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Carlos knew it was going to be a weird day the second he woke up. He didn't know how, he just did. Lately, he had been feeling different. He had spent much less time chasing after every pretty girl he ran into. He hadn't even stared at the Jennifers! He wasn't sure what, but something about him was changing. Shrugging it off, he left the room he shared with James and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, he put on his deodorant, pulled on a blue wife-beater and his swim trunks, and left for the pool. Now one thing about Carlos was, he never had to shave. For whatever reason, his face just didn't grow hair. Making his way towards the door of the apartment, he waved to Kendall and Logan, who were sitting on the couch, watching TV. It was still early, so it wasn't odd that Carlos wasn't hungry yet. He had this ritual of sorts where if he woke up before nine, he went to the pool to relax. He made his way down to the lobby, and then through the double doors to the pool. Surprisingly, he saw that James was out soaking up the sun. Shrugging to himself, he pulled off his shirt, and threw it on the nearest pool chair before diving into the pool.

When he resurfaced, James was glaring at him. His hair was wet, most likely the effect of Carlos not-so-perfect dive.

"Comin' to get me Jamie?" Carlos asked tauntingly. James grinned, jumped off his chair, and made a neat dive into the pool. Carlos' reflexes weren't fast enough for him to swim away, so James was able to grab him.

"My revenge will be sweet," James said as he began to tickle Carlos' sides.

"No! J-James! S-stop!" Carlo squealed as he began to twist and writhe in James' grasp.

"Your efforts are futile! You will never-" James stopped talking and made a strangled squeaking noise. With Carlos' squirming, he had managed to nail James in the groin. He released Carlos and groaned.

"Sorry…," Carlos said. He couldn't help but to smirk. Ever since he and James had been friends, James had always used his endless tickle-spots against him. And, almost every time, one or the other would end up in severe pain afterwards.

"No you're not," James muttered. The Latino boy shrugged and paddled away from his friend. The pool was empty, save the two boys, most likely because of the early hour. Climbing out of the pool, Carlos reached for a towel. Quickly drying off his face and short black hair, he turned to watch James. As he rose out of the pool, Carlos couldn't help but stare. His tan was almost as deep as Carlos' and his brown hair fell stylishly down his forehead. Water dripped between the lines of his nicely developed chest and washboard abs. Carlos snapped out of it when he realized he was blushing. Why did he keep thinking these things around other guys?

"Hey, Carlos, why are you up so early? I mean, usually, we can't get you up until Mama Knight has breakfast served." James also reached for a towel, proceeding to dry himself off relatively quickly.

"I don't know...just didn't feel like sleeping any longer." Carlos kept drying his hair so he would have an excuse not to look directly at James. About the time when they had all turned fourteen, James had gathered them together and told them he was bisexual. Logan and Kendall were shocked, but not Carlos. James was closer to Carlos than the others, and had told him he had a thing for beautiful people, not just women. Carlos may not have the best grades, but he wasn't stupid.

"Okay. You sure nothing's wrong?" James finished drying off his torso and pulled a red tank top on.

"I've got some stuff on my mind, but I'll tell you about it later." Carlos finished drying off, pulled his wife-beater on, and left the pool before James could respond. 'Why do I keep thinking these things about other guys? Especially James?'

He bypassed the elevator and jogged up the two flights of stairs to apartment 2J. He opened the door and was hit with the smell of burning bacon. He frowned and peered into the kitchen. Kendall was trying to beat down small flames in a skillet with a tea towel whilst Logan stood on the sidelines, laughing hysterically.

"What did you do…?" he asked, not entirely sure if he wanted to know.

"I wanted bacon, but apparently my cooking leaves a lot to be desired," Kendall replied sullenly as he beat out the last flickering flame.

"And you didn't wait for your mom or let Logan do it, why?" Carlos said.

"I offered," Logan said.

"I wanted to try and cook! Is there anything wrong with that?" Kendall asked, whirling around the ruined towel.

"Considering you can't cook to save your life, yes," Carlos said. He sighed and flicked the towel at him like a whip. Carlos just laughed as he turned and headed upstairs to his room. He quickly pulled off his trunks and shirt, changing into a pair of faded jeans over his red and black plaid boxers, with his grey and black striped long-sleeved v-neck. He looked himself over in the mirror, appreciating how his clothes accentuated his muscles. He left his room, thinking about joining a gym so he could have muscles like James...those beautiful, beautiful muscles, that- WHOA! What was he thinking? He needed breakfast, bad. Sliding down Swirly, he saw that James had come back, wearing a blue t-shirt and dark jeans.

"Carlos, why'd you run off so fast? We didn't get to finish talking! Are you sure you're okay?"

"I told you, I'd talk to you about it later! Please, just, leave me alone for a while." James stared with mouth agape, Kendall and Logan behind him. Carlos looked between his three friends and eventually just pushed between them and opened the fridge. As he pulled out the gallon of milk, he felt a pair of eyes on him. He turned around, just in time to see James becoming suddenly very interested in an orange resting on the counter. He couldn't help but to smile slightly as he poured himself a bowl of cereal. As he sat down at the table, Katie came padding out of her room.

"Why are you all up so early?" she asked in pure exhaustion.

"Because we don't stay up half the night playing poker with forty-year old men," Kendall said.

"They aren't forty," she mumbled as she began to make her breakfast. In a few minutes, all five children were crowded around the table, munching on breakfast. Logan had made new bacon, which, seeing as it was bacon, was gone in a flash. Mama Knight walked out not to long after, and stared at the five.

"Why are you all up so early?"

The boys all looked to each other, wondering who should speak first.

"Well, I'm always up early." Logan answered. He wore a black shirt with one of his usual sweater jackets on, choosing a deep red one this morning that went well with his jeans.

"Logan woke me up when he tripped on a book that fell on the floor." Kendall explained. He wore a blue shirt under a green unzipped hoodie and black skin-tight pants.

"I didn't feel like sleeping in for once. I just got back from the pool." Carlos answered, earning a shocked look from Mama Knight and Katie.

"I was down tanning before it got too crowded. Carlos managed to drag me into a pool battle, but then he left before we could finish our conversation, and NOW he's avoiding it." James smirked, knowing she would make Carlos talk.

"Carlos, why won't you talk to James?" Mama Knight put her hands on her hips, giving Carlos the 'you're in trouble' stare. Carlos bit his lip and looked down at his hands.

"It's sort of…um…private," he said quietly. Mama Knight sighed and walked over to Carlos.

"Well then, since everyone is out here, why don't you go and talk in your bedroom?" she said, using the tone that meant, 'say no and die'.

"…Yes ma'am," Carlos said solemnly. What he planned on asking James about, wasn't something he wanted to be forced into.

"Get going then," she said, giving him a small, encouraging smile. He and James walked upstairs, to the room they shared. Carlos' side was in fact the cleaner side of the room. Everything had its place and everything that left its place, went straight back. James' side of the room was just as neat, but only because he forced to clean it daily by either Mama Knight or Carlos.

Carlos sat down on his bed and crossed his arms in a pout. James sat down across from him on his own bed and smirked at his best friend.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" he asked.

"Not something I wanted to be forced into," Carlos replied.

"C'mon, Carlos, I tell you everything, why won't you talk to me?" James got onto his knees, gently grabbing each one of Carlos' arms and pulling them out of his pout.

"Please James, can we talk about this later?" Carlos got up to try to leave, but James pulled him back down.

"We're not leaving until we talk, now spill it, why have you been acting so weird?"

"...Well, lately, I've been feeling really...confused." Carlos started blushing. He wasn't even sure if these feelings were real. He wanted some time to sort them out before he talked to anyone.

"Confused about what? Did Logan say something confusing again?"

"No, James, I've been confused." Carlos was desperate for James to understand without him having to actually say it. He gave him his most meaningful stare, and he could see it click in James' head.

"Ohhh...so, both teams, or the one that like the baseball bats in a different way?" James asked, smirking. Carlos blushed profusely.

"James, I'm being serious here! Don't make this even more awkward!"

"Well, do you want me to help you figure it out?" James scooted all the way to the edge of his bed, leaning over to lessen the gap between them. Little did he know, the closeness was confusing Carlos even more. Did he really have feelings for James?

"H-how?" If Carlos blushed anymore, his face would be stuck on red.

"Like this." And with that, James leaned forward and kissed Carlos. The answer to Carlos' question? Yes, he did feel for James. Carlos held still for the most part, just feeling James' lips on his own. What was he doing? This was his first kiss and he was doing nothing! Yes, his first kiss. That was one reason he was so nervous.

James slowly pulled away after a good ten seconds. "So, did that clear things up?" James smiled. He didn't see Carlos that way. Just as a friend, almost a brother. And as such, he did his duty and helped his friend with his problems. Carlos had a simple answer. He leaned forward and kissed James again.

"Oh my God! James, I'm so sorry!" Carlos pulled away as soon as he realized what he was doing. He swiftly got up and went to open the door, only for James to come up behind him and close it.

"Hey, Carlos listen. I don't feel for you like that, okay?" Carlos felt his heart shatter into a million pieces, tears springing to his eyes and flowing over before he could stop them. Then, to his shock, James leaned forward and kissed him a third time. It was gentle and sweet, and took away his fears. "But, if you do feel that way, I can give us a shot. After all, I did say I was looking for a man's attention, didn't I?" Carlos stood there dumbfounded, so James kissed him again, this one just a peck on the cheek. "So, you wanna be my boyfriend, Carlos?"

"Yeah...I really do." Carlos leaned in and pecked James' cheek. "And to answer your question, I swing for both teams. Can we...tell everyone? That I'm bi, I mean."

"Yeah. You tell them that. I'll tell them that we're together, okay?" Carlos nodded, and they started to head downstairs. In the short time they had been gone, Mama Knight had managed to air out the kitchen and gotten Kendall to scrub the burnt bacon out of the blackened pan.

"Well?" Mama Knight asked as she looked the two boys over.

"I'm bi-sexual," Carlos said, deciding it would be easiest to just say it. The only noise was Kendall dropping the pan into the sink.

"Congratulations," Logan said, breaking the silence.

"Ditto," Kendall said, picking the pan back up and scrubbing at the plate again.

"Bout time," Katie said, shoveling oatmeal into her mouth.

"Whataya mean by that?" Carlos demanded. It wasn't that obvious, was it?

"I really have no idea. I wanted to make it seem like I have an awesome gay-dar," she replied. Carlos mentally facepalmed and looked over at James.

"Are you sure you want me to tell?" James asked, looking into Carlos' eyes and noticing what a beautiful shade of brown they were. Carlos nodded.

"Yeah. I do." Carlos had the biggest smile on his face, and James found himself smiling as well.

"Tell us what?" Kendall and Logan chorused.

"Really guys? You are slow. I'm ten, and I know what they're going to say." Katie rolled her eyes. "I'm heading down to the lobby before things get mushy and gross." The guys watched silently as she left.

"So, what are you telling us?" Mama Knight asked narrowing one eye and giving them an inquisitive look. James reached his hand over and intertwined his fingers with Carlos'. He pulled back his shoulders proudly and told them flat out.

"We're together." Once again, the only sound in the apartment was the sound of Kendall dropping the frying pan.

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