My plan of action was to find out who really did kill that woman. I wasn't sure who it was though, I'm pretty sure they never told you in the game.

My first guess, however, would be that gang. Even though they 'helped', and I say helped very loosely, you find the robot head.

But the robot head showed the legs of someone female, if I remember correctly, wearing the armor that gang wear. What were they called? Bekk.. Bakkel's Gang? I think it was anyway.

I turned a corner and saw that there were a bunch of the gang members were standing around and talking. Huh, how convenient!

I quickly ducked behind a bunch of barrels, so they wouldn't see me and listened.

"Oh, did you hear her pleading for her life?" someone was laughing, "Don't kill me! Don't kill me!" he said in a mocking voice.

I frowned. That didn't sound like what I remembered of Sullio's murder…

"Yeah, that was hilarious." Someone else was laughing.

"What about you? Didn't you think that was fun?" the first person asked someone else in a jiving tone.

"Yeah." Came a flat, female, reply.

"Well, we made 700 credits out of that sobbing mess." The second person grinned, "We may as well have killed that peasant. She has nothing now."

I glared at the ground, biting my lip. I was starting to grow very angry. These people scared a woman and took all of her credits? That was so low.

I clenched my fists and started to take deep breaths. It would do me no good if I got really angry. I needed to listen. I needed proof too.

I quietly got my mobile phone out of my pocket and opened up the voice recorder. I started recording. Maybe I could get these people on other charges too.

"So I heard you killed that captain lady." Someone said, and then there was the sound of someone being clapped on the shoulder, "Congratulations. That was your first blood, right? Your initiation test?"

"Yeah. Yeah, it was." I head the female reply, she sounded like she was struggling to keep her voice straight.

I frowned. Why did that voice sound so familiar?

I spend my life

Trying to do things right

but all I do is fall to my face with my hands on my head so many times

but then I learnt, after being burnt

to get back up, push straight on, stop the tears,

people move on.

Well it's alright to be myself

Now I've Learned To Stand

Well its OK to be just who I am

I've spent years really hating me

longing to be friends

Now I hope that you can


This Is Who I Am

I froze as Vanessa Amorosi's 'This is Who I am' played out, very loud. I looked at my phone and saw it said 'Ayden Calling'

I quickly hit the red 'cancel' button and waited quietly. The odds that someone heard that song was more than very likely. Stupid timing.

I slowly turned around as I heard footsteps and a force warning in the back of my mind. The gang members had made their way around and were looking at me. They had their blasters out.

"Ah. Hello." I greeted them, half-heartily, "I'm a… uh… dust tester." I tried and then indicated to the dust on the crates. I slid my finger along it, gathering it onto my finger, "I was hired to test this dust and compare it to the dust in the cantina."

They looked at me as I stood up slowly and I pretended to examine the dust, "It looks like it's the same, but it feels coarser." I pretended to look thoughtful. The chance of this working would be the same likelihood of me juggling 7 lightsabers without getting sliced to pieces, "I should take this sample back to my office." I looked back up at the thugs.

They didn't look convinced. Dang, I need to sound more scientisty-like.

"Why do you need to test the dirt?" one of them sneered at me.

"That, is a very good question." I nodded my head and then I leant on a building, "There is a possible bacterial illness developing in the dirt and it's my job to analyze it to make sure that this district is safe." I explained, making it up on the spot.

"Then where's you mask?"

"Oh my gosh! You are so right!" I exclaimed, hitting my hand on my forehead, "You, sir, could have just save my life!"

The thugs looked at each other and then back at me. I gulped. They didn't believe me.

"You want to know what I think?" The gang member at the front asked me.

I sighed, "What?" I know what you are probably all wondering. Why don't I just drop the act and deal with them when they attack, well, it because there are heaps of them.

"You're a spy." He snarled, "Sent to eavesdrop on us and gather evidence."

"Uh, no. I'm just an mineralogist." I shrugged, thankful for the Bones tv show. At their blank looks, I added, "I study dust and dirt. Seriously, what do you people learn these days?" I asked, sounding incredulous.

"You're a kid."

"I'm a student." I responded, quickly.

"What's your name? Mineral… dirt girl?" Another one snarled at me.

I was seriously getting sick of this, "My name is…"

"Reese?" I heard someone exclaim out loud. I first thought it was Nadia, but it wasn't. The voice sounded different. This voice was fully surprised.

"What the hell?" I gasped when the person who said my name made their way into my eye view, "Sinah?" I exclaimed seeing one of the Jedi Padawans that used to be at the Enclave with me.

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