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All At Once


New York City, 2042

It's rush hour and he's in the subway. God knows why he still uses the damn thing. He's lucky he fed already today because the train is packed with people and the close proximity would be setting off his bloodlust in a spectacular way if he hadn't. If there's one thing Stefan Salvatore didn't handle well it was bloodlust.

Suddenly the train jolts and he loses his footing, stumbling forward, catching himself on a leather clad shoulder. He looks up and meets the deepest azure eyes he's ever seen in his hundred and seventy odd years. Something pulls in his chest as he stares, unmoving into ocean orbs.

There was an itch at the back of his mind as he took in the man's curly, dark blonde hair and pale skin, contrasting rosy lips curling up on one side. He feels a spark and he somehow knows deep inside of him that this man is important. He's...something.

The train arrives at the next station and expressionlessly, the man removes his hands from his shoulders and exits the train, flitting through the crowd milling about the platform. Stefan panics. He needs him.

He bounds out of the carriage just as the doors begin to close, pushing the humans roughly out of his way as he darts through the crowd, eyes locked on the blonde figure's back. He doesn't care about injuring the commuters, they're getting in his way.

Shoving people out of the way he finally closes in on the figure, grabbing his arm and forcefully pulling him backwards, spinning him around to stare once more.

"You..." He can't understand the need, the want building up in his chest like a painful ache. "Who are you?" He whispers, reaching a hand out as if to touch a pale cheek.

The man finally speaks, a beautiful accent shining through that makes the vampire's knees weak.

"Hello, Stefan."

And just like that, the world stops.

Far out bro. Honestly I cannot believe what this evolved into - it's a monster! It started out as a 2000 word oneshot! I blame JoMo and his damn good acting. "You're the only comrade I have left." BAH! 80000 words later! Fudge!

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