Looking back on it all, the past few weeks had actually been enjoyable. Normally when Lupin attempted to take a vacation, Zenigata would cut the trip short. This was partly because Lupin almost always took working vacations, and it wasn't hard for Zenigata to guess where Lupin would show up next. Even when Lupin tried to lay low for awhile and enjoy his spoils, years of the chase had given Zenigata a good understanding of Lupin's mind, and so he usually guessed where Lupin would enjoy partying most at any given time. Zenigata also possessed the dumbest luck in the entire world combined with a paranoia that rivaled most insane asylum inmates.

So when Lupin wanted to take a real vacation, one with an almost zero chance of ever running into his perpetual shadow, he let Jigen or Goemon choose the vacation spot. While Zenigata might know his partners in crime, he didn't understand how they thought as well as he understood Lupin.
Jigen's choice had been the winner between the two this time around. Jigen had wanted to tour Gettysburg, which didn't really appeal to Lupin it seemed better than finding a quiet place in the country and meditating on his existence. Again.

Another plus of Gettysburg was that it was near enough big cities that Lupin could find many fine restaurants, casinos and girls to fill his time. All the while Jigen would be out tramping around on the battlefields, unable to whine about how Lupin was wasting his money on stupid things. Goemon usually did not comment on his actions. If he did he was easier to ignore than Jigen.
So, Lupin was having himself a very enjoyable time until he noticed that Jigen was not acting quite like himself. At first he thought that maybe he was sick, or just tired after walking in hot fields listening to history lectures from old men. Lupin personally couldn't think of anything more boring or soul draining. But as the days wore on, he knew it was more serious than just a night on the town could fix. They need to talk.

"Jigen? I want to have a word with you."
"A word?"
"Yes. You've been acting weird," Lupin started. "I don't know what's wrong, but I'm worried about you."
"You've been acting weird for the past two weeks! You barely eat your food when you decide to come home; you seem more listless than usual. If I didn't know better I'd say you were lovesick over some girl."
"…Is it a man?"
Lupin finally exploded. "Jigen! Haven't you been listening at all? Are you deaf? What is wrong with you? Isn't repeating my every word in the TV specials enough?"
Jigen sighed. "Sorry, Lupin. The truth is…I just realized I'm getting old."
Lupin stared in disbelief. "THAT is your problem? You found a few gray hairs in your beard and you're getting all bent out of shape? Seriously. Find a girl and have a good time with her. I know you think that's stupid, but that should prove you've still got some life in you."
Goemon piped up from his usual spot on the couch. "He thinks it's stupid because that is not who he is. He does not measure himself by his conquests. Jigen should find a goal important to himself accomplish that." With that Goemon reverted to looking like a man unconcerned with the world, when really he was just waiting the mail to come to see if he finally won Random House Sweepstakes.

Lupin looked upon Goemon with pity. "My way's easier, and much more fun."
"You are a depraved monkey man."
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way!"
"Jessica Rabbit did that first and better."
Jigen decided to quickly step in.
"Lupin, he's right. Something's been bothering me for a while now, but I can't take care of it by myself. I need your and Goemon's help."
Jigen never asked for help, it must be an important task for him to ask.
"Sure," Lupin replied, mentally thinking of how much he would enjoy teasing Jigen later over whatever problems he had. Unless of course it was a depressing type of problem that one couldn't joke about. Then the trip might be a total waste.
"I need you guys to come with me to…Louisiana."