The Contenders Of Her Heart!

Discalmier: I do not own any wrestler or divas or the kids of the wrestler. I only own Allie Lawson.

In my mind I can only control what happens to me on the inside the outside is a whole different thing when it comes to my boyfriend Alex Riley. He treats me like a dog and he thinks that he is better than everyone that comes in contact with him, but that is the thing he isnt no better than half the guys he works with and he just doesn't understand it. I feel like ever since he got with Mike better known as the Miz things have just gotten worse and things didn't need to to get this bad. She needed a way out of the abuse away to get her life back she just didn't know how she was going to do that.

Alex has always been her life. They have been through just about everything together and she knew that they were meant to be, but as of late she wasn't so sure about them since he was suppose to be better than everyone. She knew that he was just using her for show and that wasn't fair to her and she didn't deserve it. She remembers everything that happened the night she lost their baby and she knew that it was only the beginning of him blaming her for that. It was her fault that he put his hands on her and knocked down repeatdly. It wasn't her fault that he lost his temper time and time again over nothing, but when he hit her hard enough to make her fall down the stairs to make her lose the baby.

She knew that was something that no woman should ever have to go through and the fact that she had to go through that just made things a lot harder on her. She wanted out, she wanted to be happy, she wanted the family that she had always dreamed about, but she was beginning to think that she would never get that due to her boyfriend always having her right where he wanted her. She kept a close eye on what he was doing and what he was talking about to make sure that she could always say something that would make the beatings not happen. She never knew that another wrestler would change her life and help her get away from the situation that she was put in, but he was there and he was going to make her life better.