I got a little tired. And a little drunk. Then I wrote some little stories. For a small audience. What I know about Speedy/Red Arrow/Roy Harper is that he is a person who does archery.

His plan was not perfect.

Okay, so maybe there was no plan. Maybe he just got angry and stormed off like a five-year-old. Maybe he didn't have anywhere to go, and it was getting dark. And cold.

Roy's stomach grumbled, making him sigh in frustration. He could go back to Ollie's place, the old man would probably be ecstatic, but his pride stung at the very idea. He could envision the conversation that would follow his return and wanted none of it.

So he kept "patrolling the city" as he'd dubbed it. It wasn't that he had no home to return to, it's just that he feels that the city could use someone watching over it.

"Not like Queen's going to do anything. He's probably back in his room, bawling his eyes out." Roy muttered as he looked down from his vantage point atop one of the many apartment buildings in the area.

"You're not too far from the truth, but I have to say you don't look like you're doing much better." A voice cut in.

He had an arrow cocked and ready to fire before his brain registered all the pink, black, and blond in front of him.

"Oh. Hi Dinah, what are you doing here?" Roy asked, somewhat flabbergasted as he lowered his bow and returned the arrow to his quiver.

Dinah did not sound amused as she made her way towards the teen.

"You're an idiot. Both of you are. But I can trust Queen to take care of himself, or at least hire someone who can do it for him. You on the other hand..." She trailed off as she stretched her hand slowly towards his head.

Only to firmly grasp an ear and pull.

"OW! Gods, what the hell!"

"...You are a special kind of idiot, Roy." Dinah continued, dragging the struggling teen behind her as she made her way to the stairs. "You throw a childish fit in front of some of the most esteemed members of the league, and your mentor." Some stairs later they continued down an unfamiliar hallway. "Storm off without letting anyone know where you're going, and I assure you Ollie's been searching for hours before I convinced him to go home." She paused for a moment in front of one of the doors littering the hall to one-handedly unlock it. "And on top of that, instead of going for help after you had time to cool off and realized you have nowhere to go, you decided to spend the night outside." With that final exclamation, she pushed him onto the sofa and stalked off.

Roy sat still, rubbing his sore ear. He didn't really want to think what she would do to him if he moved.

Dinah returned a moment later with some blankets and a pillow, which she promptly threw at him.

"Get some sleep, kid. Tomorrow you're helping me fix up the spare room so you can move in there."


I'd like to clarify that the following is not in any sense "a story". It is word vomit that exited my brain via my fingers. Maybe later I'll write a story around it.

"Hey... Dinah... um..."

"Spit it out, brat. I don't have all day."

"I just... wanted to thank you for letting me stay here."

"You're welcome."

"And, uh... here."

"The hell is this, Roy?"

"Rent. I mean, I'm living here and I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm going to pull my weight."

"You're an idiot. I don't need your money."

"I'm not taking it back."

"Fine. I'll put it in your college fund."

"Wait, what colle-"

"What was that?"

"Nothing, ma'am."