"You have proved yourself quite well." Mandalore said to Nadia, "I was planning to take a trip to Iziz tomorrow, but I can bump it up to this afternoon." He explained to us.

"Right, well, I'm ready whenever you are!" Nadia confirmed.

Mandalore nodded and then left the command console, "Stay here. I'll go check to see if the shuttle is ready."

I glanced at Nadia, "I'm just going to get some fresh air." I told her, before leaving the command centre.

I cloaked my force signature (quite handy, that.) and followed Mandalore, who had bumped into Kreia. They were having their argument.

I just watched, ducking out of the way when Kreia left to go get Nadia and I went in to Candy.

"She's a vile shabuir!" he grumbled to himself.

"Yeah." I agreed, not quite sure what 'shabuir' means but I could tell it's not nice, "But hardly anyone sees it and I can't say anything about it. Nadia trusts her! And there's that bond of theirs." I sighed, shaking my head, "Just gotta let it play out, I guess."

Just at that moment, Kreia and Nadia appeared in the hanger. I bit my lip, hoping that they didn't hear what I had said.

They didn't seem to have, "Ok, let's get this shuttle into the air!" Nadia said as they got closer.

Just at that moment, several dark-clad sith assassins appeared out of, seemingly nowhere.

I forgot about them!

"The camp is compromised!" Mandalore shouted.

"We must get rid of them. Our presence here must not be known." Kreia put in.

"Alrighty then, let's a get a slicing." Nadia said with a grin as she activated her Viridian duel-bladed lightsaber and then she went to the closest Sith Assassin.

Kreia activated her green lightsaber and went to fight one. I glanced at Mandy, activating my own purple duel-bladed lightsaber, he had his big blaster out, shooting at the Assassins.

I gathered up the force in my hand and then released it at one of the assassins, sending him flying into a bunch of crates. Thanks to a warning bell in my head, I quickly dodged an Assassins force-pike from gutting me.

"Not today!" I muttered as I remembered Seree's warning about if I die before the right time, I actually die. But that doesn't make any sense, though.

But the time to think about was not now, as I was currently fighting some assassins. I made a quick decision and took a run up at an assassin and did a flip over him, slicing his pike in half at the same time.

Then I shoved him with the force into a wall. If only it was that easy in the actually game.

"We should head to Onderon." Mandalore suggested as he gunned down another assassin, "My men can clean up the mess."

"Right! Reese, you're with me!" she shouted over the noise.

"What?" I asked, surprised. Nadia willingly chose me? I didn't have to ask, or follow her without her asking? That made me suspicious.

"You don't have to!" Nadia said with a smirk, "I can choose someone else…"

"No!" I interrupted, "I'm coming!" as I jumped into the seat of the shuttle.

I swear I caught a small grin on Nadi's face. I frowned in thought. What's brought up this strange personality change? And people say I have a split personality!

Mandalore got into the pilot's seat and took the shuttle out of the hanger bay and headed to Onderon, leaving me with time to ponder about Nadia.

"Welcome back to Iziz. You haven't been here for a while." The docking master said.

"Sorry?" Nadia asked him slight confusion tinting her voice.

"Your log says you haven't been here for 2 months. The situation has gotten worse since you were last here." The man sighed, "Here's you Starport Visa. Do not lose it, or else you can not leave. One pilot already can't go back to his ship."

Nadia took the Visa from the man, "Thank-you." She thanked, making me star at her. She thanked him!

Nadia then walked off, making me and Mandalore quickly follow her. She encountered two guards ahead who were asking her questions, that I could overhear.

"Are you planning on selling any crates of weapons whilst in Iziz?" the man asked.

"Do I look like I'm carrying any crates on me?" she asked him, with a raised eyebrow.

Now that's the Nadia I know!

"I'm asking the questions here!" the man snarled, from under his brown/red mouth mask, "I'll take that as a no. You can pass now." He said and then he let us all pass into the area past them.

"Captain! Captain! Oh, can you help me? You must help me!" A desperate looking woman said, as she pulled her two children over to us. She was looking at Nadia.

"Do you have an open starport Visa?" she asked us, "We need one to get off the planet."

Nadia looked curiously at the Woman, "No, I don't. Why do you want to get off the planet?"

The woman squirmed and looked down, "My husband was killed and I have nothing. I want to get my children off of this planet."

"I can tell there's something you're not telling me. If you want my help, you have to tell me the truth." Nadia said with a soft voice.

The woman nodded, "My husband… he was a soldier. He... voiced some of his... opinions about General Vaklu… He was killed for it… I want to leave this planet before a war breaks out." She explained, sighing sadly.

"I'll see what I can do." Nadia promised, before continuing to walk.

I glanced at Mandalore and then at Nadia's back.

"So, do you guys have any idea on where Master Kavar would be?" Nadia asked, us glancing over her shoulder at us.

"Probably at the palace." I suggested.

Nadia nodded her head, "Good chance, but we should find some more information out before we march to the palace." She thought outloud.

I smiled, "Cantina." I suggested. Want to find something out? Go to the Cantina!

"Yup." Nadia nodded her head.

"You guys go ahead. I want to look around." I told them.

Nadia looked at me and then nodded her head. "Careful. Don't go starting a war here, ok?"

"Don't worry. Judging by what's going on here, already, it won't be me starting it." I said.

Nadia looked at me and then tossed me a Com, "Keep it on." She told me.

I gave a mock-salute after I caught it, and then hooked it onto my wrist. I then watched as they headed towards the cantina area and I then headed off to explore, and maybe help solve a crime.

What can I say, I like playing detective.

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