Boss's Daughter

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"You ought to be proud of your son; he works very hard, and he's an asset to my team." - Lester

"Yes, well... He'll be leaving your team to return to active duty... Won't you." - Commander Becker.

"I want you to stay, stay at the ARC, don't leave me. I love you, Becker." - Jess

"Captain Becker, I believe I owe you an apology. For years I thought you were guilty, But that CCTV video told the truth. I'm sorry I doubted you." - General Miller.

"I'm sorry it ended the way it did. I would have been very proud to call you my son-in-law," - General Miller

Becker parked the van "Stay in the Van!" he ordered, and ran over to Matt who had parked his truck.

Bertie looked at her father. "I don't know about you, but I'm going with him!"

Becker growled as his sister joined him to grab an EMD.

"Why does no-one listen to me? When I say stay in the truck in the truck, I..." Becker froze as they heard the unmistakeable roar of a dinosaur.

The team listened to Jess as she told them of the creature incursion.

Connor knew of this particular creature and knew that they were in trouble.

"It's a Chilantaisuarus, (Key-lan-tye-saw-r-us) it's a biped, a carnivore, and dangerous. They're basically related to the T-Rex." Connor the walking, talking dinosaur expert spouted his information.

"Ready," Matt nodded to Becker, "Stay behind us! Don't want you getting eaten." Matt ordered.

Becker saw the young boy before any of the others.

The boy was intrigued by the dinosaur, not realising how dangerous it really was. The boy was about ten and wore a bright red t-shirt and jeans. Becker saw his outfit as a red rag to a bull. It was certain that the theropod would go after the brightly clad, young boy, and it did!

Becker ran as fast as he could, barking instructions through his earpiece. He tried to shoot the dinosaur with his EMD. Shots kept bouncing off the theropod's thick skin. Finally Becker managed to get between the young boy and the Chilantaisaurus. The Chilantaisaurus came so close to Becker that Jess had thought he had been eaten at one point. Becker kept firing shots. As did the rest of the team. Finally with a loud thud the dinosaur fell to the ground twitching.

Commander Becker stood watching from inside the van. He was astounded by the technology and of the young woman who deftly controlled the computers. He listened as she gasped when Becker became too close to the Chilantaisaurus. He heard the sigh of relief when the dinosaur fell, and it became clear that this young woman had feelings for his son.

He began to ask questions. How long had they been together?
Jess's face fell, she told him that Becker had only just admitted that he had feelings for her, and that he had only just asked her out on a date yet.

Commander Becker shook his head. He had always known that his son could be slow when it came to relationships, but this was ridiculous!

He watched in awe as his son and his team mates lifted the Chilantaisaurus onto a makeshift trolley. in this case the back of a flat lorry, and transported it back through the anomaly. He watched as the lorry disappeared into the glittering orb if light, and returned a few minutes later, minus the Chilantaisaurus.

Commander Becker sat back, in awe of what he had just seen. Dinosaurs! He had seen dinosaurs! His son had just saved the life of a young boy! He had nearly been eaten himself!

Commander sighed as he waited for his son to return.

Jess climbed out of the van and jumped for joy when Becker returned. He watched as the young couple kissed once more. He shook his head. Becker needed to get a move on and ask her on a date. He sighed when Becker got into the van after Jess.

He waited for Jess to be seated.

"Do I know your father young lady?" Jess pondered for a moment, the Commander probably knew her father.

"Jonathan Parker, is my adopted father"

"Jonathan Parker, works for the ministry? MOD?"

"Yes, that's him."

"Yes, I know him quite well." Commander smiled approvingly at Jess.

"Well, son, when are you going to bring the young lady to dinner?"

Becker looked over at his father incredulously. "To meet the family?"

"Yes, Why not? She's a nice girl, pretty, good background." He turned and smiled at Jess. "What more do you want? Get on with it Lad!" Commander spoke gruffly.

Jess blushed.

Becker gazed though his rear-view mirror at her.

"Well, I... I..." he paused. He found a space to pull over, and then grinning turned to Jess.

"Miss Parker, would you like to accompany me, on a dinner date?"

Jess's mouth fell open; she didn't know what to say. Especially in front of his father and his sister.

"Say yes Jess, otherwise we'll be here all day!" Bertie interjected.

"Yes, I would love to." Jess blushed and even deeper red than before.

Becker grinned. He started the engine.

Commander Becker spoke again breaking the silence in the van.

"Son, about you returning to the Army..." Becker's heart sank.

He didn't want to return to the Army. He wanted to remain at the ARC. He gulped and looked over to his father as he continued to drive.

"You don't have to, if you don't want to." Becker slammed on the brakes hard. Narrowly missing the car in front that had also stopped. Had he heard that correctly? Had his father just said? Aghast he looked over to his father.

"You see... I was wrong. Wrong when I called you a mere Security Guard. What you do is... amazing."

"What I do is do is strictly Private and Confidential. You can't tell anyone!"

"But son..."

"It's covered by the Official Secrets Act. In fact you ought to be signing a copy to ensure that you won't tell anyone."

Conceding Commander Becker replied, "I won't tell anyone, I just want to say you do a great job... You save lives!" he paused, the image of Becker saving the little boy still fresh in his mind. "I'm proud of you son!"

For the first time in six years Becker smiled at his father's encouraging words.

Becker arrived outside Jess's flat he had flowers in his hand. He was nervous. He began to chew his lip. Was he doing the right thing?

Of course he was. This was Jess. Sweet, lovely, adorable, Jess. He was about to take her to dinner. This was going to be the first of many dates he had planned. Gingerly he rapped on the door. Abby opened it wide.

"Come in," she smiled. Bertie had organised his wardrobe for his date. He was wearing smart, black trousers and pale lilac shirt. He stepped inside and was greeted by the most delicious sight. He started from the floor and worked up.
Jess was wearing ivory peep toe heels, a flowing, red satin dress that came in just under her breasts and ended just above her knees and an ivory, cashmere bolero jacket. She had swept her hair back away from her face in a beautiful French twist at the back of her head. Wispy tendrils floated at various places, giving her whole image a sophisticated look. Becker was at a loss for words.
"Are those for me?" Jess looked at the dozen red roses he had brought.
"Yes," Becker finally found his voice.

Not wanting to say anything in front of Connor or Abby, he whisked her away to his car.

He opened the door for her and waited as she sat down, and closed the door behind her.

He went round to the other side and got in before leaning over to whisper in her ear.

"I think you look gorgeous tonight."

"Thank you." Jess blushed.

Becker took jess to an exclusive Spanish restaurant on the outskirts of London.

They ordered paella between them; the huge pan that arrived did not leave much space on the table for anything else. Becker gazed at Jess as they ate, his eyes began twinkling, and he was having wicked thoughts about Jess as they ate.

Knowing that Bertie had gone back home to see their parents tonight, he drove back to his flat. He gazed over to Jess and noted the look of surprise on her face as he drove past the turning that would lead to her home.

"Your place is a little crowded, Bertie's gone home, and we have the place to ourselves."

Jess smiled as Becker opened the door to his flat.

"Come in."

Jess climbed the stairs to his living quarters, and went into the living room. She was surprised to see that the mantel piece was now clear of photographs. Only one adorned it. One of Jess taken just before Christmas after she had started at the ARC.

Becker smiled as he took in her incredulous look.

"I realised that there was only one woman in my life that I wanted to be with, and it is you." He walked to her and swept a tendril of hair away from her forehead.

"I love you Jess. "He whispered and leaned down to do the one thing he had wanted to do all night... kiss her.


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