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Bella's POV

I looked down at my once best friend's sleeping figure. My Sun. The one person that was helping me stay together, the one who has now been pushing me away. I know he apologized for all those things he said but they still hurt nonetheless. Jake's looked so peaceful in his sleep, like the Jacob that was my best friend. Not Sam's Jacob.

Soft sounds escaped from his parted lips as he snored slightly, and I held in a chuckle.

"Oh Jake," I murmured softly, "I miss you."

Tears pricked at my eyes and I fought the urge to reach out and run my hand through his hair. After blinking several times my eyes darted from Jake to his bedroom window; that's where I saw the figures exiting the woods. Their laughter was booming as I heard it all the way in Jake's room. Some of them had their heads thrown back as they howled with laughter and others just stared towards the house. Then suddenly as if they could sense me the laughter stopped.

My anger bubbled up to the surface and I stormed out of Jake's room. My foot falls were heavy on the hardwood floor of the hallway. I made my way out of the house not caring that the front door slammed behind me, and I stomped over to the four boys…well men, that have been ruining everything for me.

I say men because no boy is 6'5" and has muscles all over. Each of them was wearing only cutoff shorts. Their hair was the same cropped style as Jacob's and their tanned skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat. If I wasn't so mad, and broken, I probably would have swooned over them. But that was my last thought as I approached them.

"What did you do!" I shouted at Sam as I made my way towards them. Some looked bored while the others looked tense. "Hey! I said what did you do!" I shouted again, but by this time I was standing in front of him and I gave him a shove. Not like it did much, the man's made like a brick wall, jeez.

One of them growled, I think his name is Paul, while Embry stated uneasily, "Hey, watch it." I looked at them weirdly for a second. Who the hell growls at people?

"Watch it Cujo. No need to bite." I sneered out. They all tried to keep in their amused chuckles, even Paul smirked a bit until he turned it into a glare. Whatever.

"Easy." Sam's word was directed to more than just me, and he stated it almost as an order…or maybe it was.

"He didn't want this!" I kept going, ignoring Sam's semi-order.

Paul snorted, "What did we do? What did he do, huh? What did he tell you!"

I stood there taken aback by his accusation. I do have to say that Paul was the best looking out of the group. I mean all of them looked like Greek Gods, but Paul he was more than that; if that's even possible.

"Nothing! He tells me nothing because he's scared of you." I broke out of my mental fascination with Paul's looks and yelled at them.

Then…get this… they laughed at me! Well they as in Embry, Paul, and I think his name is Jared. I mean loud guffaws that rumbled through their whole bodies. My hand twitched eager to smack the grin off one of their faces.

"Scared of us, that was good. Don't you get that he just doesn't want you." Paul's voice held a bit of humor in it but his tone was the last thing on my mind as I flinched at his words.

"He doesn't want me…" I let the words roll off my tongue as the pain hit me. The guys shifted uncomfortably suddenly but I wasn't really paying attention. Thoughts rushed through my head faster than I could process them. Then as quickly as the pain came it was replaced with anger.

"Fuck you!" My hand rose quickly and the sound of skin hitting skin could be heard. Pain shot through my hand and I clutched it quickly to my chest. "Shit!" I proclaimed at the pain.

"Too late now!" I heard Jared state which caused me to look up to the man I just hit.

Paul stood there shaking violently. What the hell is wrong with him! Is he on drugs?

"Bella, get back! Paul! Calm down now." The authority was back in Sam's voice but I was too focused on Paul to listen. My plain brown eyes met his beautiful forest green ones, and I suddenly felt like things were going to change.

Paul took a step back, his shaking slowing down. The others looked at him in shock, why in shock I have no clue, but I figured it was time to get out of here.

"What the hell is wrong with him!" I pointed my finger, on my good hand, towards Paul. "Is he on drugs or something? You know what, never mind. Embry, I thought you were better than this I mean seriously." I said staring directly at him and he winced. "Tell Jake he doesn't need to worry about me coming around anymore. As for the rest of you…You can all just go to fucking hell."

"Oh, and Sam?" I stopped in front of him. "Enjoy leading them there because you're the god damn devil." I stated with so much hate before heading to my truck, leaving a shocked looking group of men in my wake.

When I reached my truck I hopped in, ignoring Jacob who stood at his front door I let the rumble of my engine cover his voice and I took off like a bat out of hell for Forks.

I didn't make it back to forks quite as quickly as I thought. It had started to down pour not minutes after I left Jake's and as I drove down the road towards my home I spotted a figure walking down the street the opposite way I was heading. I slowed and pulled to a stop before rolling down my window.

"Need a ride?" My voice was raspy and the figure moved towards my truck. It was a girl. I think I remember her, Leah Clearwater.

Her eyes were cold as she stared at me and for a moment I thought she was going to say no, maybe even tell me off, but instead she jerked her head in a nod and came around to the passenger side. My door squeaked and groaned as it opened and Leah hopped in.

"Thanks." Her voice sounded somewhat dead and it made me flinch. Do I sound like that?

"No problem."

I did a U-turn and headed to where I remember her house was located. Silence consumed us until she decided to break it.

"You're Jacob Black's friend, right?" She asked.

"I'm Bella." I stated irritably.

"I'm Leah, and that didn't answer my question." She bit back.

"He's not my Jacob anymore, he's Sam's." I spotted her reaction from the corner of my eye. Her face turned hard and she looked…pissed.

"Asshole." She muttered lowly.

"What?" I questioned curiously.

"I said he's an asshole."

"Not that I don't agree, but why do you say that?" I raised my eyebrow at her. So she told me.

She told me about how she and Sam were together and in love. The thought of Sam actually being a good guy surprised me but I continued to listen. She told me how they were supposed to be married but he disappeared for weeks and when he returned he wasn't the same, but their marriage was still on, until her cousin, Emily, came to visit.

"She was like my sister! My best friend! He left me for her!" She cried out as I released a gasp.

"And she's with him?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes." She choked out.

"What a fucking bitch!" I shouted causing a small smile to grace Leah's lips.

"I thought he loved me." She let out in a whisper.

"I knew he was the god damn devil." I muttered angrily, but Leah heard me and broke out into laughter, I followed closely behind.

I pulled up to her house as our laughter died down.

"Thank you, for this." She gestured around the truck.

"It was really not a problem." I told her honestly. It actually made me feel better hearing her story.

"We should hang out again…" She suggested timidly.

"I would, but, uh, I think I'm gonna move back with my mom. I need to get the hell out of here." I told her honestly.

"I wish I could go." She stated jealously with a pout, which caused me to giggle. Then an idea hit me. This morning when I was getting ready I found a loose floor board and low and behold I found a hidden stash.

He had left all the presents in it, all the reminders of them. I thought it would hurt to see them but honestly it just made me pissed off which is what gave me the fuel to head to Jacobs. But best part is that amongst the presents were the two tickets to Florida.

"Come with me." I found myself telling her. Her head snapped to look at me.

"I'm sorry, what?" She asked slowly as if she was questioning my sanity.

"Come with me, Leah. I have two tickets that…my ex gave me. I'm sure my mom won't mind the extra company. I can finish high school and you can go to college if you'd like. We'd be free from all these people." I said with the upmost sincerity.

"I…maybe…YES!" She stuttered out. We both squealed loudly then began to laugh. "When are we getting the hell out of here!"

"How about tonight?" I asked glancing at the clock in my truck which read 1pm in big green numbers. "Pack, I'll call to schedule the flight and we can meet at my house. We'll take a taxi to the airport. Sound okay?"

"Yes! What time you want me to be at your house?" She inquired.

"Well, Charlie is gonna be home around 4:30 today so I'd say make it around 6 tonight." I decided.

"I'll be there!" Leah stated happily as she jumped out of the car and began to make her way to her front door. "Oh, and Bella?" She stopped to look me in the eyes. "Thanks again." She smiled and I smiled back.

"Anytime." With that I drove back to my house.

As soon as I got home I went to my room and packed what little I had. Immediately after I called my mom and told her our Leah's and my plan before I booked our flight. Once everything was set I decided to go to the kitchen to cook a bunch of meals for Charlie, which is where he found me when he got home from work.

"Bells?" He called out as I heard the front door shut.

"In here!" I shouted back over my shoulder as I pulled out the lasagna.

"Are you cooking for an army?" Charlie chuckled nervously as he looked at all the food I cooked.

"Dad, we need to talk." I told him, allowing the seriousness of the situation to show on my face. He sat down at the table with a heavy sigh before he spoke.

"What is it Bella?" His voice was solemn.

"Dad, I'm going to move in with mom for a while; just until I'm feeling better. I just can't heal here." I rushed out while looking down at my feet. I couldn't bare to see the look on his face. I heard Charlie sigh heavily before he spoke.

"Okay." He stated which cause my head to snap up to look at him. "One condition though." I nodded for him to continue. "I want at least two calls a week." My face broke into a small grin at his words.

"You got it dad!" I rushed over to hug him tightly, which he returned awkwardly. Charlie was never really great at sharing his feelings.

"I'm gonna miss you Bells." You could hear sadness pouring out into his voice.

"Imma miss you too daddy." I mumbled into his chest and he squeezed me tighter to him. We pulled apart, both blinking our eyes rapidly to keep tears at bay.

"I got something in my eye." Charlie mumbled as he used his finger to swipe at his eye, which caused me to giggle.

"I made you a bunch to eat. It should last you a while." I smiled at him.

"Thanks kid. So when you leaving?" He inquired.

"Want to get rid of me that bad, huh?" I said jokingly but Charlie's face was priceless. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he began to stutter. "Chill dad. I'm just joking with you." I laughed and he grinned.

"I see this decision is already making you better." He smiled happily.

"To answer your question I'm leaving here at 6. So how about we eat dinner together before I leave?" I suggested.

"Sounds perfect to me."

We ate and talked about what I was planning to do with myself. Six o'clock came before we knew it and I heard the horn of the taxi blow. Charlie and I said our goodbye, with a promise I would call him when I got there, and carried my luggage out to the waiting taxi. I opened the sliding door, it was a van, and looked back at the house and the woods that held so many painful memories. Strangely I heard what sounded like a whimper, but decided to ignore it.

"Goodbye." I whispered to no one before getting in and slamming the door shut.

Leah sat next to me with a grin on her face, which I happily returned before we both snapped our heads to the taxi driver and stated, "Let's get the hell outta here!"

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