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Chapter 1.


~**~Present day~**~

In the arms of a demon with her back pressed hard against the rough tree bark, and ice cold rain stinging her skin as it fell, memories and regret filled her mind. For a brief second she regretted ever coming home, but it was too late now… Crowley held the lease on her soul, and in return she would get Deaths' coordinates.

~**~A few months ago~**~

Looking out her window from the plane, Emma's mind raced. It had been three and a half years since she had seen, or even spoke to her dad.

Weeks ago she had gotten a call from a hospital saying that he had been a victim of a stabbing, but with the weather being so unpredictable this was the first chance she had gotten to fly back to the U.S.

Watching the clouds, she wondered if she made the right decision. The last time they saw each other it had practically been World War III. He was doing everything in his power to keep her from hunting. Emma, on the other hand, thrived in the lifestyle. Always being on the road, and saving people, it made her feel free. The idea of holding a nine to five everyday job turned her stomach.

Taking her dark brown hair out of the messy bun she had pulled it up in when she found out her flight hadn't been canceled after all, she shook her hair free. Smelling the faint scent of her apple scented shampoo, her light blue eyes stared back out the window.

"Welcome home, Miss Singer." Said the lady at the airport as she stamped Emma's passport and handed it back to her.

"Thanks." She replied with a soft smile.

Walking out of the doors, she found her taxi. The driver loaded her bags into the trunk and started in the direction of the home she had known all her life.

Her heart skipped a few beats thinking about seeing her dad again, for a moment she thought she should have called first. The thought quickly faded when she wondered what she would have told him. Sorry, I've not bothered to contact you in three years, but now that you're half paralyzed and in a wheel chair, I thought I should stop by.

"Thank You." She said to the taxi driver, as she paid her cab fare and tipped him. Looking around the salvage yard she shook her head. It didn't seem possible but there were even more junked cars than when she had left.

Walking up to the door she took a deep breath, as she twisted the knob and pushed it open.

Carrying her bags, and rolling the suitcase with wheels, she walked through the house into the study.

Upon hearing the noise, Bobby turned his wheelchair around and looked at her, his eyes wide.

"Hi, Dad." She said, trying her best to smile.

"Bobby, is someone here?" She heard a male voice say, she looked up to see Sam and Dean Winchester walk into the room.

"Hey boys." She said smiling at her old friends.

"Emma?" Bobby said, his eyes glossy with tears as he looked at his grown daughter. The thought crossed his mind several times that he may never see her again.

After pausing for a moment she crossed the room and hugged him.

Looking at all of them she said, "I came as soon as I could, I tried to come when the hospital first called, but the weathers been crazy. This was the first flight back to the U.S that hadn't been canceled." She admitted.

~**~Earlier present day~**~

Emma had just finished washing her clothes and was putting them away in her old dresser when something caught her eye outside.

Moving her dark green curtain she looked out across the salvage yard. Peering out into the darkness she waited for any sign of movement.

Just as she was going to go back to putting her clothes away she saw something again, on the deck of her old tree house.

Grabbing a flashlight and a gun, she sat down on the side of her bed and put her shoes on. Running down the stairs and through the house Bobby stopped her in the study.

Looking up from a book he was reading he said, "Headed somewhere?"

"I think I saw something outside, I'm just gonna check it out." She told him.

"Alright, just be careful." He told his daughter.

Going out the back door, she shivered as the cold night air smacked at her skin. She was in her pajamas, shorts and a tank top, and wished she had put on a heavier shirt, or a sweatshirt.

Making her way through the yard, the gravel crunched under her feet.

Everything seemed still.

Stopping in front of the old tree house she and her dad had built when she a child, she shined her light up over the old wood.

Taking a quick look around her, she climbed the ladder. Carefully, she walked across the wood, hoping it's weathered condition would still be sturdy enough she wouldn't fall through.

Kneeling down to look, she laid the gun down beside her and shined her light inside.

A few seconds later she heard a scratching noise and a raccoon raised it's head and looked at her.

Taken by surprise she screamed, and jumped up, not realizing how close she was to the edge, she backed up and lost her footing.

Falling over the side, she thought for sure she was going to break a couple of bones when she hit the cold, hard ground.

To her surprise a pair of warm arms caught her.

It took her a moment to catch her breath from the scare, and a few seconds to come to her senses, she had no idea who this man was.

Jumping from his arms and facing him, she finally pulled her eyes away from the handsome face looking back at her, she looked at the business suit and coat he was wearing.

"Uh… Thanks for… catching me…" She said, her voice a little shaky.

With a nod he said, "You must be Emma Singer." His voice was threaded with a deep Scottish accent, as he looked the young attractive girl up and down.

"Who are you?" She questioned.

"The name's Crowley." He replied.

Her expression changed, this was the demon Sam and Dean had told her about.

"What do you want?" She asked, crossing her arms across her chest as she shivered, her eyes went to the sky when she felt a couple of cold, wet rain droplets hit her forehead.

"I can get you Death." He told her, referring to the Horseman.

She knew Sam and Dean needed Death's ring to complete the set of four, so they could open the cage and shove Lucifer back in.

"Great… so why are you telling me and not Sam and Dean?" She asked, wishing she hadn't sat her gun down in the tree house.

"Well, now. I can get Death's location, I just need a little help." He stated.

"A little help, as in my soul?" She questioned, she knew how crossroad demons worked.

He nodded.

"No." She said, shaking her head back and forth.

"I only need it temporarily, I'll give it right back." He assured her.

"Right, me being a hunter, should trust you… a crossroads demon to return my soul. I don't think so." She said, with a small laugh at the thought of trusting a demon.

"I'll give it right back." He told her again.

"Why are you asking me?" She asked, she had only been back in town for a few months.

"I thought you might like the chance to do your part in stopping the apocalypse." He explained.

"Excuse me? My part? I didn't have a part in starting it." She responded.

"Not directly. However you have been hiding in other countries while your friends and your father have been trying to stop it." He pointed out.

"Not that I owe you an excuse, but I wasn't hiding I was hunting the scum of the earth like you." She said, smirking at him.

"Points on trying to guilt trip me, though. Solid effort." She chimed in.

"You can stop Armageddon, Emma. I can give you anything you want, up to and including Deaths coordinates." He told her, taking a step closer.

She knew better than to let him know, but she was considering his offer. If they could get the last ring, they had a fighting chance.

"I promise, I will give you your soul back." He said, trying to read the expression on her face.

Looking past him at her lit up house, she kicked some gravel with the toe of her shoe.

"Right back?" She questioned.

A small smile appeared on his face, he was getting her where he wanted her.

"Not right back, but soon enough." He told her.

"How soon?" She asked.

"When this ordeal is over and I can walk away safely." He told her.

After a few minutes of silence she looked back up at him, "Okay…" She said, her voice trailing off as she almost couldn't believe what she was agreeing to.

"Excellent." He said with a smile as he started to walk closer to her.

A chill ran down her spine, it wasn't just a result of the cold air and the rain. She wanted to kiss him, and the thought of it appalled her all at the same time.

As he got right in front of her, she put her hand on his chest and took a few steps back.

"Hold on." She said, making sure her voice sounded strong.

"I want something else to." She admitted.

"What's that?" He asked.

"For my dad to walk again." She said, seeing that alone was worth the price of her soul.

Narrowing his eyes at her for a moment, he gave in.

"Fine, it will take a few days." He told her.

She nodded.

"So we have a deal?" He asked.

"Yeah." She answered.

This time she didn't move away as he closed in on her, when he was just a few inches away from her, her breathing grew shallow as her eyes searched his face.

Putting a hand on the back of her head, he pulled her face forward until her lips met his.

Both of them surprised as she grabbed onto the back of his head and neck and pulled him closer to her. It was the first time someone he had made a deal with didn't immediately pull back repulsed at what he was, and what the kiss signified.

His hands slid down her sides and pulled her close against him. She tasted scotch on his tongue, and leaned into his body appreciating the warmth as the cold rain continued to fall.

Finally pulling back from the kiss, she looked at him, her lips glistened in the moonlight, still damp from their kiss.

Immediately, his lips reclaimed hers as he kissed her deeply. Still holding her close to him, he used his body to push her back until she was pinned against the tree. His tongue danced and curled with hers. Softly she moaned into the kiss as his warm hands slid under her shirt, and held onto her cold skin.

In the arms of a demon with her back pressed hard against the rough tree bark, and ice cold rain stinging her skin as it fell, memories and regret filled her mind. For a brief second she regretted ever coming home, but it was too late now… Crowley held the lease on her soul, and in return she would get Deaths coordinates.

Even though the deal had already been sealed, she couldn't bring herself to slide out of his grip.

Both of their breathing was growing shallow as he kissed her more forcefully, she could feel the jagged edges of the bark cutting into her back, and snagging the fabric on her shirt, but she didn't care.

Her fingers moved from the back of his neck, to the front of his shirt, urgently she started to undo the buttons.

He already had her shirt raised up, his hands now focused on her exposed chest. She arched against him in response to his touch.

"Emma!" She barely heard her dads voice from off in the distance.

"Emma!" She heard him yell louder.

The sounds of his voice brought her back to her senses.

Pushing him back, she adjusted her clothes back to normal. Her blue eyes wide as she looked at him.

His shirt hung open as his chest rose and fell from his ragged breathing.

"Death?" She questioned, wanting to know the answer to the question she had sold her soul for.

"Emma Sophia!" Bobby's voice rang from the back of the house.

"Shit. Uhhh… just tell me later." She said, to the demon as she jogged towards the house.


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