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Ok, so, this chapter is original. You won't find it on the MTH books. Though I retained some scenes from the second book of Magic Tree House like the moat and many more but I also added some 'what if's' scenes

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Chapter 4

The Bath

Charisse smiled. She could already hear and imagine Sabina muttering she'll kill her. Her thoughts were interrupted when the wooden planks creaked under her feet.

She peered over the edge of the bridge. She saw a real moat with crocodiles. It was scary.

"Halt!" someone shouted that made Charisse look up. There was a guard on the top of the castle wall. He was looking down. He was a watchman.

Charisse didn't know what came into her mind but she was determined to get inside - even if she had to make up something.

She said in Shakespearean English with a loud and clear voice, "I am Lady Charisse, Countess of Pennsylvania! I hath come to attend the feast!"

The guard looked surprised. "Whence?" (Where?)

"Somewhere on the far west!" Charisse said,

"But if thou art a countess, wherefore art thee wearing-" (But if you are a countess, why are you wearing-) the man said but was interrupted when Charisse snapped, "Thou dare question me?" (You dare question me?)

The guard nodded, frightened at the snappy attitude of Charisse and let her pass.

Charisse smiled; pleased on what she had done though deep inside, she knew it was wrong.

From inside the castle came the sounds of music, shouting and laughter. Torches lit the high walls around the courtyard, which was empty. Good. She found a well and quickly hid behind it. She sat there, waiting.

Suddenly, she heard a noise.


She peeked and saw two boys leading the horse that clopped over the gray cobblestones. It was the knight's black horse!

Charisse stopped peeking and her eyes landed on the corner.

She saw Sabina and waved. The girl returned the wave. When the boys disappeared inside the stable, Sabina dashed to the well.

"I'm going to find the music!" whispered Charisse. "Are you coming?'

"No," Sabina replied, looking pale. Charisse got worried and wondered what happened to her. "I need to rest."

"What happened?" Charisse asked.

Sabina gave her an I'll-tell-you-later look and Charisse understood. She was in no condition to talk about it. She pointed on the corner where Sabina was earlier and made a gesture of sleeping. Sabina understood and lifted up her hands. Ten. Sabina gave her ten minutes to find the music.

Charisse went inside as Sabina stayed behind.

Noise and music came from a bright lit room. Charisse instantly knew it was the Great Hall. But she couldn't go inside wearing her modern clothes. She needed to find medieval clothing to join the fun!

Charisse turned to the right side and suddenly heard water flowing. Perfect! She loves water! She went inside the room and saw a giant wooden tub filled with water and was heated over a fire. Charisse couldn't help it but to start stripping her clothes and submerged herself on the tub. It felt warm and… good! Charisse enjoyed herself.

While swimming around, she noticed two soaps on the corner. She approached it and smelled it to identify the ingredients. The first soap was made of sheep's fat while the second one came from ashes. Oh well! She chose the first soap and started scrubbing it around her body. I wonder if they have shampoos made of goat's milk, she thought.

After a few minutes, she heard someone knock. She panicked. Oh no!

"Milady," a servant girl said. "Hither art thy towel and dress." (Here are your towel and dress.)

Charisse didn't know what to say. She just snapped and hoped the servant girl understood. Charisse sank deeper on the giant wooden tub, reemerged to take a deep breath and submerged herself once again. She heard the door open and after a few seconds, the servant spoke once again. "Dost thou warn Beth to dry thy body?" (Do you want Beth to dry your body?)

Charisse was in need of oxygen and turned her back. She went up, felt the oxygen filling her lungs and relaxed. Fortunately, the servant girl could only see her ultra black hair, which she hoped was the exact color of the person she was impersonating.

Charisse just snapped again and the girl left.

When she heard the door close, Charisse sighed in relief. That was close! She couldn't bear to think what will if she was caught. She looked around, making sure no one was around, and stood up. She proceeded on drying herself on the towel. She looked at her watch. Ten minutes was up. She needed to go.

She saw her clothes on the corner and was about to get it when she remembered she needed to wear a dress to get inside the Great Hall! But Sabina only gave her ten minutes! Charisse hesitated. Should she go back out of the castle? Or wear the dress and go to the Great Hall?

After a few seconds, Charisse had made her final decision and grabbed her old clothes and wore her sweatshirt and jeans first before wearing the dress.

She looked at herself in the mirror! Goodness, she looked so good! It was a great thing that the dress reached her ankles and was long sleeved - also not revealing. It almost completely covered her modern clothes. But, she now realized that she got chubbier. She frowned at this but shrugged it off. At least she was still quite chubby! She braided her black hair and sneaked out. She went back to the Great Hall completely refreshed.

When she went back to the Great Hall, she hid first and took a peek. A giant fireplace blazed at one end of the noisy room. Antlers and rugs hung on the stone walls. Flower petals littered around the floor. Boys in short dresses carried huge trays of food. Dogs were fighting over bones under the tables that made Charisse frown. People in bright clothes like hers strolled among the crowd. Some played funny-shaped guitars. Some tossed balls in the air. Some balanced swords on their hands.

Men and women dressed in capes and furs sat on long, crowded wooden tables.

"What happened to ten minutes?" someone whispered to Charisse. The girl turned her back and gasped. It was Sabina! And boy, she didn't look so happy.

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