Boss's Daughter

Continuation of Changing Face of Lester.

We take a look at how Becker and Jess' relationship continues to evolve.

Wil they EVER get together?

Becker was in the locker room preparing to go home. In truth he was exhausted The events of the past twenty four hours were so incredible and tense that he could hardly believe that they had even happened.

The first was that Abby had collapsed whilst she was in Manny the Mammoth's pen. He, Matt and Connor had gone into the Mammoth's pen to rescue her. The mammoth had gently, caringly, picked up the unconscious women and handed her to Connor.
Even though he had been the closest to Abby in the cage the mammoth had looked him in the eye and it had walked straight past him, and Matt, and let Connor take her. The way it had brushed it's trunk across Abby's forehead had looked caring too. Matt had been right, it did know who Abby's partner or 'mate' was.

The second was a revelation that would change his relationship with Jess forever.

Lester had been bitten and he was in the medical Bay, he had been slowly changing into a Future Predator.

Dr. Caroline Lester, Lester's Wife, had been brought in. She had told Jess that she was not her Niece as she had thought for nineteen years, but actually Lester's daughter. It transpired that Lester had had an affair twenty odd years ago, nearly ruining Lester's marriage to Caroline, and Jess had been the result.

Becker sighed. Not Again! He was in love with the Boss's daughter! He recalled the last time he had fallen in love with a girl who happened to be his superior's daughter. It had not ended too well. Becker recalled Lisa Miller; the General's daughter and a Field Co-ordinator. Becker had taken Lisa out on a date that went horribly wrong. One that had ended up with him losing her and with her being found beaten and raped. He had been arrested. General Miller had implicated Becker. He had never been formally charged with her rape because the evidence collected was inconclusive and police could not find enough hard evidence to charge him.

Becker thought of the disgrace on him and his impeccable record. He had thought of himself as a model soldier, even though he had not done anything wrong, the event had left him feeling less sure and confident of himself as a person.

After Lisa's death, General Miller blamed Becker and being caught up in that particular way Becker had felt it necessary to leave. He shook his head side to side from the memory and finished getting changed. He pulled on a pair of black cargo pants and was pulling on a black tank top when Jess came in.

She still looked a little pale. Her eyes fluttered and for a moment it seemed that she would fall.

"Are you O.K. Jess?" Becker went over to see if she needed any help.

"Water..." Jess mouthed.

"Sit down for a minute, I'll go and get some" Becker ran to the rest room filled a glass with water and returned to the locker room and Jess. He waited whilst she drank.

"Thank you." Jess spoke in her normal voice which made Becker relax.

"What did Caroline advise you doing?" he asked.

"Just to go home and get some rest, I should be fine once I've eaten something and had a goodnight's sleep" Jess smiled.

"Do you want a lift home?"

"No, I should be fine." Jess looked down at the floor, feeling awkward and wished she knew what to say and do.

Becker turned back to his locker and pulled out a red and black checked hoodie. He paused to look at Jess as she sat there. He felt as if a door had been closed concerning Jess. 'Boss's Daughter' – Do Not Touch. He wished it didn't have to be like that. He wondered what Lester would say if he found out his feelings towards Jess. He rolled his shoulders to ease the tension in them.

"I'm off home then, I'll see you tomorrow." Jess looked up at him. She had to do something, stop him from going home.

Suddenly there was a clattering of keys on the floor and she realised that Becker had dropped his keys.

She quickly went over and picked them up.

"Thank you Jess" Becker said. He held out his hand for Jess to put his keys on. Jess paused, sinful thoughts going through her head. Just what would Captain Becker do if he could not get his keys? Jess smiled wickedly. She opened the top of her blouse and pushed them into her bra.

"You'll have to get them." Jess wiggled her eyebrows and her smile widened as she stepped back, waiting for Becker's reaction. Becker's mouth dropped open as he saw his keys disappear down Jess's top. He looked away for just a moment while he decided what he was going to do. With all thoughts of her being the boss's daughter gone he looked back at her and licked his lips. He'd just have to get them himself. He moved forward and Jess took several steps back. She turned and quickly ran into one of the shower cubicles. She panted as she waited for Becker to come looking for her.

Becker saw her feet, and he pushed aside the shower curtain. Jess squeaked as Becker found her and moved closer. He put his hands flat against the tiles each side of her head. "I'd like my keys Jess".

Jess smiled, the close proximity to Becker putting butterflies in her stomach.

"You'll have to get them yourself" she teased. Becker glanced down at his keys sticking out from her cream coloured bra. Her plump, milky breasts just waiting to be touched. Becker felt a stirring in his groin, and he gulped. Fiendish thoughts went rushing through his mind as he wished he could take her there and then. He brought his head closer as if to kiss her and then stopped. An image of General Miller with Lester standing behind him flashed into his head. This was wrong. He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and took a huge step back out of the shower cubicle.

Jess visibly deflated. What was going on, surely that had to be the biggest come on she had given to Becker, so why wasn't he making a move?

Jess pushed aside the shower curtain and stepped out. Becker stood looking at her, hands shoved deeply into his pockets.

"Here are your keys" she spat. She threw them onto the floor at his feet. Tears sprang to her eyes as she turned to leave when Becker caught her wrist.

"We need to talk," he muttered. Jess tried to pull her arm away, only to have Becker tighten his grip.

"Ow... You're hurting..." Jess admonished. Becker loosened his grip but would not let go.

"Promise me you'll sit down and listen" Becker pleaded. His voice full of regret.

"Not here, if we've got to talk, then that's okay, But not here" Jess refused to look Becker in the eye, looking back down to the floor instead.

"I'll drive you home then."

"No, don't want to go home... Your place" Jess suggested looking sullen. She turned to look at him, her gaze starting at his feet working up. It was then that she saw the bulge in his trousers. She gulped realising the effect she was having on him. Becker squeezed his eyes closed. Oh God. What would this lead to if he took her to his flat.

"Fine... But when we've had our chat I drive you home!" Becker picked up his keys.

"Meet you in the Car park then" Jess replied as she opened her own locker. She pulled out her handbag, feeling very disheartened for what had just happened. She knew what she had done had somehow upset Becker, but surely it was a prompt into getting a reaction from him. Becker had also wanted her, so why had he moved away?

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