Magical Starsign is one of my favorite DS game that I have ended it five times without knowing, there's a secret boss, and secret place where I can grow putty and make them sing from the very first putty to the last (but I don't know how many putty in the game). And I just found about twenty two...putty pea…or more? So, I'll cut this opening short, this is that complete game story, but with my version (Not really different, only some characters changed and there are TWO main characters, one wields light the other wields dark and so on...). Again, not really different, just using my own version that...awfully...suck! Well, enjoy (if you can...) oh, and I spoil something for anyone who haven't finished it..*he he he* don't want spoiler? Just read and pretend that thing doesn't happen!

DISCLAIMER: Magical Starsign and its character belong to Brownie n Brown!


They wondered why Light and Dark can't be together... their parents both said to stay away each other as far as possible.

'You'll be dead if you befriend him!' said the girl's parents.

'You'll be dead if you befriend her!' said the boy's parents.

'What's wrong to become friends? Why we'll be dead if we become friends?' they always ask.

'Because your destiny said so...Light and Dark would never ever be together!' come the answers.

"Really?" they both simply asked.

Can we change destiny?

I only can make some like this! Hope still can make it in time...

This just the prologue...see, different than the game, I'll focus my story on the main characters relation (Not ROMANCE!) and put Miss Madeleine rescue mission as second-focus of the story.