Chasing Shadows 5

With all explained and lunch finished, England returned to the meeting room. He sighed as he pulled out his phone, looking at the other nations, who were watching him with interest.

"I'm certainly not going to promise anything. I wouldn't forgive you, and I don't expect either of them to do the same for you." He flipped his phone open, dialing America's number, waiting to see if he'd answer. Just as he thought it was about to switch over to voicemail, there was a click, a jostle and a tired groan.


England pulled the phone away from his ear, taking a moment to stare at it. Kicked out of an important meeting for no apparent reason and the blasted fool decides to sleep; typical. "America…You have to come back to the meeting." He brought the phone back up to his ear. He rolled his eyes as America started that obnoxious laugh of his.

"I knew the world couldn't manage a meeting without me!" Oh great, just what he needed, America with a more bloated ego than usual. "…Forget it. I'm not doing a damned thing for them. They didn't want me there. They can just deal with it. Aren't you the one always going on and on about how I have to deal with the consequences of my actions? Now, if that's all you called for, Denmark completely wore me out, and I'm going back to bed."

England wanted to yell and hang up. He wanted to cringe and go off on the prat about too much information. However, America was about to hang up and he still hadn't explained what had happened. "Wait! Don't hang up!" There was silence on the other end, and England swore under his breath. He hadn't been quick enough.

"…Well? What is it?"

England jumped. It seemed he was wrong again. "Oh. Well, you see. You have to come back so that everyone can apologize to you and Denmark. It appears there has been a misunderstanding. You see—"

"They thought that I was cheating on you with Denmark or Denmark was cheating on Norway with me."

England blinked. He already knew? "Well…yes, but—"

"Denmark told me. Now, I'm going back to bed unless you need something else?"

England shook his head. "N-no, I suppose that's all. You'll not be coming-" He, along with everyone else in the room, jumped as there was a loud banging on the door. "What in the blazes?" He turned. The door jostled as there was another loud crash. A third crash splintered the door, revealing an axe blade. One final crash was all it took as the door was knocked off its hinges, revealing a seething Denmark wielding his axe on the other side.

"I don't give a fuck what you do to me. After more than a millennia of your stupidity, I wouldn't expect any less from you. But I'm not going to forgive what you did to America over something so stupid!" He swung his axe to point it at the other nations. "Now, where's the pikspiller that started this one, huh?"

England's jaw dropped. "Don't be reckless! You can't just go declaring war over a misunderstanding!"

"Oh, but it's okay to ban innocent nations from meetings? It's the same thing!"

France laughed nervously. "Now, let's not be so rash…" He looked at England, pleading him to do something about this.

England scowled. "America, surely you can hear the commotion your boyfriend is causing."

"Mm. Yeah. You know, dealing with consequences and all."

England's brow twitched. "America!"

"Alright, alright. Geez. Put him on the phone." He heard another groan and some rustling; America was probably stretching out where he was laying down. Lazy twat.

England walked over to Denmark, holding the phone out to him. "Before you go after Prussia, just talk to America."

Denmark scowled, but grabbed the phone roughly from England, holding it to his ear. "Yeah, what do you want?" His eyes widened as soon as the words left his mouth. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't hang up, I didn't mean that!"

England could almost hear the collective dropping of the jaws in the room. He didn't blame them. He couldn't think of a single time that Denmark ever apologized for anything, and he'd done so without being prompted.

"…I'll forgive you if you get back here and fuck me until I can't get to the meeting tomorrow because I can't walk."

Denmark grinned. "Done and done! I'll be there soon!" He hung up the phone, tossing it at England, who fumbled to catch it. "You fuckers got lucky." He turned, hurrying out the broken door, nearly tripping over the splintered remains of the door in his haste to leave.

England sighed and turned to look at everyone else. "Now, I hope you've all learned a lesson about what happens when you gossip about needless things."

France nodded. "Oh, absolutely! I don't think anyone will be doing that again soon." He sidled closer to England, who quickly moved away and back to his seat. Everyone followed suit, except for Japan, who excused himself to use the restroom.

Prussia waited until he was gone, then turned to everyone else. "So I heard that Japan was actually trying to sabotage America and Denmark's relationship, and told Denmark these asinine places to take America on their date."

England leaned forward in his seat. "You're mad. Japan is one of America's closest friends, why would he—You don't think he's secretly harboring feelings for him, do you?"

Canada sighed as the nations started speculating on the nature of Japan's relationship with America. Sometimes it was good to be invisible.