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Lola's Visions

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Then They Fell in Love: Wrapped–Up, Stalkers and Visions

Edward, Jacob and Lola were huddled in the boy's room early the next morning. The older kids had gone out to see the stores since they 'felt claustrophobic being in the same room as Jacob and Dad'. Edward knew that it wasn't because they were claustrophobic but more because they were still annoyed with Jacob since he was yet to return their cellphones to them and they hadn't talked to their boyfriends in 'what feels like forever'.

Jacob was sprawled out on the bed lazily, his head hanging over the edge at the bottom as he texted Paul on Emmett's progress––the newly turned Werewolf was doing pretty well though he still complained about aches and pains from his first Forced Shift––and also replied to a text from Jonathan Ozwelled (1) who'd gotten word around about The True Alpha to other Human–Vampire Hybrids around the world.

Jacob hadn't done much since he'd been woken by his kids demanding for their phones. He was just patiently waiting for the time when the Pack and Coven would arrive and they'd finally resolve this damned war between the two. Edward was on the floor with Lola surrounded by toys the kids had bought the girl. The two had long since ditched the toys though and were now playing an entirely different game.

"Who's got Lolo's feet?" Edward asked in a high pitched voice as he grabbed the small feet, kissing them and tickling them, making the little girl squealed in delight. "Who's got Lolo's feet?"

"Da!" the little girl squealed while clapping her hands and throwing her head back, laughing. Edward paused for a moment before a mega–watt smile made its way to his face. He still couldn't get over the fact that his daughter was calling his name––well was calling him Dad, okay Da.

"Who's got Lolo's feet?"

"Da!" the girl squealed once again, clapping her hands and bouncing about happily. Jacob chuckled, watching the pair. The simplest things made those two happy. The Alpha checked the clock on his cellphone and found that they had two more hours before the Wolves and Vampires were to arrive.

Jacob opened the camera on the phone and quickly snapped a picture of his ex–Vamp and daughter. Edward looked up in surprise then frowned. Jacob grinned as he quickly pocketed his phone before Edward could try grabbing it from him. Edward huffed, turning back to Lola who was babbling about something or another. After a while the little girl just let out a sigh, turning so she was lying on her stomach on the soft carpet. She let out another sigh before shutting her eyes. Edward smiled softly as he gently patted his daughter's back so she could fall asleep.

"Hey Ed," Jacob said in an almost thoughtful way.

"Yes?" Edward asked cautiously, an eyebrow raised.

"What would happen if I got Instagram?"


"Why though?"

"Because don't you think it'll look suspicious when fifty years from now Jacob Black still looks twenty–three."

"But I'll stop using it in a few years."

"And when people recognise you fifty years from now?" Jacob huffed, pulling a face and plonking back onto the bed, facing up. "You know I'm right."


Edward grinned at his Mate before turning to his daughter and finding that she was fast asleep. "How long do we have before our guests arrive?" The Incubus asked.

"Like an hour and a half."

"Mm… We should get Lola into bed, but I can't leave her on her own and on top of that I can't get a hold of the older kids since you took their phones."

"They're back."

"And you know this how?"

Jacob was quiet for a moment, looking up at the ceiling, his mind currently elsewhere for a moment. After a while The Alpha sighed, shaking his head and blinking a few times. "They'll be up in ten minutes."


"It's nothing Ed. Hey; you could lay Lola here till the kids get here." Jacob patted the space beside him.

"I would, but I don't want to disturb her till I have to pick her up to get her into the crib next door."

"Oh, okay." The door to the room opened a few moments later and in walked the kids. Lilly looked at her Pops for a moment with narrowed eyes before huffing and turning away, flipping her hair. Jacob chuckled rolling his eyes at the girl. She was such a little drama queen, but he didn't mind, she was his little drama queen.

"Dad, please ask your husband to give us our phones back," Lilly said.

"I did," Edward said simply. "Lil', please come get your sister and put her in the crib, I don't want her to sleep on the floor for much longer."


"Don't whine Lilly, please. I can't change his mind even if I wanted to. He has his reasons for taking the cellphones away and he's a stubborn jackass so I can't change his mind. Please just take Lola."

"Luke, could you do it, I don't want to wake her," Lilly said to her brother, putting on her sweet face.

Luka shrugged and nodded. He gently picked Lola up using his Telekinesis then wrapping the girl in an invisible cocoon to make sure he didn't jostle the little girl as he slowly moved her into the room next door and laid her in her crib.

"Jacob, get your lazy butt out of bed and put your socks and shoes on, we have to go downstairs now," Edward said to his Mate. Jacob was about to whine but then he felt that invisible force slowly pushing him off the bed, landing him on the floor with a loud thud. He looked up at Luka who was grinning at him.

"That's not funny," The Alpha mumbled, pushing himself off the floor and onto his feet. "That's actually very creepy." Luka just shrugged and turned away. Jacob felt the force slowly slide away from his body. He faked a shudder before going to the table and pulling on his socks then his sneakers. He also pulled on a coat and wrapped a scarf around his neck before nodding to Edward. Edward gave him a look. Jacob sighed, rolling his eyes, before walking to the bed and under the pillow pulling out four cellphones.

He handed each phone to each child, Luka was given a black one, Lilly a pink one, Leighton got a blue one and Lisa's was a purple one. The kids looked down at the phones in their hands then at their Pops then back at the cellphones.

"I'm sorry, but what the heck is this?!" Lilly exclaimed her eyes wide as she looked from the phone to her father.

"What?" Jacob asked 'innocently'.

"What is this?"

"They're called flip phones. See, you have to flip it," Jacob did a 'flip it' gesture with his hands, "to open to get to the buttons and the screen."

"Are you kidding me?"

"Not at all."

"What do these even have?"

"It's got a camera, Bluetooth… and other stuff." Luka scrunched up his nose as he flipped his new phone open, going through it.

"How many megapixels does this thing even have?" Lilly demanded. She loved taking pictures, not just of herself but of everyone around her. She had a thing for photography.

"I'm pretty sure it has like two–ish megapixels."

"What?!" the girl exclaimed, glaring down at the thing lying on the palm of her hand. She hated it, she absolutely hated it!

"Anyway… Ed, we should get going!" Jacob was out the door before the kids could complain anymore. Lilly wanted to Teleported out the room but then remembered that there were camera's in the halls so she couldn't exactly do that. She wasn't sure how Jacob could avoid being spotted, but figured that he could pretty much do anything because of who he was. The kids let out annoyed sighs as they turned to Edward.

"Hey, don't look at me," Edward said defensively, his hands held up. "At least I got him to give you something! It beats not having any phone at all."

"But Daddy, it's a flip phone!" Lilly exclaimed, pulling a horrified face at the little device in her hands. "We're not used to these."

"Sorry?" Edward quickly walked out the room––though he kept his pace normal––and headed downstairs where Jacob was waiting for him on one of the plush couches in the lobby. "You left me to the Wolves." Jacob grinned.

"Eh, not my fault you're so slow grandpa," the Shifter jabbed. Edward was tempted to give Jacob the finger, but he was better than that so he just opted to ignore the comment. "Come on, I think I smell company." Edward nodded and they both walked through the hotel and to the back where the forest was.

Jacob had decided that everyone would meet deep in the forest where most Humans tended to avoid because of 'stories'. The pair made their way to the location and patiently waited for the arrival of the two feuding 'Naturals.

It wasn't twenty minutes later when the Wolves arrived. They looked uncomfortable, standing on one side of the large clearing. They were huddled together, ready for anything.

The Vampires arrived half an hour later, they too keeping to one side of the clearing. Jacob and Edward stood in the middle, Edward's hand wrapped tightly around Jacob's. The Incubus could clearly hear the hate filled thoughts of both the Vampires and the Werewolves.

'You should really do something before they attack each other,' Edward thought to Jacob. Jacob nodded and was about to move away but Edward held on. Jacob understood why, Edward was uncomfortable and unnerved by the other 'Naturals.

"Can we do this?" Jacob said clearly, getting everyone's attention. The Alpha of the Werewolves and the Coven Leader of the Vampires stepped forward but stop before they could get too close to the other. "We can't fix anything if you act like this!"

"Those damned Vampires can't be trust!" Alexander growled pointing at Celtic.

"Us?! You're the ones attacking my Coven!" the Vampire defended.

"You attacked our people first!"

"We did no such thing!"

"Yes you did you Undead bastard."

"Well you're a flea ridden mutt!" The two moved to attack the other but Jacob got between them before they could.

"ENOUGH!" the Alpha growled deeply but loudly, his Alpha voice leaking out along with the word. "Both of you, stop!" The Shifter's eyes were a deep shimmering brown and gold and violet. "We are not here to fight, so you better get that out of your minds. I will not tolerate this bullshit anymore!"

The two 'Naturals had the decency to look ashamed; they went so far as to bear their necks at The Alpha. The Native American let out a calming breath before relaxing.

"Now, we need to get to the bottom of this before we can move on. We need to know what caused this fight and move on from there. Someone here has to know what happened, right?" Jacob looked between the two 'Naturals and frowned when he saw the way Celtic looked away. "Celtic?"

The Vampire let out a breath as he looked across the clearing to the old man seated on the wheelchair. Alexander saw the look and he turned, looking to his grandfather.

"Does he know?" Jacob asked slowly, looking to Celtic. The Vampire sighed, nodding his head.

Alexander's expression changed from one of surprise to one of anger. "What did you do?" he demanded of the old man. The man sighed looking to his grandson.

"I fell in love with the enemy," the old man said. Everyone looked shocked, looking at the man who only looked at the Coven Leader who looked right back at him, eyes filled with nothing but love and adoration.

"Impossible!" Alexander all but growled, shaking his head in denial.

Edward could hear both men thinking about their forbidden love.

How they first met in the mountains, both wanting to leave their families for a moment to be alone and think but instead coming across each other. How they spent years hiding their feelings for each other. He heard about how they eventually accepted the other and started a secret relationship, meeting deep in the woods to be together or going to the Human villages were their kinds never went. They did everything they could to be together while still hiding their relationship. They loved each other and were sure nothing would separate them. They were even planning to run away together, leave their families behind and be together freely.

But everything went south when Alexander's father had fallen ill. The Werewolf had to become Alpha, he had to find a wife and have children to continue his linage. It was all done quickly, none of the Vampires had been told––they didn't need to be told anything; they were the enemy after all.

For years Celtic didn't hear from Alexander, didn't know what had happened to them. But then one day he'd caught Alexander's scent and followed it, finding the man he'd loved so dearly with another woman. Alexander and the woman were holding each other, the woman looking at Alexander the same way Alexander used to look at Celtic.

Celtic had been angry, he'd been so very angry. He hadn't thought of what he was doing, or the consequences of his act. He'd attacked, with a loud, angry scream the man had gone to attack Alexander, wanting him to hurt like how he was hurting, but the woman, the stupid Mortal, had jumped forward, wanting to protect her husband. Celtic hadn't had enough momentum to stop and had bashed into the woman. She'd died on impact, her neck snapping.

Before Celtic or Alexander could react, the place had been surrounded by the unturned Wolves, wanting to kill the Vampire. Alexander had looked at the man as though he didn't know him, as though he'd never known him and that had torn Celtic apart. He'd climbed up a tree, and used them as an escape from the angered Wolves and Alexander had not seen him since… Until now…

Celtic stood from where he was sitting and walked over to Alexander. He took the old man's wrinkled hands and held them to his dead heart. The old man looked down at him with eyes filled with love and adoration.

"Alexander…" Celtic whispered, his ruby eyes glistening with tears that would never fall.

"I never stopped loving you," the old man said quietly though his words were heard by everyone.

"I never stopped loving you either," Celtic whispered. "I'm so sorry Lex." The old man smiled at the nickname.

"I'm sorry too Tick." The Vampire laughed at the nickname. Celtic kissed the man's hands not wanting to let them go.

"I didn't… I didn't mean to kill her, you know I didn't. It was an accident. She got in the way and––" A sob escaped Celtic's lips. Old Alexander patted the Vampire's hair gently with one hand while the other tightened its grip in Celtic's hand.

"I know you didn't. It was an accident and I forgave you for it. It's all right now, let the past go."

"I don't want to lose you again, I can't lose you."

"My time on this earth is nearing its end Celt, we can't stop that."


"But nothing. I cannot stay, but I will spend my last moments with you."

"Yes, anything." Old Alex smiled down at the Vampire who smiled back up at him. Old Alex touched Celtic's cheek gently and the Vampire leaned into the touch, his eyes closing and a soft sigh escaping his lips, it was almost as though this was the first time he was breathing easily in a long time.

Jacob and Edward stood quietly and watched the scene. The Vampires and Werewolves looked on with shock and confusion. They didn't understand what was going on. The Werewolves had wondered why the ex–Pack Alpha had wanted to join the meeting so badly, but they hadn't expected this! This was big news to them but this was also a way for ending the war.

Jacob let out a relieved sigh, knowing this war was finally over. He felt a cool hand curl around his and he smiled, pulling his Imprint close and kissing the top of his head. Edward let out a soft sigh and looked up, smiling at his Wolf. Jacob planted a quick kiss on his Imprint before turning to the current Swiss Alpha and nodding.

Alexander Jr. nodded at the Alpha and followed him and Edward away from everyone else so they could speak more privately.

"I guess this resolves your problem then," Jacob said with a smile.

"It does, even if the reasons are shocking and very unexpected," young Alexander said. Jacob shrugged.

"It happens, I guess. I'm pretty sure there are weirder things out there."

"I suppose there are."

"So with this problem resolved this means that you'll now live peacefully?"

"Indeed. And from what I could see from one of my members, there will be other that will follow in the footsteps of Großvater (2) and yourself." Jacob grinned.

"Yeah, well it happens, and you'll be surprised to know how often it happens."

"There are more than just you who are Mated to a Vampire?"

"Yep, quite a few of my Pack brothers are Mated to Vampires."



"Well then, I suppose soon it won't be as taboo as it is now."

"Indeed. Um… Question?"


"You're going to the Werewolf thing right?"

"I am."

"Well there's a new Wolf that's going to be there and I was hoping that you'd look out for him. He's loud and impulsive and I wouldn't be surprised if he made a few enemies or got into a fight on his first day. His name's Emmett McCarthy."

"I'll be more than happy to look after him for you."

"Thanks, that would be great." The Werewolf nodded.

"I should be getting Grandfather home. Thank you again for your help."

"It was nothing." The pair shook hands then Alexander walked back into the woods to join his brothers and their new allies.

"You did good, Alpha," Edward said when he stepped close to Jacob and took his hand in both his.

"You think?" the Shifter asked.

"I know." Jacob grinned kissing his Imprint chastely.

"Come on Undead–Ed, let's go find our kids."

"Of course." The pair made their way back towards the hotel, conversing about this and that, laughing and joking and chasing each other till they reached the hotel. The two composed themselves then walked into the hotel and headed up to their room.

"I hate this! I absolutely hate it!" were the words that greeted the pair as they walked into their room. They found their children scattered around the room. Luka was sitting on the bed watching TV with Lola curled up in his lap. Leighton was sprawled on the couch with Lisa sitting on the floor leaning against it, both tapping away at their cellphones. Lilly lay on the floor, her feet placed on the bed, her butt leaning against the side of the bed.

The female twin was the one that had been complaining. She was glaring up at her cellphone, looking at the thing with utter annoyance. When she realised her parents were back she turned her glare onto them.

"This is your fault!" she exclaimed sitting up and pushing her hair back.

"What's our fault?" Jacob asked walking towards his daughter.

"This!" Lilly indicated at the cellphone. "It takes horrible pictures."

"Maybe it's not the phone," Leighton sniped.

"Shut up, Leighton!"

"You shut up, Lilly!"

"You can both shut up," Lisa said rolling her eyes. "Gosh you two are annoying!"

"You're annoying!" the twins said. Lisa raised a brow, looking from one twin to the other before shaking her head.

"Anyway!" Lilly said getting up from the floor. "Pops, please take us into town, there's some stuff we want to get."

"What stuff?" Jacob asked.

"You'll see when we get there. It's important." Jacob sighed but nodded.


"Daddy's going to stay here with Lola."

"Wait, what?" Edward asked.

"She's going to kill our vibe."

"Well isn't that too bad?"

"Please, Daddy. We're only going to be gone an hour or so, we'll be back soon enough. And I'm sure Lola won't even be awake for a while, she just fell asleep again." Edward sighed and nodded. If he tried to argue this Lilly would whine his eat off and he couldn't deal with that, he'd never win anyway.


"Thanks Daddy, you're the best!" Lilly kissed her Dad's cheek before skipping out the room followed by Jacob, Lisa and Leighton. Luka got off the bed and gently handed Lola to the Incubus. The oldest child kissed his Dad's cheek, smiled then walked out the room. Edward couldn't help but smile too though he wondered what his children were up to.

With a sigh, the ex–Vamp went and placed his daughter in the baby crib and placed a blanket over her. For a few moments the proud Dad just watched his daughter sleeping, a hand running through the soft locks. Edward kissed his daughter's head then headed back to his room, keeping the door open.

He figured he'd start by cleaning up the mess that the kids had left. There were people who were supposed to do it, but Edward had nothing better to do so he decided to clean instead.


Red's blurred with greens blurred with browns, moving by too quickly to understand. The sound of a river flowing can be heard, no, bigger than a river, blue but black but not. A scream clears the colours. Red eyes glare down at a bundle. Hands hold something that's shimmering a deep gold. Fast movements then a scream and the bundle falls. A face slowly forms around the red eyes, but it's not clear enough to identify. Another scream is heard, an angry scream. "No!" a voice keeps screaming. Another scream, high pitched. Reds and oranges and whites surround the red eyes. Screams are released, pain filled. Everything goes white.


Edward held his wailing daughter close, trying his best to stop her from crying. He'd been in the other room on the computer when he'd heard the little girl grunting uncomfortably before she started crying as though she'd been hurt by something.

When he'd walked through the open door to the girls' room he'd found the girl standing in her crib, crying her eyes out. He'd tried to read her mind, to see what was wrong but had almost passed out from the sheer pain that that had caused. He hadn't even attempted to read her mind again and had instead picked her up and tried to stop her from crying but thus far was failing.

"Come on Lo, shh," Edward all but begged, trying to shush the agitated girl. He was trying everything he could think of but he still didn't know what was wrong with his baby. He checked her diaper but it was dry, he tried to feed her but Lola had just pushed the bottle away, he even tried singing but the girl just wouldn't stop crying. "Lola, please," Edward begged but the girl didn't stop crying. She'd been crying for what felt like an hour now and it seemed she wouldn't stop any time soon.

Lola cried harder and Edward didn't even realise that tears were running down his own face as he tried to think of anything that would stop Lola from crying. After a while Edward just put the girl on the bed and he slumped down on the floor, leaning against the bed as more tears came. He pulled his legs closer to his body, wrapping his arms around them and laid his forehead on his knees as he too cried.

That was the sight that Luka and Jacob walked in on––the four other children had decided to go hiking with some tourists and had wanted to take Jacob so they could butter him up into giving them their proper phones back, sadly it hadn't worked. Lilly, Leighton and Lisa had decided to go on an extended hike but Jacob and Luka decided they'd head back to the hotel instead. And it appeared that that was a good decision.

For a moment Jacob and Luka just looked at each other than at Lola and Edward in confusion before Jacob sighed and walked into the room. The Wolf walked to Edward and sat down beside the Incubus, pulling him into a hug. The Incubus said nothing, wrapping his arms tightly around Jacob and sobbing against the Alpha's chest. Luka walked to Lola and picked her up before walking out the parents' room and shutting the door behind him.

"Ed, baby," Jacob said gently, rubbing the sobbing male's back gently. "Come on baby, talk to me."

"Lo–la," Edward hiccupped.

"She's okay."

"She–she wouldn't stop crying, Jake. I try–ied everything but she wouldn't stop crying."

"Shh baby, Luka's gotten her quiet now, can you hear that?"

"Why wouldn't she stop crying, Jake?" Edward asked, hands gripping Jacob's shirt.

"Shh baby, it's okay now." It took a few more moments before Edward finally relax. The Incubus let out a long sigh before looking up at Jacob, his face wet and slightly coloured.

"Why was she crying so much, Jake?"

"I don't know, baby. Didn't you try to read her mind?"

"I couldn't."

"What do you mean?"

"I tried to, but there was this excruciating pain. I couldn't do anything." Jacob pulled Edward back into a hug.

"It's okay now, baby. She's stopped crying now, it's okay." Edward let out a sigh and nodded, leaning close to Jacob and shutting his eyes, letting the rhythmic thump–thump–thumps of his Mate's heart soothe him to something close to slumber.


"Isabella," Charles called from where he sat on his make–shift throne.

Bella bit back a huff of annoyance. No matter how many times she'd told the man she didn't like the name and that she preferred to be called Bella the man still called her that stupid name. The girl figured it was mostly just to show that he had authority and there was nothing the Vampire could do.

"Come forward." Bella got up from where she'd been sitting with Victoria and James playing cards. They hadn't been doing much for a while, they mostly left their cave home to go feed, but that was about it. Most of the time they played cards or other games to distract themselves. James and Victoria sometimes disappeared to be together privately while Bella stayed in the cave with the Evanson siblings.

"Yes my Lord?" the girl said, kneeling before the three beings. She hated having to be all respectful and kneeling and bowing and all that, but she knew if she wanted to one day be with her beloved Edward she'd have to follow the stupid rules, that she'd have to take all this bullshit.

"I have a job for you." Bella looked up at the man in slight surprise before looking back to the ground. She hadn't been given a job since she'd failed her first one. She knew that Rover and Cassandra were reluctant to give her another job since she'd failed, but Charles had hoped, or maybe was just trying to find a way to get rid of the girl sooner. Bella didn't really care what the reason was, so long as she was able to take the dog that stole her love with her.

"What is it?" Bella could practically feel the malicious smile forming on her 'Master's' face.

"I need you to get rid of someone for me. I figured this certain… person would most likely foil my plans."

"Anything you want, my Lord."

"I want––no, I need you… to kill… your beloved's first son." Bella looked up at the man for a long moment before a smile formed on her lips. She could take great pleasure in getting rid of those abominations.

"With pleasure…" the girl said, getting up from the ground, bowing and grabbing her coat, exiting the cave without a backwards glance. Charles turned to the other two Vampires who were looking at him expectantly.

"If she fails, finish the boy and her." The pair nodded, smirks on their faces as they turned to leave. "Oh," they paused, "and make it slow."

"For who?" James asked, already imagining all the wonderfully sadistic things he could do to Isabella.


"Lovely," Victoria said, laughing as she and James left the cave.

"I don't even know we put up with that idiot Isabella," Cassandra muttered, shaking her head.

"She'll do something right eventually," Charles said with a shrug.

"I'm sure she will," Rover muttered rolling his eyes.

Charles only smiled, sitting back on his chair and shutting his eyes as he thought over all the horrid things he'd do once the boy was gone. Because he knew that the only person who'd be able to end him and his siblings would be the boy.

Charles didn't know what gift the boy held, but whatever it was it was supposed to be able to destroy him and his brother and sister. But if he killed the boy before the boy could perfect his gift then he would have nothing to worry about.

Charles couldn't help the dark laugh that escaped his lips as he thought about all the endless misery he could bring to the world with the unlimited power he would most certainly have once he took away all the good in the world. It would be sweetest victory…


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