And... Onto the finale of Super Mario Colors.

DanceDream: I like Sonic Heroes. It's pretty fun, more than can be said about the werehog. That's a recurring theme in Mario games, especially the Paper Mario games: Mario literally gains strength from his friends believing in him. Check the bottom note to see the rest of my reply to you.

Super Mario Colors


"Mario! Wake up, Mario!"

Mario sat up in the grass in front of the Mushroom Castle to see Princess Peach shaking him awake. Was it all just a dream?

"Oh, good," Peach said, "I was so worried. Come on, Luigi, Sonic, and Tails are this way." she led him over to a picnic blanket near what appeared to be the very bottom of the space elevator, though he didn't remember it being in the Mushroom Kingdom. Rosalina's words came back to the plumber. He sat down next to his brother and their new friends on the blanket.

"Peach?" Luigi asked, "Could we talk alone?"

"Sure thing, Luigi."

After Peach walked away, Luigi started the conversation.

"She doesn't remember," Luigi said.

"I think I figured that out. So..." Mario said, "Our worlds have merged. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?"

"A good thing," Sonic said.

"Definitely," Tails agreed, "It certainly makes things much easier."

"Well, that's good," Mario said, "So, are the plans to meet up on Sonic's birthday still on?"

"I think that we could meet before that," Luigi said, "We're all on the same planet now. It wouldn't really be hard, would it?"

"No," Sonic said, "After all, we're never more than a few hours run from anywhere on the planet!"

"That's true," Mario said, and the three sat in silence for awhile.

"So," Luigi said, "Do you have a house?"

"Not really," Tails said, "Why?"

"I think we have a bit of remodeling to do at our house, then. Come on, let's find out where it is now."

Tails grinned, and ran after Luigi.

"I guess that you don't really want a house?" Mario asked.

"I dunno, really," Sonic said, "It's weird. I feel like you're family, but that's impossible, isn't it?"

"Nothing is impossible," Mario said, "After all, none of us know our parents, and we know that people can be transformed into different forms. Perhaps we are, though it seems like a long shot."

"I see," Sonic said, brightening, "Well, I guess we should follow them."

"Let's-a-go!" Mario exclaimed, running after his brother. Sonic laughed, and followed the portly plumber.

"Long ago," Rosalina read to the Lumas in her library, "There was a star that was hit by a meteor. It broke into four peices, and they were sent to two planets, two for each planet. The fragments of the star were changed, though - As they crashed down to the planet, they became people. None of the four knew anything about once being the same star, but it is said that when they all meet, something wondrous will happen to the universe."

"That's a great story, mama!" One of the Lumas said.

"It is, isn't it?" Rosalina asked, "I wonder if it's true... It would certainly be something to see if it were."

"Oh, my head..." Eggman said, waking up, "What happened while I was asleep?"

"Sonic beat you again," Bowser said, "I tried to have my right-hand-man hypnotize you, in hopes that we would be able to beat our arch-nemeses that way. No luck."

"What?" Eggman said, "I was actually trying to do good this time! Who are you?"

"The name's Bowser. I'm from the Mushroom Kingdom, but you wouldn't have heard of it."

"You're right, I haven't," Eggman said, angrily, "I was trying to do good, though. Why would you do that?"

"I knew it wouldn't last," Bowser said, "Sonic would have destroyed your park if I hadn't, and you'd throw a fit of rage, failing to beat him again."

"He was going to WHAT? Why that little... I don't care, back to evil for me! Where are we?"

"You're drifting through space," Bowser said, "You see a hologram, currently. I somehow fell off of the ship, and I can't get it back, though the sensors do indicate a powerful object a few weeks away from you. When you reach it, the ship should gain enough power from it to teleport back to my castle. The fridge is stocked with about eight hundred pounds of non-perishables, so don't worry about that. I'm sorry I can't help you out of this, but I'll see you in a few weeks."

"Wait!" Eggman shouted, as the hologram disappeared, "Oh well... Might as well make the best of things."

"While they may have beaten my first plan, they have unknowingly set up Plan B, like a wonderful cascade of playing cards from a child's card house being knocked over!"

"Waluigi says that it's better than he thought it would be. It should have more Waluigi, though, and you should make Luigi blow up."


"Waluigi will stalk you."

I thought you weren't a stalker.

"SHUT UP!" Waluigi shouted, "Just end the story so Waluigi can get on with his life."



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