Title: Apocalyptic Lovesong
Pairing: Cara/Dahlia, future background Richard/Kahlan
Summary: AU Zombie-apocalypse.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm just having fun.
Note: It's mostly unbetad so it's probably full of mistakes.

If Cara hadn't been Cara, things might have ended differently. Now Cara was very much herself and this was the only way it could have gone. And being the way she was, Cara had always imagined that if the end of the world were to come, it would come with a bang, and end with an even bigger one. She got one of those right. But the beginning of the end came quietly, sneaked up on the world like a burglar. And for Cara it started with an actual one.

But before it was about Cara, it was about coughs and sneezes, and raging fevers that somehow seemed contagious. Then there where people in their best years suddenly dying in their sleep, others that died at work, in their cars, in front of their TV. And after that, there were bodies disappearing, and reports of recently deceased sighted walking the streets.

All of this passed Cara by. After all, con-men usually had enough of troubles of their own without having to care about the rest of the worlds. Now, Cara wasn't used to that much difficulty, but lately all her cons seemed to fall apart. People she relied on vanishing and important calls where never answered or returned. With failing cons came running, and with running came a car. A car she did not own. And with said car came a burglar.

It was a beautiful summer's day, which it always seems to be when bad things happen, and which is why Cara never expected it too. A big con had fallen trough and she needed to leave town for a while. Not that anyone had made any threats, quite the opposite; the world inside Cara's illegal little bubble had been awfully quiet lately. Cara saw it as the calm before the storm. Better to be safe miles from this place when everyone involved finally realized how bad it all went.
She hurried trough a suburban neighborhood in chase of a house that seemed empty and a car that seemed drivable. A quiet neighborhood meant less attention drawn to her and a nice suburban house often meant more valuable things to take. After all she wasn't a thief; she did her share of steeling but could not claim to do it well. As she made her way through the streets, looking as innocent as someone like her, with her tattoos, piercings and cold eyes, could possibly look, she walked into a limping figure.

"Hey!" she snapped "Watch were you're going"

The man gurgled something in respond, took a couple of rapid steps towards her and closed his yellow teeth with a crack were her hand had just been.

"What are you doing?" she pushed him away and saw him clearly for the first time. The entire front of his dirty shirt was covered in something that looked eerily like dried blood.

She hurried away from the stranger, who was now coughing up red bits of something. An uncomfortable feeling crept its way up her spine once she started to actually look at the cars. They were all there. It was midday on a Monday, but still there was a car on pretty much every driveway. And once she really looked at the houses instead of trying to find the biggest, she realized that they all looked more or less empty. The whole street. Actually, the whole city, when she thought about it.

She looked back at him. He was slowly perusing her, now joined by a little girl, maybe 5 years old, with a crust of old blood covering her mouth and nose.

Disgusted, Cara made her way to the nearest house. This was wrong, everything was wrong. Whether the house was filled to the top with shiny objects and decorated with a corvette on the driveway or not, didn't really matter anymore.

The door was slightly ajar and squeaked a bit when she pulled it towards her. All the lights seemed to be on and Cara could hear a radio playing somewhere. But no voices, no footsteps, no dog bursting towards her in spite of the "beware of the dog" sign next to the doorbell. The man and the girl had reached the driveway and she shut the door behind her, not sure if she was closing out the danger, or trapping herself inside with it.

"What are you doing in my house?"

Cara turned. Someone was standing in the kitchen doorway. No blood, no wounds, no foaming mouth. Just a girl. A girl around Cara's age with blonde hair and grey eyes. But most importantly, no weapons in sight.

"This isn't your house," Cara disagreed.

The apparent liar raised her eyebrows.

"You have your shoes on, these are nice expensive hardwood floors, and I don't think they've ever been walked on with shoes," Cara tilted her head toward the floor, amused. "There are three pictures of the family in the hallway alone; you are not in any of them. And that is a lot of jewelry in your pocket."

Grey eyes hardened.

"Well, it's not your house either, and I doubt the owners will be needing this," she pulled a handful of golden necklaces from her pocket. "Or their car for that matter."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because they are all dead in their bedrooms room, for now" she sounded bored, indifferent, and tried to make her way passed Cara, but Cara grabbed a hold of her arm.
"You killed them?" Cara was appalled. Stealing was one thing, but murder was quite another.
"No, I'm a thief, not a killer. They were dead when I got here, like the majority of this city is by now." Her hand reached for the door handle.
Cara pulled her arm so that they faced each other.
"What are you talking about?" Cara asked confused.
She looked at Cara in disbelief, like she couldn't really decide whether Cara was serious or not.
"Where have you been? Living under a rock or something? People are dying left and right, and unfortunately not staying so." A bitter smile graced her lips.
"Like zombies?" Confusion was replaced by amusement, this girl had to be on something.
"Yeah, like zombies. Like undead, people killing, brain eating zombies" The smile disappeared. She looked at Cara. "And you don't believe me, fine. What's your name?"
"Well Cara, I'm Dahlia. I was nice to meet you, but I'm not staying in this place to get torn to pieces by movie monsters gone real. Believe me or not, just watch your back."

She opened the door just to slam it shut again.

"What? I thought you were leaving." Cara couldn't help but let some resentment creep into her voice. "Or maybe you weren't done looting the bodies."

But Dahlia merely stared at the door, hand still on the handle.

"There are a lot of people that may or may not be zombies on the other side of this door."

Cara walked up to the tiny little window on the door, raised to her toes and peeked out. The man and the girl where no longer alone. The entire driveway was covered with people. People dressed in clothes in different stages of decomposing. People covered in blood and wounds. People that looked awfully lot like zombies.