The Queen Of Hearts

Summary: John Cena thought he loved his wife. When he married her after she got pregnant he thought he would be the happiest man in the world. The bad thing is he never knew that his wife had a twin. He never knew his wife was EVIL and now he doesn't know if the woman sleeping next to him is his wife or a stranger.

Note: Okay here is this story and I hope you guys like it. I will not leave my other story behind; I just got the urge to write this. That and I've been having a fascination with twins at the moment. Also it will be out of the WWE ring and into something else.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the WWE I only own Sabine and Marianne

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1. Monster in Disguise

The wedding day John had been hoping for was finally here. His best friend was the Best Man and his family was here. He really loves Sabina and couldn't wait for his child to be born. A lot of the people in the neighborhood were saying he was just marrying her for the child. But he didn't believe that, he was a successful business man and a child was not tying him down. Or so he believed.

As Sabina walked the isle Randy his best friend was looking at him worryingly. "John are you sure about this?" he asked. John looked at him.

"Of course." Sabina walked to the altar with the white dress and veil covering her chestnut curls. Her green eyes shone with greed with each step she took.

Her dream was finally coming true and she was going to marry one of the most powerful men in the U.S. A so she wasn't worried. She deserved this after all she had worked for she deserved this. It caused her to get married after all but sacrifice was something she could give just to get her hands in the millions John had. When she stood in-front of John and he took the veil off her face she smiled. They turned to the priest.

"We are gathered here today for the marriage of John Cena and Sabine St. Vicente for in holy wedded matrimony." the priest went on and on for and they said their vows. The priest continued.

"Do you John accept Sabine as you lawful wedded wife, to respect, lover her and cherish her, in richness and poorest in illness and in health till you both shall live."

John looked at Sabine and for some reason he was having doubt blinking his eyes, he smiled. "I do." the priest nodded and continued.

"And you Sabine, do you accept John as you lawful wedded husband, to respect, love him and cherish him, in richness and in poorest, in illness and in health till you both shall live."

Sabine looked at John and saw the money in her eyes. "I do."

"Than I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride." John cupped Sabine's face and kissed her with the clapping of the people around them. As they walked down the isle John was the happiest man in the world. He never though for one second the woman he loves at this instant would be the monster she became.

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6 Years Later

John was worried Sabine hadn't come home last night or she had but this morning. Apparently she had gone partying with some girlfriends. He had stayed home that night to help with their little girl. He didn't want the nannies raising them and had worked to come home early and have some quality time with his daughter.

"John, why don't you let the child have the nannies, that's why they get paid?" Sabine told him. John looked at her.

"Sabine, Christine is our responsibility not the nannies." they have had this fight almost every day since Christine was born and it always ended the same. Sabine walked out of the room. John didn't know where he had gone wrong. He tried to keep his marriage from crumbling but it was as if he was a puppet now and only once in a while did he get to move.

Sabine had turned sour the minute their daughter was born and didn't take care of her. But John didn't want to give his marriage up; there was still a chance to save it. He was sure of it.

"Daddy!" the scream has him bending down. Christine came running into his arms with the same chestnut hair as her mother but his blue eyes. She was smiling. "Daddy, o we get to play today?" she asked.

"Not today maybe later, I have to go to work." he told her. Christine pouted but nodded she understood a bit. She was five after all; she didn't get though, why her mommy hated her so much? She kissed her daddy goodbye and went to get dressed so she could go to school.

When John looked at her he smiled. He was tired of everything of playing at the happy couple but if it kept his daughter happy and naïve it would be better for him. Or was it really, he knew that he was fooling himself about this and nothing was going to change it.

He moved and left his home to his work job. Cena Enterprises a work for all of the buildings and weaponry. As he walked in the office he saw his friend Randy saying goodbye to his wife Mickie from the car.

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In The House

Sabine was packing her bags she was tired of everything in this house. She only wanted money she didn't want the child. He packed her bags and her plane ticket. She was going to leave to the only place she knew someone could help her.

"Miss Sabine, will you be gone for a long time." Gaby their house keeper and the nanny of her daughter asked. Sabine looked at her.

"Yes, I don't know when I will be back; just tell John I will be back." Sabine barked. She left the house with her suitcase and went inside her red mustang, to the airport.

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Barcelona, Spain

Her work was everything she could think of. As of right now even if she was sketching outside and making money out of it with people. She didn't care.

"Well, little sister is good to see you again." the voice and Marianne jumped out of her skin. She turned to see her twin standing in-front of her. Complete mirror and opposites to the point. Sabine was wearing a black coat and business attire of Gucci. Marianne rolled her eyes since she knew that Sabine had married and had a child.

"Sabine, what are you doing here?" she asked. Sabine looked at Marianne and was a bit surprised. Marianne just like her had the curly chestnut hair and green eyes. But her clothes were all boyish with overalls and all.

"Well I could ask the same thing." Sabine told her. Marianne looked at her.

"I believe that is not your business." Marianne replied. "Anyways don't you have a child to take care of?" Marianne moved away from Sabine and got her stuff ready.

"Wait, Marianne we need to talk." she told her.

"I don't think so, what more do you want Sabine, you got my fiancé and broke his heart, our parents loved you and I aborted my child because you told our parents I was pregnant." Marianne shot at her. Sabine just smirked.

"I can't believe you still wanted that kid." Marianne tried very hard not to hit her sister.

"A spoil brat like you wouldn't understand the love of a child." Marianne moved away and walked faster than anything in the world that carried her. Marianne got to her house just threw her bag into the corner.

She didn't understand why Sabine would come now. She knew that Sabine had gotten married but after all those incidents she caused Marianne didn't want anything to do with Sabine. She just landed on her bed and closed her eyes for a while.

Later that night, she woke up startle to the banging of the door. She got up and went to get the bat, but not before the door flew open and covered man came in. she tried to fight but they knocked her out.

When Marianne finally woke up she was in a bed she didn't know of and looked around the room. "Where am I?" she asked nobody but an older woman came in.

"Mrs. Cena, your in your hotel room, you came in late last night and some gentleman brought you here." she looked at the old woman. What the heck did she just call her? Before she could tell the woman anything she had left. In the room the only person left was her sister.

"What the hell is going on here, Sabine?" she said. "I'm not a Mrs. Cena you are and I'm not even married." Sabine just smiled.

"I just wanted to try something and it worked." Sabine said.

"What do you mean by it worked?' Marianne asked.

"Well, you see I'm getting tired about my married life…."

"It's called getting divorced." Marianne interrupted.

"Yeah, well I don't want to, you see you're going to take my place. As I got to explore the world." Marianne looked at her.

"You really need to go and check into rehab doing drugs aren't good for you." Marianne told her.

"I'm not playing around see; I know you saw that murder I know you ran away from Los Angeles after seeing that murder and if you don't want them to find you…" Sabine smiled. "Trust me they will, I will make sure of it. You better take my place and we will see how it goes." Marianne was going to fight but she knew better and knew the lengths in which Sabine could go to.

"What do I have to do?" she asked through clenched teeth.

"That is a good girl." Sabine patted her on the bed. "Well the first thing is don't get to attached. I will return and I will pick you up when I decide to come back and when I do you have to come back to your mediocre life here." Sabine touched her clothes. "But first you need a make-over to look more like me." Sabine dragged her to get changed.

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2 Days Later

Marianne looked into the mirror, she hated this. Herself mostly at the moment she was going to hurt this people, she didn't know because of her sister. As she got into the car after arriving the driver greeted her.

"Mrs. Cena is good to see you again." he told her.

"You too." the driver closed the door and she waited for everything to come in. Sabine was too happy and on her way to some unknown location, she didn't want to know either. As she came close to the mansion, she was in shock a bit to see all of this.

The driver opened the door and she saw a little girl walking with a woman. Sabine had told her she had a nanny called Gaby. When the girl saw her, she smiled enough too bright in her face and something in her really yearned to just cuddle the child.

"Mommy, are you happy now." the girl seemed hesitant to walk over to her. Marianne just opened her arms and the girl was still scare as she wrapped her small arms her. Marianne held her close; her little baby would have been much older than this around eight not five. She felt the tears come down.

"Mommy, why are you crying?" the little girls asked. Marianne just looked at her, it felt so weird to be called 'Mommy' but it still felt nice.

"I'm just very happy to see you." Marianne replied. The girl just smiled. Marianne was at odds though Sabine didn't tell her the child's name and she didn't want to mess this up.

"Christine, come let your mother get settled in." Gaby called and Marianne was really grateful for the old woman at the moment.

"It's okay, Gaby, maybe Christine here would like to help me unpack." Marianne said. Gaby looked at her in surprise and something told Marianne her sister wasn't exactly the nicest person to even her daughter.

"Really, Mommy." Marianne just nodded. They walked inside the house but Marianne let Christine down so she would let her inside the room. Marianne was in shock with half the stuff that was in this room.

She got her suitcase and put it in the bed letting Christine help out. The little girl was so adorable. Than she grabbed something that was very dear to her.

"Mommy, why do you have a teddy bear here?" The little girl asked. Marianne turned to see the brown bear. It had been the first thing she bought when she found out she was pregnant. She had kept it all this time, it was rather big.

"I bought it for you, in my trip." Christine clapped and smiles again. Marianne saw herself the girl needed the bear more than she did. When they where done someone opened the door.

"Daddy, look at what mommy bought me on her trip." the little girl ran over to a man and Marianne turned too looked at him. The man grabbed her daughter and looked up at her; there was something wrong though she felt weird.

John looked at Sabine she seemed different relaxed, but he wasn't going to believe this little act of kindness she had tried it before. He wasn't going to be a fool about this. But he had to admit there was something there.

"Hello, John." Marianne said.

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Note: So I hope you guys like the first chapter of Queen of Hearts.