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Chapter 6: The Rainbow After the Storm

7 Years Later

From: Natsume Hyuuga

Hijiri, come to our place this Saturday with Aoi. It's Misa's one-month-old celebration, which, for your information, is only for a few very special guests. Be honoured.

Received: 3:46pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: Youichi Hijiri

Misa, your third child? You're sure fast; three kids at 27.

Received: 3.51pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Youichi Hijiri

From: Natsume Hyuuga

I'll take that as a compliment. Anyway, it's not me who's fast. It's you who is slow.

Received: 3:52pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: Youichi Hijiri

What exactly do you mean by that?

Received: 3.53pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Youichi Hijiri

From: Natsume Hyuuga

You've been cohabiting with Aoi for the past five years or so, and you still haven't made a move on her. She's a good kid, guys would eat their shoes to replace you. Act fast, buddy.

Received: 3:53pm 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: Youichi Hijiri

Weren't you really overprotective of Aoi? Now you want me to 'make a move on her'. What, do you want me to, I don't know, have pre-martial sex or something with her?

Received: 3.54pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Youichi Hijiri

From: Natsume Hyuuga

Are you pretending to be dumb, or what? Get your mind out of the gutter, will you? And don't make me sound like a mother hen. I am not overprotective. I'd kill you if you did it with her before MARRIAGE. That's my point. Marriage. So get a ring from Jenny's- or was it Tiffany's? Whatever.-, get on your knees and say the four magic words, my boy.

Received: 3:57pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: Youichi Hijiri

… Somehow, it doesn't sound very convincing coming from you. I never knew you were a fan of saying the four magic words.

Received: 3.58pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Youichi Hijiri

From: Natsume Hyuuga

Actually, it was only two words, for me. 'Marry me.' And Polka Dots said yes, and that was that. Now we're happily married- if you can say that a life where you can only get a quickie over the kitchen counter once every few mornings is a happy one- with three kids. Do it, buddy. Aoi may be a great kid, but she's a woman, after all.

Received: 4:01pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: Youichi Hijiri

Um, ew. My interest in your sex life equates to my interest in Powerpuff Girls. I could do without your interference in my love life too.

Received: 4:01pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Youichi Hijiri

From: Natsume Hyuuga

I just rang up my colleague, and he said he'd gladly take Aoi out on a date. And don't tell me you don't wish to marry Aoi. I know you do.

Received: 4:02pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: Youichi Hijiri

… Fine, you win. By the way, since when did you become a mind-reader? Oh, and since you're her brother, you tell me what kind of ring she'd like.

Received: 4:05pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Youichi Hijiri

From: Natsume Hyuuga

I'm her older brother, not her personal shopper. How the heck would I know what kind of ring she'd prefer? I gotta go. Mikan is whining about Haru tearing her copy of Twilight or whatever. Good luck, dude.

Received: 4:06pm, 4-6-10

Sender: Natsume Hyuuga

From: You-chan :)

Aoi, don't bother to cook this evening. Let's go out for dinner. I've reserved a table for two at Anna's. Yes, Anna's, that restaurant which has a three-month waiting list. Anna-nee's my friend's sister, so yeah.

Received: 5:26pm, 8-6-10

Sender: You-chan :)

From: Aoi

Oh, that's so sweet of you! Wow, Anna's! I've always wanted to go to that restaurant. :DDD See ya!

Received: 5:38pm, 8-6-10

Sender: Aoi

From: Aoi-chan :D

Mikan-neesan! OH MY GOD. I am texting you from beneath the table at Anna's, where You-chan has brought me for dinner. I think I just saw a small square box peeking out from the top of his jacket pocket. Do you think he's going to–

Received: 7:26pm, 8-6-10

Sender: Aoi-chan :D

From: Mikan-neesan :)

OMG. Don't leave me in suspense here! :O What happened?

Received: 7:27pm, 8-6-10

Sender: Mikan-neesan :)

From: Mikan-neesan :)

Aoi-chan? What happened?

Received: 8:12pm, 8-6-10

From: Mikan-neesan :)

If you don't call me within one hour, I swear I'm going to ring up the police.

Received: 9:01pm, 8-6-10

You'd better keep your message short, if you know what's good for you. Sorry, that was Natsume. You know how he acts... Anyway, you've reached Natsume and Mikan Hyuuga. We're not available right now, but leave a message after the beep and we'll get back to you, promise! NOT. Oh shush, Natsume.


Mikan-neesan, this is Aoi. I'm so sorry for not replying to your texts yesterday, but... (squeals) You-chan... proposed! He really did! Oh my God! I–

Sorry your call got sent to voicemail, Aoi-chan! Haru was being... difficult. He threw his mashed potato all over Natsume's hair. I'm Mikan, if you cannot recognise my voice after all that shouting at Haru. And what? You-chan did? I'm soooooooo happy for you guys!

Send my love to my niece and nephews! Yes, he did! I was too excited and... blissed out to reply to you.

I can imagine. Now, give me a detailed descrip– (crash) Natsume, get Haru, will you? I'm in a middle of an important conversation! (crash) Sorry about that, Aoi-chan. That was Haru, again. Detailed description of yesterday night, pretty please?

Um, are you sure this is the right time? You seem... preoccupied.

Oh yes, don't worry about it. Everything's absolutely f– (shouts) fine. Do continue, dear. And remember, I want a totally detailed description.

Uh, if you're sure... Anyway, OH MY GOD. It was so super sweet. We were at Anna's, having the most fantastic dinner– there was even a different wine after every course. It was fabulous. Then, after I texted you about the box peeking out from his pocket, he dropped a spoon onto the floor, so I bent down and picked it up for him. He poured me another glass of that heavenly wine and then I took a sip. He smiled– yeah, he SMILED. For, like, the first time since forever– and encouraged me to drink more. I was all, "Well, all right, if you'd drink with me." So we did, and then I almost choked on my wine. I coughed like crazy and You-chan started panicking and smacking my back. And guess what did I spit out? A ring. An engagement ring. It turned out he wanted to go for a more romantic approach, so he dropped the ring into my glass of wine. And I spoiled it. The romantic ambience. I just had to choke on that stupid ring. Oh, scratch that. That beautiful, wonderful, superb, lovely ring. Um, Mikan-neesan? Are you still there?

(short silence) Oh my God. I can't believe it. You had it much better than I did, even if you did choke on your ring. How does it look like, anyway? Do you know how your brother proposed to me? He simply shoved the ring onto my finger while I was typing on my laptop and said "Marry me." He didn't even ask me! It was more like he demanded me to marry him. But oh well, I love him, and that's what matters. But that was just so sweet, that thing You-chan did. Believe me, you've found yourself a great man, even if he does have a habit of picking extra-scary horror movies for your movie nights every Saturday.

Oh, onii-chan can be such a twit! But he really loves you, I can tell! And the ring is a red diamond on a silver band. You-chan said that the red diamond represented my eyes, and the silver band represented his hair colour! I almost cried right then and there, I swear. Anyway, after I choked, I spit it out something hard and discovered something shiny and sparkly blinking up at me. I stared at You-chan, bewildered, and then he slipped onto his knee, took the ring from me, wiped it on his napkin– it was wet with wine and saliva– and offered it to me, saying, "Will you marry me, Aoi? Y'know I'm no good with words, so... yeah." He looked so cute, all awkward and shy! Aoi, stop sounding like a crazy fangirl. And I was NOT shy nor cute, okay? Stop telling Mikan-nee everything and twisting my words.

Was that You-chan?

Well, yes. He's such a dork sometimes. And I so did not twist his words! They're all true! Oh, Mikan-neesan, I'm just so happy I could die! Please tell me this is not a dream.

Well, it's not. Congratulations, Aoi-chan! I'm really, really happy for you! So, did anything happen after that?

Um, yeah. We went home and... you know, did it. You're such an idiot, Aoi. Too much information. You-chan, that's mean! (crash) Don't! (bang)

Um, hello? Is everything alright over there?

Sorry, Mikan-nee. Youichi here. Anyway, forget what you just heard from Aoi, okay? About the, uh, you-know-what. Natsume-nii would

Too little too late, young man. It's Natsume Hyuuga. You did it with Aoi, huh? Well, you're gonna get it from m

Stop acting like a mother hen, will you? We're engaged. We can do whatever we want.

(smack) Oh, sorry about that, dear. Natsume's a little crabby today after Hiro threw up on his important document from work.

Your kids sure are feisty, Mikan-nee.

Well, You-chan, they're adorable and active and playful. Oh, and of course you can do anything you want with Aoi. She's your fiancee now! Do use contraceptives though, okay? I know Aoi wouldn't like to be seen walking down the aisle with a bulging tummy.

Um, okay. Thanks.

You're welcome! If you have any questions about weddings and whatnot, just give me a call! Oh, and do remember to send us an invitation to your wedding!

Well, of course. Thanks again. And congrats about your third child. Anything you want in particular?

I wouldn't care about all those baby stuff, I already have tons of them! Just let me be Aoi's bridesmaid, if that wouldn't be too troublesome, okay? Please?

Of course, bridesmaid. See you soon.

Yay, thanks! See ya this coming Saturday! The kids are raring to see you guys!

Aoi Hyuuga


Youichi Hijiri

request the honour of your presence

to share in the celebration

of their marriage


Saturday, the seventeenth of December

Two thousand and eleven

at six o'clock in the evening

Alice Church

53694 Arisu Street

Tokyo, Japan

followed by a reception


Hyuuga Sakura Hotel

The End

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