The Inside Man!

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While Randy and Allie have been out of town for at least two days and now that it was the best time for Alex and the other guy to get into the house and see what has been going on with Randy and his Allie little did he know was that Randy and Allie were on their way back to the house since Randy had gotten called into work. Alex roamed the house looking around seeing everything of her around the house which pissed him off. He never thought in a million years that Allie would be with another man besides him. He knew that she was going to be with him forever, but he noticed that she was alot happier with Randy and that just sent him over the edge. He started going through their things finding everything that he knew was hers and knowing that it shouldnt be there. They had to make it look like a robbery and everything, but Alex was going to take it to a whole new level by making sure Allie knew that he was there and he knew about the whole her and Randy thing.

He started trashing the house left and right when he came across something that he had given her. He couldnt believe that she still had it, but he was going to make sure that she didnt have it. He put it in his pocket and looking around after trashing every room in the house. He walked out with the inside man behind him a little confused to why he done what he done. Once they were outside Alex stopped and looked at him

"I want you to stay here in the house." he said

"Thats not in my job discripition." He replied

"I dont care! You will not leave here unless you the say so from me. I want to know everything the little slut is doing with her new man. I want to know what they do outside of the house." He said "Do you understand?"

"Its going to cost a lot more than what you are giving me." he said

"Money isnt the problem. I will pay whatever it takes."

"Fine. I'll stay here and watch them."

"Good. I want a full report on everything each day around six." Alex said


With that being said and done Alex got into his car and lefted leaving the inside man outside of the house. Alex knew that this was going to get more results than the private eye could have ever gotten and now he would know just about everything there is to know about the couple. He knew that this was the only way to get her back and he would do anything and everything to get her back where she belongs which is with him. He drove away knowing that this was the last time that Allie would ever say in that house.

*Couple Hours Later*

Randy and Allie pulled into the driveway of the house thinking that everything was right. They got out of the car and went inside of the house and when they saw the mess that was made Allie started freaking out. She couldnt believe that their house was broken into and trashed the way it was. Randy on the other hand was more than pissed off about the fact that someone would break into their house and mess it up. Allie went up to their room and noticed that all of her clothes were everywhere and most of their things were on the floor. Randy walked up and looked and he couldnt believe his eyes when he saw the mess thrown around the room.

"Who would do something like this?" he asked

"Alex." she muttered

"Who?" he asked

"Alex. He would do something like this. And I know that he was the one that done this."

"How do you know?"

"I know because I had one thing that he had given me and its not here anymore and he was the only one that would ever find out where I was at."


She looked at him "Randy I am too scared to actually stay here."

"Okay. Lets get out of here and we can go stay at my parents house for the night." he said

She nodded grabbing somethings. Randy watched her as she got somethings ready to go. He knew that Allie was freaking out and there was nothing that he could do about it. She finished and looked over at him she knew that he wanted the best for her, but she couldnt risk her pregnancy over this. She was going to tell him that they were having a baby, but now that all of this was going on she didnt want to make things worse than they already were on him. She just wanted things to go back to the way they were and not worry about what everyone would be thinking. Randy got some clothes and took her out of the house and headed over to his parents house. He knew that this was going to make things worse on her because she had always been scared of Alex, but he knew that he wasnt going to let anything happen to her. He knew that this was going to be a long night.