"Death. Destruction! Despair. You… You! You will cause this! If you continue on this path, everything will be destroyed!" The old woman, the prophet, declared with huge wide eyes, "You must stop!"

"Stop?" Said a chilling cold voice, "Why on earth would I stop? It's fun."

The old woman stood up and pulled a blaster out from under the table, "You are a monster!" she gasped, "I must stop you! The horrors you will do, you already have done!"

The last thing that the old woman saw was my red blade enter her chest.

I woke with a pained gasp, my hand over my racing heart. My brother, Ayden, was looking over at me with a concerned expression on his face. My mother had bent around to look at me and my father was looking at me through the mirror.

"You alright, Reese?" Ayden asked me, his voice filled with concern.

I nodded my head, "Yeah. Just a dream." I told them as I looked out of the car window, watching the scenery go past.

I wasn't tired anymore, and even if I was, I couldn't go back to sleep. That dream… it had felt so real, almost like a vision. But it couldn't be.

I never had visions in this world. My connection to the force here was really weak. I could only use it for party tricks, really.

So what was that… dream?

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