with a mental shrug as he hit the bottom step and scooped the woman up in his arms. She was weaving slightly on her feet, making him think that the drink that she had been given a few minutes ago had gone straight to her head.

And since he didn't want her to wind up tripping over her own feet or falling flat on her face- his arms were the safest place for her to be at the moment as he wound his way through the crowd until he found a nice spot that was well within eye range of the other masters but allowed for some privacy too and put her back down on her feet, noting the way she suddenly grabbed onto his shirt sleeves and stumbled a bit as he recaptured one of her hands in his and placed his other hand on her slender waist.

Hoping that that was all that would be needed to hold her upright.

Thankfully, he wasn't wrong though she did sort of keep her death grip on his sleeves and tilt her head back to look at him for a moment, her expression curious. Perhaps wondering what he was planning to do to her.

He wasn't planning anything to her. He almost wanted to kick himself for that fact- god knew that she was certainly beautiful enough to heat his blood and stir some very, very ungentlemanly desires in him. But no. He didn't plan on doing anything to her but maybe steal a dance while he did some information gathering. Besides, something told him that this woman wasn't for him.

She was so tiny and frail looking that he almost feared applying pressure with his fingertips lest he accidentally break her bones. Pulling her in a little closer to his body, he waited until the song currently playing ended so that he could dance with her. And once the music started, he absently took a step- forcing her to follow as he took another and another until he had them going around in a waltz as he asked her again, "What's you're name?"

The woman looked down at their feet for a moment, totally ignoring his question, then looked back up at his face. Her eyes were wide and had a peculiar startled quality to them that made him think that he had really just surprised her here.

Her small pink tongue came out to wet her lips, giving them such a perfectly sultry look that Apachai found himself mentally quoting mathematical equations to kill the sudden jolt of lust that had his body aching as he patiently waited for her to answer him. Finally after what seemed to be an short (but no less hellish) eternity to him, she finally said. "S-Shayera Minamoto."

The giant frowned down at her for a moment then asked, "The heiress?" His deep rumbling voice causing her to shiver as she nodded her head.

"I see," He said as he continued to lead her through the waltz dance steps even as the song blaring over the speakers ended and another one began. "That explains part of why you were so reluctant to tell me who you were earlier." He said as her face went as white as a sheet and gripped his shirt sleeves so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

"Please, I need to get out of here-"

"Let me guess, there's someone after you," The giant said as he looked away and scowled as if he were aggravated that she had to leave as soon as possible. She nodded her head as his grey eyes flickered to her face again and he sighed and muttered, "It never fails-" Then smiled at her and said, "Don't worry yourself over those people. Something tells me that they've just gotten in way over their heads."

She blinked at him, wondering what he meant as he suddenly leaned down so that their faces were almost just a hairs breath apart and lifted the hand that had been resting lightly on her waist to tuck a stray strand of her pale silvery blond hair behind her ear and smiled before scooping her up again in his arms. "Don't look so scared, Miss Minamoto. Nothing is going to happen to you while my friends and I are with you." He said as she looked down at him with a strange look on her face a moment before she laid her head on his shoulder and seemed to relax a bit.

Poor thing, she must have really been stressed out. He thought as he waded through the crowd once again and headed back up the stairs, noting that not once did Miss Minamoto lift her head. Perhaps she had been so stressed out that she had let herself slip into unconsciousness.

It certainly wasn't unheard of for someone stressed to do so. If the circumstances were right, that is.

Once back at the table with Akisame and Hayato, Apachai very carefully and gently maneuvered Miss Minamoto so that she was laying in the booth where Sakaki had been sitting earlier and grabbed the jacket that he had worn out tonight and used it to cover her as Akisame put his drink down and glanced over at him then then woman and frowned and asked, "Is everything alright Apachai?"

"No. We need to wake up Sakaki and find the others."

"You sound like there's about to be trouble, my boy." Hayato said. Apachai looked back down at the woman, his expression unreadable for a moment before he glanced back at them and said very clearly,

"There is."