I yawned as I entered my room after getting home from a birthday party of my cousin. I was wearing a knee length pink dress with red flowers on it, black high-heeled shoes and a black hand-bag.

My name is Reese, Reese Ayren. I'm a 14 year old girl (I turn 15 in a little under one month) with shoulder length light brown hair. It has natural blond streaks in it too in some places, which made my dad call me a 'Dirty Blond' well, either he called me that because of my blond streaks or because I could be "blond" sometimes. No offence to any blonds out there, I know that that stereotype is stupid. Anywho, where was I?

Ah, yeah. I was telling you about me. Well, I guess the best place to start would be here. About a month ago I was sucked into a computer game. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, to be exact. And I was trained to be a Jedi, to use the force and what not to help Revan, whom I knew as a woman named Tali. 6 months later, I came home to find out that I was only gone for two minutes. And guess what! I can still go all Jedi force like! But it's really weak and I can only do small things. *Sigh*

I put my hand up to the back of my neck to remove my pink flower, gem Necklace and I was about to shut my door, to change my clothes out of my party clothes when my brother came up to me. He has short, curly dark brown hair and was wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt, jeans, and white running shoes. His name is Ayden, Ayden Ayren and he is 17.

"Hey, Reese. Phone?" He asked me.

During the party, Ayden had given me his mobile phone to put in my hand-bag, because it was uncomfortable in his pocket. Which was fair enough. I'd be worried about mine falling out or getting nicked or something.

"Sure thing." I said putting my hand in my hand-bag. I fumbled around a bit, with my hand in there, feeling around for his phone. "I really need to clean this thing up." I muttered.

"Sometime today would be nice." Ayden said, sarcastically.

I poked my tongue at him and I decided to do something different. My hand still in my bag, I used the force to summon his phone to my hand. I took my hand out with his phone in it. I held it out for him when I was struck was dizziness.

I snapped my other hand out and gripped onto Ayden's shoulder. I shut my eyes, feeling another wave of dizziness. I sensed that Ayden was getting worried (when had my senses on Earth gotten strong enough to do that? I couldn't do it before, could I?). I heard him say something but I couldn't make out what he said.

You are going to be going back, Reese Ayren.

What? Going back? Back where?

Then there was a flash and I was gone.


With a groan, I sat up. In front of me, was a metal door. I looked around and saw that I was in a bedroom type thing. There were two metal beds, a footlocker and various other things. With the uber-cool abilities of the force, I could sense out this entire area I was on. There is quite a lot of people on board, all in the dark side, there was one person that was just the dark side.

Oh! No! No! Bad!

I quickly cloaked my force signature. That was Darth Sion! I'm in KotOR Two! Well, that is rather cool. I mean, the second game was my fav out of the two. But still, running into a crazy dark side sith lord was not on my to-do list any time soon.

I was still wearing my dress and heels. Could the force or what ever brings me here, decided to give me better clothes to fight in? I mean, sure a dress is alright, I guess. At least it wasn't that long. But High-Heels? If I had known that I was going to be sent into a Star wars game, I would've worn running shoes to Mike's party.

Sighing I looked around for anything else. My black messy hand-bag was on the floor, Ayden's phone was just there, and… is that a shoe over there?

I bent down and picked my bag up and Ayden's phone, and then walked over towards the shoe. Getting closer I saw that the shoe was actually connected to a foot, and the foot belonged to a person who was just waking up.

"Goooood morning, sunshine!" I said to my brother in a sing-song voice.