Pre-story note:

Tell me, reader, what would be the true result of one run-of-the-mill person being forcefully taken from this world and deposited within another? A world that he knew (and knew well) as fiction? One must consider that "status quo is god", as the tropers say, and therefore the one who can change and control the status quo in that different reality can easily play god with the whole of existence.

To simplify, if you were to be sent into your favorite book, movie, TV show, anime, cartoon, or game, you would quickly find out that opening your mouth at all spells big change.
Not only for the story, but for you.

0: Prelude

Imagine a laboratory way out in distant space. Such a place, such a vast laboratory to shame any mad scientist's workshop. A person entering it for the first time could find them self distracted for hours simply by the many wonders within its countless walls. Imagine five whole planets to explore, every one of them filled with the most advanced technology known to any and all races in the universe. Here and there, scattered like trivial and infantile toys, lay great machines of war and devices of the most ingenious crafting, and yet with no attention being paid to them now.

The only thing that concerned the mastermind of this technological fortress was a plain metal table. A table placed so conspicuously in the middle of the floor that an on-looker would most likely pass by it without even realizing it was there. A table, or really what was on that table. Something more advanced and prized than the total of everything else to be seen, a certain something that no amount of time or money or knowledge or expertise could create: One certain human life.

A dull hum of machinery hung in the otherwise-silent room as the greatest scientific genius in the universe looked upon the mutilated form of the boy laying below her. She tucked a wayward strand of long, red hair back into place and rested her head on her hand. Glancing up at a terminal with various colors and shapes flickering across it, she began to question to herself - almost aloud.

'What is it about this boy... numbers don't lie, usually. And besides, nobody can make that happen," she pondered as the computers continued to report their data.


She paused for a minute and looked back down at the body on the table.

"How DID you get here, boy?" She asked aloud.

The scientist turned back to the computer console. She knew out how to answer her question, and so began to type.


QUERY: ~~~~~~~~~ORIGIN



"And...execute program." Her words rang out.

The screen flickered, and the form of a young girl with silvery-blue hair appeared on it. The girl turned to face its creator and spoke in a voice that seemed to waft out of the computer's speakers with an almost childish softness.

"Shall I gather the veil now, master?"

The scientist shook her head. "Not yet." She tapped out a command on her keypad, and, when she had finished, a visual copy of the boy on the table formed on the screen. The girl turned toward it.

"Is this the subject, then?"

"Yes, he is. Still..."

The girl looked up at the scientist-genius. "Master, what is it?"

"He shouldn't understand this on his own, but try not to let on to what's happening, alright? I'm not sure how his sub-conscious would react." she explained. "Or if there would be any left." She murmured, mainly to herself.

The girl on the screen nodded knowingly, and, with a toss of her head, a mist came and obscured her features like a silvern shroud.

"Begin," rang out the command.

The boy's mind began to react to the program as it assumed its visage. Every word would scroll across the screen and be logged in the computer's database, but the greatest genius scientist in the universe wanted to see and hear everything personally as it happened in the boy's mind. She leaned toward her screen expectantly.

And within his mind...