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Bloody hell. I glared at the calendar which was pasted on a wall of my dorm, which stated clearly that today was 14 February. Bloody Valentine's Day.

"What's up, Hijiri? Has the calendar offended you in any way?" my roommate and buddy, Ryuu, asked wryly.

"Yeah, it's freaking Valentine's Day," I muttered with a little shudder.

"Aww, we have Mr. Popularity here, haven't we?" Ryuu grinned, slapping me on the back. "Chill, bro, it's only one day of receiving chocolates, it won't kill you."

"I guess," I sighed as I slipped on a black blazer and got ready to go to class.

Frankly, I had no doubt I was going to receive tons of chocolate. And it's not even as if I'm bragging or anything. Seriously, what is there to brag about having flirty girls fluttering their spider-legs lashes at you, confessing their 'undying love' and presenting you with icky heart-shaped chocolates?

Back at my previous school, I received so much chocolates every single year on Valentine's Day that my whole family had to help finish up all the chocolates. As such, we always ended up with a horrible cough for the next whole week. Really, if my mother hadn't been that emotional, I would have dumped the whole lot of chocolates into the bin. Hold on. Maybe I'd have fed them to the stray dogs lurking outside my house, since wasting food is a sin.

I walked to my classroom slowly, putting a cool and careless mask on my face and trying not to reveal the fact that I was actually freaking out. I slumped into my seat in the second row and glanced around the classroom. Just as I had expected, a swarm of girls surrounded me in less than ten seconds since I set foot into this classroom. I knew it. Even girls from a school as posh as Alice Academy would act deranged and desperate on Valentine's Day.

"Youichi-kun!" the girls screamed, almost bursting my eardrums.

I rolled my pale green eyes to the ceiling and muttered, "What do you want? Get lost."

"That's so mean, Youichi-kun!" a few girls started sobbing.

"But that's what makes Youichi-kun so hot!" another girl said indignantly.

"Yeah, that's totally right, Rika!"

"He's so hot!"

"Youichi-kun, please accept my feelings and chocolates!" a girl slinked over and twirled a strand of golden hair around her fingers.

She thrust a box wrapped in sparkly pink paper and topped with a huge ribbon bow at me. I winced internally at all the pink and all the hearts printed on the glittery wrapping paper.

"Scram," I said coldly as I removed a book from my bag and pretended to read.

"Youichi-kun!" the noisy girls whined.

Seriously, I would rather listen to a pack of mad dogs bark than listen to whiny girls bawl their hearts out. Irritated, I slammed my book on the desk and stormed out of the classroom. I needed to go to somewhere tranquil. I needed some peace and quiet. I walked-ran up the staircase leading to the roof of the huge building, in case the noisy brats came after me. I pushed open the wooden door leading to the rooftop and let myself in. It was quiet and a soft breeze was blowing gently, ruffling my messy gray hair. Finally, a refuge from the irritating girls.

"You-chan!" a surprised voice exclaimed.

I spun around and saw Aoi Hyuuga, a girl from my class, sitting cross-legged on the ground and looking up from her book. Her shoulder-length raven hair was flying out behind her as a result of the breeze. Not again, I groaned inwardly. Another freaking girl? Is this school infested with sneaky, deranged girls waiting to spring on guys to give them freaking chocolates on freaking Valentine's Day? Can't someone have a bit of peace and quiet without getting interrupted at all? To my surprise, Hyuuga just flashed me her usual bright smile and returned to reading her book. How weird. I had expected her to spring up and bug me with a confession and pester me to accept her chocolates.

Curious, I walked over to where she was sitting and before I knew what I was doing, I had sat down on the smooth concrete ground beside her. She glanced up from her book and brushed away a few strands of hair from her face. Frankly, she looked rather... pretty, with her huge innocent crimson eyes and silky black hair. Hang on, did I just say pretty? Me, Youichi Hijiri, actually thought of a girl as pretty. I must be going crazy, just like the pack of fangirls. Valentine's Day could really drive someone mad.

"What's up, You-chan?" Hyuuga asked, a smile playing on her pink lips.

"Oh, nothing, just escaping from the bunch of irritating girls, old hag," I smirked.

I watched as Hyuuga's face turned as red as her eyes. She glared at me, irritated. She was kind of cute, I had to admit. She looked just like an unruly puppy- pissed off but still innocent-looking and harmless.

"Old hag?" she gasped. "Who did you just call an old hag?"

"No one in particular, hag," I grinned. It was rather fun teasing her.

"You-chan, what's with you?" Hyuuga groaned, smacking my arm with her book.

"That's what you get for calling me 'You-chan'. That name is so gross and tacky. 'Hag' sounds much better than that tacky name you gave me, Hyuuga," I replied as I watched Hyuuga, intrigued.

Her every action seemed fascinating to me. She pouted and played with a strand of ink-black hair. It made me want to reach out and touch her hair, to feel the silkiness of it. Holy crap, I thought. Valentine's Day should be renamed as Mess-up-someone's-brain Day. I had never felt the urge to touch anyone before, not even my mother. For God's sake, why in the world did I feel like touching Aoi Hyuuga? And why did I want to continue to watch her every action closely? Why did she fascinate me? And it was only the first time we really interacted with each other! Sure, we saw each other in class every single day. She sits right in front of me but we barely exchanged a few words.

"Call me 'Aoi' instead," Hyuuga said, looking into my eyes. "It sounds much nicer than 'Hyuuga' or Hag. That is, if you want to..."

"A... Aoi..." I murmured, trying it out.

Aoi's crimson eyes widened and a ghost of a blush flickered across her pale cheeks. "T-t-thanks, You-chan..."

I wanted to shoot myself. I have never ever called a girl by her first name before. But it felt right as her name fell off my tongue. Aoi. Aoi. Aoi. It was as if my mouth was made to say her name and no one else's. It sounded so right. I was actually rather ashamed that I had thought of her as the typical girl: noisy, flirty, empty-headed. She was actually more intelligent and normal than the other girls. They were just dizzy, crazy fangirls who could practically die just to get close to a good-looking boy. But Aoi wasn't like that. I have never seen her flirting, to tell you the truth. Sure, guys in my class liked to flirt with her but she just flashed them her trademark smile and continued to be as friendly to them as ever. Hold it right there, Youichi Hijiri, does this mean that you've always been noticing Aoi Hyuuga's actions in class as well? a small voice in my brain asked. I froze. Had I sub-consciously started to take an interest in Aoi Hyuuga?

"You-chan?" Aoi asked quietly, jolting me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, Aoi-hag?" I replied, still slightly bewildered by the fact that I might have unknowingly took an interest in her.

"It was nice talking to you!" she beamed suddenly, her scarlet eyes sparkling. "I've never really talked to you and this meeting today really made me see you in a new light! See you!"

Just like that, she picked up her book, stood up and brushed off her pleated skirt before waving to me and sauntering out through the door. New light? I wondered. What did she think I was like before today? And what does she think of me now? Thinking about her again, Youichi Hijiri? another voice in my brain taunted. Ha, you're officially smitten with the girl! This is a first!

I stood up, a faint smile flickering across my face. There's always a first time for everything... Like my first time developing an interest and probably feelings for a girl I talked to for practically the first time. Oh God, please don't tell me that I was... falling in love? Me, Youichi Hijiri, falling in love? That thought seemed so ridiculous that I just brushed it aside.

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