Lazy is lazy

Diligent is diligent


Ch 15: Knots

"You're the son of this Journal's writer?" Madeleine yelped in complete disbelief. Her eyes examined the portrait, comparing with Carbon's features she could catch. Reluctantly, Carbon nodded, "…The portrait may look old, but…that's how my father looks like," he tapped the picture carefully, "…just like what I remember it…"

Something turned off from Carbon's eyes, he remembers it too well, and the way his father left him in the academy like an abandoned puppy with no reason whatsoever. Every teacher knows his father, but none knows exactly why he left his son or where he's headed to.

And there's also Madeleine…

"Wait, how could Delaine's be involved in this book as well?"

Madeleine's quickly noticed his words and looked at Fennel quizzically. Fennel ruffled her hair, this is hard to explain to both young apprentices.

"Madeleine, you always reads this book, you copied each words to your mind," Fennel breezed through the pages, "…you remember the phrase in which the chosen boy in Shadra will be sacrificed to the worm?"

It's an easy question, Madeleine knew that clearly, because that's such a horrible sentence.

"But…what if…" both Madeleine and Carbon held their breath, waiting as their teacher let out a heavy breath

"What if…a girl was born?"

The words were simple, but the meaning struck both students speechless. Madeleine's lips moved as her brain processed the words, reached to one single truth.

"You were born on Shadra, Madeleine…"


Not even one word she could think to reply her teacher. It's as if time has stopped right when the truth came to her. She hates it. She doesn't want the truth. She hates herself for seeking it. She hates Miss Fennel for telling her the truth.

"Ar…aren't my parents died on an accident in Erd?" she tried to run…her words are all in stutter. She hopes deep, deep inside that she's been lied on, fooled even, she doesn't care if suddenly Miss Fennel said that it was all a big joke.

Her eyes widened when the teacher shook her head, "We…we lied about your parents,"

Madeleine heard something clicked in her head. So, her magic sign…isn't rare, it's what she was born with. She came from Shadra. She came from the dreadful planet.

For the first time, she despised the book. Despise it for showing her the truth she hopes she never finds.

Shadra. How she hates the race of Shadra. Its name gives her Goosebumps. Then, her teacher said she was born as one of them.

Carbon swallowed, Madeleine's once told him that she wanted to thrash Shadra's race for being so selfish. The green haired mage patted her shoulder, comforting her. Fennel put the book on Madeleine's lap, giving her a meaningful look, "Keep it, tomorrow, I'll tell you what I know…"

Madeleine nodded, her mind raced. Tomorrow? What next?

Her head was heavy when the morning sun greeted her between the gaps of the curtain. She rolled over, opening her eyes lazily. She doesn't want to wake up. The book met her gaze as she quickly hissed and sat up. All she could think now is the word Shadra. Promising herself to get a nice sleep tonight, she grumpily changed her clothes and grabbed her books for class today. Not as eager as she usually is.

She felt empty, classes weren't interesting. She wanted time to freeze, so she could escape. Escape from what seems to be worse than the truth. As she walked in the corridor, her eyes met Carbon's boots. He was stuffing everything he could inside his locker. When he noticed her, he gave her a nod, "Miss Fennel's expecting us…"

"Headmaster Sturgeon…Headmaster Sturgeon!"

The old man flinched, he shook his head and adjusted his hat. Parfait was staring at him with a worried look all over her feline's face. She put her paw on the book by his lap, "You know that it's broad daylight, right, headmaster?"

Sturgeon chuckled, "Don't worry Parfait…" he patted the cat.

Parfait pouted, pointing at the book, "You know they could find it if you hold it like that?"

"No, I assure you they won't…"

"What are you doing anyway, daydreaming?"

He narrowed his eyes toward the book. Oh, how this book has started all of this chains of events. He looked at Parfait with reassuring face, "No…"

He patted the book, "… I'm just reminiscing about the past…"

Ah, what a short and weird chapter. So Madeleine is…a girl from Shadra, yaaay…this is getting a little off…Who is Carbon's dad then? Why did I have to stuff OCs? No, from now on, there's no OC! Thank you! For reading I mean…