Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's folly

Chapter 1: Traditional Reporter of Fantasy

Hakurei Shrine, early morning

Reimu's bedroom was a sparse place. There was a pendulum-operated Cuckoo Clock, a bedside table, and of course, a bed. The shrine maiden in question was emerging from the said bed just as the clock struck five to six.

"Ugh... I beat my alarm to it, but I still feel like crap..." Reimu moaned to herself, still half asleep. She crawled into her kitchen, and searched the cupboards. Suika had promised to bring her some food for today, but it seemed that the instant noodles Yukari Yakumo brought from the outside world would have to do.

Reimu boiled some water, added it to the strange, pot-like vessel, and waited. In an instant, she checked back- still not cooked. Reimu's sanity broke like a twig.

"RRG! WHY CALL IT INSTANT IF IT ISN'T?" she yelled at the top of her voice.

By half-past six, the Noodles were eaten. Reimu sighed to herself.

"It's only six-thirty and already I want this day to end..."

Then, in an instant, a deafening crash interrupted the dullness of the day. Reimu knew the cause- her wall breaking as a certain Tengu dashed through it.

"Sorry for intruding!" said a chirpy Aya Shameimaru, waving a rolled-up newspaper.

Reimu's head twitched slightly, before she sprinted at Aya, grabbed her by the collar, and screamed, "YOU THINK? Have you ever heard of a door?"

Aya, composed as ever, simply replied, "I was only popping by to drop off the Bunbunmaru paper. There's an interesting article on page six..."

Reimu's mind blocked off the Tengu's incessant self-advertisement as she tried to figure out how to fix a great big, reporter-shaped hole in her shrine's wall. She couldn't just ask Suika for help... the Oni did enough work for her as it was. Although Suika was a drunk, Reimu felt bad making someone that kind-hearted work tirelessly for no pay.

" you should totally read it! When are you gonna read it, Reimu?" Aya finally finished.

The way Aya looked at Reimu made it clear what she wanted. "You're not gonna leave until I read your paper, are you?"

"My, you're perceptive! You should be a journalist too!"

"Was that supposed to be sarcasm?" Reimu asked.

A sweat-drop formed on Aya's forehead. "Not at all. Will you read it now?"

Reimu was growing sick of Aya quickly. "FINE! Now get out of my house!"

So Reimu decided to read the paper. Page six, she said? Well, if Aya finds it interesting, it could merely be a dumb article on Cirno being eaten by a frog.

But lo, and behold, the article had substance. 'Another Mansion!' read the headline, with a subtitle of 'Mysterious appearance of Western-style mansion'.

Reimu couldn't be bothered reading the rest of the article, but wanted answers. "So, you didn't go in the mansion? See the owner?"

Her reply was another crash, causing a second reporter-shaped hole in the wall.

"Sometimes I wish I could kill that damned Tengu..."

Scarlet Devil Mansion, circa half-past seven

The Scarlet Devil Mansion- the elaborate, falsely majestic mansion, complete with flower-filled grounds, and a sleeping Chinese Guard.

In the windowless, mysterious library, was the windowless, mysterious Patchouli Knowledge. She was researching how to use magic to permanently cure ticks. But her ground-breaking work was interrupted by a child-like scream from the basement.

Patchouli rushed down in shock, and opened Flandre's bedroom door.

"Lady Flandre! What's wrong?"

The blonde vampiress was in tears. She hiccuped, and sniffed, and finally managed to bring out some words. "Patchy... Laevateinn... it's... it's..."

Patchouli knew what was coming, but waited for Flandre to stop coughing, wailing and sobbing to say it herself. "LAEVATEINN'S GONE!"

Flandre hung her head in shame, and as if out of nowhere, the black haired Wind God Girl appeared behind the vampire.

"Gone... or stolen?" the irritating voice of Aya asked.

"May I ask how... and why you came here?" Patchouli Knowledge asked, failing to disguise her disdain for the Tengu.

"Well, to answer Question one, I broke through the East Wing's window, and for Question two, I never turn down a good scoop!" Aya promptly left after saying this.

Patchouli exhaled. "Figures... Flandre, do you want me to get Lady Remilia?"

"No..." Flandre hiccuped some more, "She'd just get mad anyway."

However, Lady Remilia was just about to be informed regardless. Flandre and Patchouli heard some distinct shouts from upstairs.

Remilia's voice shouted, "I said no journalists! Especially YOU! Sakuya, send her out!"

"My pleasure, Milady..."

Aya was genuinely frightened of this human. "Nononononononono... I'll just send myself out..." the voice of Aya stuttered before the voice of Sakuya replied, "No, I insist..."

Hakurei Shrine, circa ten-past eight.

Reimu was enjoying a not-exactly well earned rest, when, for the third time today, a crashing sound destroyed a part of her wall.

Aya was shouting, "Ah! Ow! Oh! Knife! Knife! The pain! Oh, the pain! Is it 'cos they're silver? Ow! Ow! OW!"

The ever-groggy Reimu simply groaned, "You know... where the door is... just... do whatever it is you need to do here. There's a healing alter at the back... you need healing, right? Or am I mistaken?"

Aya's pride-filled face had been drained, and she summoned enough energy to say, "Thanks for letting me recharge here..."

Author's note: Aya is sort of the main character in this chapter, eh? It won't stay that way, I promise. But she is pivotal, so she needs some spotlight time. And where is this Dawitsu mentioned in the title? Well, wait, and you'll see. Give me a chance!

You have to introduce OCs subtly and effectively... so yeah. Laevateinn's missing!

UPDATE: Only one letter, but was really annoying me. One of the 'off's was an 'of'.