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Megatron stared at Starscreams sleeping form. It's been a week since starscream awoke. He saw Starscream stir as he woke up.


"Can we go flying now?"

Megatron smiled and helped the seeker up. True he did say they were going to go flying by the end of the week.

They walked through the halls to the launching dock. Megatron activated his thrusters as he took flight, near him Starscream. They went higher and higher till they no longer could see the nemesis. This planet wasn't so bad, its skies were beautiful. Megatron looked at starscream,

"Alright you may fly around."

At first Megatron though that Starscream flying would be very close so he could keep an eye on him. But that quickly changed when he heard Starscreams thruster's power up, before he could say anything Starscream fly right by him in a blur. He lost sight of him in just seconds!

He flew after Starscream and saw the seeker doing flips and rolls in the air. What almost caused him to have a spark attack was when Starscream, with no warning, deactivated his thrusters and let himself free fall down. He activated them and flew up high before doing a few more acrobatically flips in the air. He then slowed down and Megatron caught up with him,

"Do you do that all the time?" Megatron asked in an annoyed tone.

"Do what?" Starscream asked.

"Flip around in the air like that, how are you able to move so freely?"

"Well I'm a seeker, in my home city Vos there really weren't sidewalks. We got from point A to Point B flying. It is our way of live, well was our way of life till the war broke out..."

Megatron observered how starscreams body sagged slightly. Slag... He completely forgot the fall of Vos the once great city of fliers.

"Very interesting, so for you flying is like walking?" Megatron tried to change the subject to just flying. He saw starscream perk up a bit before he nodded his head.

"Yes it was. As soon as our wings are mature enough we are taken out to fly. All seekers have the natural instant to fly even as sparkling's. They want to feel the wind brush their wings so creators would go flying with their sparking strapped to their front. Our wings are quiet sensitive so we feel anything how the air pressure changes depending on where you are they also respond well to touch, but I'm sure you know that dear leader." starscream finished with a seductive smirk.

Megatron felt himself get hot.

"Apparently so my dear second."

Starscream smiled and they both flew to the landing area. Megatron stayed close to Starscream as he landed making sure the seeker didn't fall over.

When they arrived to Megatrons quarters Megatron took the back of starscreams helm and kissed the seeker passionately. Starscream moaned into the kiss and yelped in surprise as he was carried onto the berth.

Megatron took his time removing starscreams armor; this wasn't going to be a quickie this was going to be a perfect experience. When he finally removed all of starscreams armor and his own he looked down to admire the protoform body. Starscream was smaller under that bulk he was thinner and curvier. His body was soft and smooth. To put it simply he was beautiful.

Megatron had the gladiator build he was muscular, toned, and had a strong looking body. His body was scared all over, each scar with a story to tell.

Megatron began to touch starscream enjoying the mewls and moans. He rubbed his aft and slowly spread starscreams thin legs. There exposing a fully erect spike and a dripping wet valve. He rubbed the valve before slowly sliding a finger inside him. Preparing him for what was to come.

"...Ngh...Me- megatron more..." starscream groaned out.

Megatron added another finger scissoring them then added the third one. He felt starscream tense and stopped moving his hand. When he felt the body relax he began to look for that special spot.


There. He found it.

Megatron withdrew his soaked fingers and used the fluids on his hands to lubricate his own spike. He made sure he was slick enough; megatron knew he had a large spike larger than most so he wanted this to hurt the least possible.

Megatron positioned himself at the entrance of the valve and slowly moved in. He felt the rippling tight heat; it felt his spike might be squeezed off. Once he was up to the hilt he didn't move for 2 reasons, one, he wanted to let Starscream adjust to the intrusion in his valve, and two, the slightest movement would sent him into an overload. He wanted this to last for both of them. Megatron looked down and saw the pained expression on Starscreams face. His optics were squeezed shut and he was biting his lip. Megatron kissed the seeker to distract him from the pain and stroked his spike. Starscream moaned at the touches and wiggled his hips around as a signal to move.

Megatron began a gentle, slow pace. He made sure to tease all of starscreams sensor nodes with every thrust, when he did the hear the mech beneath him moan and whimper.

"Faster..." Starscream said in a hoarse voice.

Megatron was happy to comply he pulled his spike almost completely out before quickly thrusting it back in. Making the seeker cry out.

Soon megatron was pounding into Starscream hitting that sweet spot head on , his second was trying to grab onto something, but his mind was to fogged up with pleasure to do anything but cry out.

Megatron was so close! But he wanted to see Starscream overload first, to watch the face Starscream makes when he overloads screaming out his name.

"Ngh! Ahh! Megatron ...I- I'm...Going to! "

Starscream threw his helm back and screamed out his leaders name like a song.

Megatron enjoyed the beautiful expression wash across the seekers face, his seeker. Megatron then allowed himself to overload, crushing the seeker against him as he emptied his transfluids into the smaller frame.

Megatron pulled out his spike, transfluids leaking out as he did. He kissed his second then flopped down beside him. Megatron pulled up the blanket and took Starscream into his arms having the seekers helm rest on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms protectively around the waist of the smaller mech.

"Rest Starscream. I will be here when you wake up." Megatron said reassuringly.

Megatron watched starscream close his optics and before long he was asleep in the arms of his new lover.

Megatron pulled the younger mech closer to him and closed his optics, listening to the seekers breathing and feeling his spark best against his chest.

His thoughts suddenly wandered back to that black case in the seekers room. Then his optics snapped open. FRAG! He forgot to return the key! It was still in the sunspace compartment of his chest armor! How in the pit could he forget something so fragging important? Would Starscream be mad if he learned Megatron went snooping through his personal items? Then megatron wondered...inside there really wasn't anything he understood. The small figures were nice but they were symbols of things he didn't know what represented , the vosian book was in a language completely out of his field of knowledge, and the photo album only had a few photos...should he be worried? Megatron sighed, he'd think about this tomorrow, for now he just wanted to sleep with his seeker in his arms.

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