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Starscream growled curses under his breath, how dare that bucket head, megatron, lock him in his quarters? Starscream kicked the door once more before walking over to his berth and sitting down defeated. All he did was correct the battle plans that were to be used to steal energon, they were horrible and sure to lead the decepticons to defeat against the auto bots.

The energon was very scarce, starscream hasn't had any for at least 2 days, some decepticons were forced to share but none wanted to share with starscream. He would simple sit and watch secretly hoping someone would offer him a small sip. But no, no one paid mind to him, and those who did smirked before taking a swing and passing it to another bot. starscream tried not to fly unless absolutely necessary he was too low on energon to waste any more energy then had to be. The point was megatron is too thick headed to see that the plans didn't make sense! He had to see that they needed energon! Didn't that old fool notice some workers were getting slower and slower, including him? Hadn't he noticed that starscream hasn't tried to overthrow him for quite some time?

Starscream groaned in pain his body was too low on energy, he felt himself fall back on the berth, then everything went silent, his body entered emergency stasis and his optics dimmed. The whole world went black, and starscream was alone.

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