Thanks Phineas and Ferb… and Perry… and Disney, of course… for the inspiration! I was feeling really down when I turned on the TV and their movie was on. That was the little push I needed for going back to writing. And since I love pets (especially cats) I decided to write a little something about Klunk! I hope you guys like it.

Cursives are for dialogues and the song.

Normal font is for Mikey's POV.

Everything's perfect with Klunk!

Mornings are just the same…

I wake up and I find a little furry ball beside me, stirring a yawning lazily.

"Morning Klunk" Mikey said and started scratching his cat's head.

Little kitty loves to be petted first thing in the morning. I scratch his head, behind his ears, his belly, his back… he arches his spine when I do so and purrs as loud as he can… and I can't help but chuckle. He's so cute when he does that!

He jumps off the bed first and leaves. Then I get up and get out my room. I can hear one of my brothers…

"Hi Klunk"

That's Leo.

He must be petting Klunk too. Heh! Getting affection again, you little rascal!

Then I see Klunk going to the next room… Raph's room. Uh oh!

I gotta be alert when Klunk goes there; Raph hates to be woken up too early… let alone by a kitty who wants more petting. Yes, more petting! This little fella loves attention.

Heh! And Raph says I'm the one always begging for attention!

Now, here's the funny thing…

"Sup cat" a gruff and drowsy voice came from the room at the end of the corridor.

Yep. For "I don't know what" reason, Raph never gets angry when Klunk wakes him up in the morning. Not even if it's really early. Now that's interesting… or maybe Raph's just in a good mood today… which is weird. But better take advantage of that.

At least Klunk does it.

Now Klunk's running downstairs and I follow him stopping in the kitchen. I have to get breakfast ready for the family, you know?

Hmm, Klunk forgot to go to Don's room.

Maybe Donnie's room was locked and he couldn't go there to wake him up.

"Huh? Klunk…?"

Whoa! Where did that come from?

"Hey little one… no, no, no! No jumping and not in my desk! We've talked about that already"

Apparently, Don fell asleep in the lab again. But how did Klunk know he was in the lab?

OH! I know… kitty ears! Clever, clever Klunkers!

Now that guys are all having breakfast in the kitchen, TV is mine!

Mikey ran to the living room and turned on the TV. He was welcomed by a catchy song…

We consider everyday a plus

To spend it with a platypus

We're always so ecstatic

Cuz he's semi aquatic

Our ornithorhynchus anatinus

Brings smiles to the both of us

Life's never fuddie duddy

With our webfooted buddy

"PHINEAS AND FERB! YAY!" Mikey yelled in excitement.

I've been waiting to watch their movie for weeks! I already missed the premier. Stupid Purple Dragons… we had to leave just when the movie had started.

Our ornithorhynchus anatinus

Brings smiles to the both of us

Life's never fuddie duddy

With our webfooted buddy

When we're brushing our teeth

It's better

Tying our shoes

It's better

Combing our hair

It's better

Like we're a cheese sandwich and he's the cheddar

Mmm~ cheese… now I'm hungry! Wait… did I feed Klunk today? A long meow and the sound of a paw clawing the empty bowl answered my question. Oops!

"Sorry buddy…" I say pouring some kibbles "… won't do it again. Promise"

Klunk starts eating like crazy and I go back to my movie.

Good thing Klunk can't talk or else he'll be cursing me for not feeding him on time. Heh… I know, I know! My bad.

Blinking our eyes

It's better

Breathing in and out

It's better

"I'm so gonna use that line to tease Leo while he's meditating, hehe" Mikey giggled.

"You better not" Leo said from the kitchen.

"Why not! It's nice and funny… like me!" Mikey replied with a grin.

"Nice and funny? You? Excuse me if I laugh my shell out" Raph laughed loudly.

"Sarcasm so early in the morning, Raph?" Don said giving a sip to his coffee "Why I'm not surprised?"

Mikey decided to ignore his brothers and turned his attention back to the movie.

Sitting in a chair

And taking a bath just a little bit wetter

Hmm, makes me remember… yep, Klunk needs a bath. Though I know how hissy and angry he gets when I try to bath him.

Aww… now he's licking his little paws! That's so cute I could melt because of all the cuteness this cat irradiates!

Whoa… big word! Better stay away from Donnie for a while.

Aww, Klunk is looking me with those kitty eyes again! I know what he wants… to lay in the couch. But the guys and Master Splinter forbids it… or not?

"Wanna watch the movie with me, Klunk?" Mikey asked and Klunk flicked his tail as he stood on his four legs like if he knew what was going to happen next. Mikey picked him up and placed Klunk beside him.

"Just don't scratch the couch, ok?" Klunk rubbed himself against him like saying "Thanks" and relaxed beside his owner.

Every day is such a dream
When you start it with a monotreme
He's duckbilled and he's beaver tailed and hairy (You know that he's hairy)

Everything's better with Perry (Everything's better with Perry)

You know, I never imagined I would end up with a pet… a cat, in my case. Sure when I was a kid I was curious and when sensei showed us some books I saw kitties and puppies and other animals… even turtles.

Hahaha… that was hilarious. Our little, non talking cousins, I used to call them.

That Christmas night, I never expected to find something.

I just went out because I love the snow, watching the little kids and their parents talking to those guys dressed up like Santa… the toys, the joy and happiness in the air…

But then this little kitty… appeared from nowhere! And he wasn't scared of me, he wasn't terrified of who I am… of what I am.

Humans should learn tolerance from animals. They don't care if you're rich, poor; young, old. They don't judge if their master is a policeman or a thief.

They don't care if their master is different… like me and my bros.

They only care about the love and care you give to them. They give you their love and they wait to get the same… and even when they never get that love back, they will still love you no matter what.

Everything's better with Perry (Everything's better with Perry)

Everything is better, everything is better (Everything's better with Perry)

I said to the guys I'd found him but to be honest… I think he found me. And since then, my life's been different. Well, not so different… you know what I mean, right? Hehe!

Klunk's like a kid… he's my kid, my baby!

My best friend…well, he and Donnie are.

We just wanna tell you Perry

Everything's better with you

Better with you!

Everything's better with Perry, right…

"…but everything's perfect with Klunk" Mikey said with a soft smile while he petted Klunk, who slept peacefully on his master's lap.

Cute, cute, cute… AND FLUFFY! :3

YAAAAY! HE'S FLUFFY! *sorry, crazy moment thanks to the sudden dizziness*

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