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Prussia, Germany, and Japan stood in a rough semicircle around Italy's pale corpse, laid out on one of the beds in the safe room. His hands were folded loosely on his chest, a white rose between them. No one had wanted England to waste what little power he had left on something so useless, but he had insisted and none of them could stop him.

"What should be…our priorities?" Japan asked quietly.

"To put it simply, it should be 'to escape' or 'Spain and Romano,' right? Italy… is…"

Germany couldn't finish the sentence. Japan didn't really blame him. Italy had been important to all of them, but Germany had always been closest to him.

"Italy's face got dirty when he fell," Japan remarked, mostly just to break the silence. "I think I have a handkerchief…"

He reached out to wipe the dirt from Italy's face. Suddenly, he froze.


"What's wrong?" Germany asked.


"Hey! What's wrong?" Prussia interrupted.

"Italy!" Japan cried. "Italy!"


"He's breathing," Japan whispered, slowly looking up in amazement to meet Germany's eyes.

The German brothers rushed closer to Italy's prone form.

"You're right!" Germany realized, a smile spreading across his face. Prussia, the slightly more practical of the two at the moment, pressed a finger to Italy's wrist.

"He has a pulse," Prussia told them. "He's alive."

He shot a slightly accusatory glance at Germany.

"He didn't have a pulse before," Germany insisted. "I'm sure of it."

"West, you weren't exactly all there when you were checking the last time," Prussia pointed out. "You probably missed it."

Germany glared at his brother.

"I know how to check for a pulse," he insisted. "If there was even a whisper of a heartbeat, I would have felt it."

"Even you make mistakes," Prussia replied flippantly.

Germany looked at Italy, miraculously still breathing.

"Yeah," he admitted. "For once, I'm glad I was wrong."

"Prussia, you should go tell the others that Italy is alive," Japan suggested. "I'm sure that will cheer them up a bit."

"Leave it to the awesome me," Prussia agreed.

He threw a hasty salute and left the room.

"I'm going to cook something, okay?" Japan stated.

Germany nodded.

Japan left him standing by Italy's bedside and retreated to the kitchen.


Prussia left through the stairs hidden in the closet and hurried towards the piano room. That was where the others were supposed to be. Apparently, England had some sort of idea. Personally, Prussia suspected they just wanted to give West some space. That probably would have been a good idea, if Italy had actually been dead. But since he was alive, that just meant more work for Prussia. How annoying.

If Prussia had been paying more attention to his surroundings and less attention to the unfairness of the universe, he might have noticed the creature approaching. Unfortunately, lost in his own little world of awesome, he bumped right into it.

He stared up at the hideous grey monster and gulped. This was definitely not one of his good days. He instinctively reached for his sword, only to remember that it had been broken. Luckily, despite claiming that he didn't want it, he had kept the weapon Japan had given him. He reached to draw it, but paused before it was fully out of its scabbard. The creature had destroyed his sword so easily last time. And he still wasn't entirely sure how serious Japan was about the effect breaking the sword might have on him. Anyone else, he would have known it was a joke, but Japan was kind of weird. It wouldn't be that odd for him to lose it over a sword.

As Prussia debated the safest course of action, Canada stepped out of a room behind the monster.

"Run!" Prussia yelled.

The other nation simply frowned and held a finger to his lips. But the monster had already turned to see what had caught Prussia's attention. Prussia watched in disbelief as the monster's gaze simply passed over Canada without seeing anything. He was even more surprised when Canada launched his pet polar bear at the creature. The monster staggered backwards from the ferocious attack. It cast a confused glance back at Prussia before quickly disappearing.

"What was that?" Prussia asked, in awe.

"My new trick," Canada told him. "Kumabear Stealth Attack."

"Pretty neat," Prussia admitted. "But you probably won't be able to use it for much longer."

"Why not?" Canada asked.

"You're starting to actually become visible," Prussia teased.


"So, why aren't you down with the others?" Prussia asked.

"China and Russia are acting pretty suspicious," Canada said. "Russia especially. I want to see what they're up to. What are you doing? I thought you were comforting your brother."

"Turns out West made a mistake," Prussia replied. "Italy's alive. Japan sent me to tell everyone."

"Italy's alive?"

Prussia nodded.

"That's great," Canada said with a smile.

"You know, the others can probably wait to here the news," Prussia remarked. "You shouldn't be wandering around by yourself. Why don't I come with you? To tell you the truth, I'm pretty curious about Russia, too. There's something off about that guy."

"You don't have to," Canada assured him.

"It's fine," Prussia replied. "Come on. Let's go."

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