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Paul's POV CH 1

I flanked Sam with Embry and Jared as we made our way towards the Black's house.

Jacob has been nothing but trouble. I get that he's supposed to be Alpha and all that but this kid is seriously annoying. I swear I might blow my brains out if I have to hear one more thought about the fucking leech lover Swan.

From Sam's thoughts as well as Jacob's we've all got to see how broken she was after that leech left, which just pissed me off more. I mean seriously, he drinks fucking blood! How can someone find that loveable. I mean half their dates must have been, 'I know I must smell so tempting but please don't suck me dry.' I cringed at the thought of their intimacy. Gross.

We came through the forest edge laughing and joking around about something that Jared said, even Sam couldn't hide his smile. And then we saw it…The stupid beast of a red truck. The wind blew and I got a nose full of strawberries and lilacs. I may not like her but damn does she smell good.

Not soon after I smelt her did we see her storming out of the little red house. Her long curly brown hair whipped around as the wind blew through it. She took long strides, as long as her tiny legs could take her and before we knew it she was standing before us, and boy was she angry.

"What did you do!?" She shouted at Sam as I made my way towards them. I looked bored yet I felt as tense as the others. "Hey! I said what did you do!?" She shouted again, but by this time she was standing in front of Sam and she gave him a shove. Not like it could do much.

I couldn't stop the growl the released from my throat and I heard Embry stated uneasily, "Hey, watch it." She looked at us weirdly for a second, no doubt probably wondering why someone was growling.

"Watch it Cujo. No need to bite." She sneered out. Even though it was slightly an insult we all couldn't help but find her comment amusing and slightly funny, so most of us laughed. Even I smirked a bit but quickly turned it into a glare.

"Easy." Sam's word was directed to more than just her, and he stated it as an order.

"He didn't want this!" Bella kept going, ignoring Sam's semi-order. God does she ever quit?

I snorted loudly, "What did we do? What did he do, huh? What did he tell you!?"

She looked taken aback by my accusation. But I didn't stand down.

"Nothing! He tells me nothing because he's scared of you." She yelled at us. Could she not yell, I can hear her just fine. I swear she's gonna make my ears bleed.

Embry, Jared and I couldn't help but laugh at her statement. I mean loud guffaws that rumbled through our whole bodies.

"Scared of us, that was good. Don't you get that he just doesn't want you." My voice held a bit of humor in it. It was in that moment I wish I could have taken everything back.

She flinched at my words and the most horrific look passed her face. It looked as if she were about to die. Then I remembered the woods. Sam had shown us all how he found her. He couldn't stop thinking about it. Even Jacob would let things slip, like how she would wrap her arm around herself as if it were keeping her together.

"He doesn't want me…" She said slowly in a whisper as if testing out each word. All of us shifted uncomfortably suddenly but it seemed she wasn't really paying attention to us anymore. It looked like she was having a mental battle when suddenly a look of anger came to her face.

"Fuck you!" Her hand rose quickly and the sound of skin hitting skin could be heard. Shock would have been the first thing I felt, then anger. In the midst of things I saw Bella clutch her hand quickly to her chest. "Shit!" She proclaimed at the pain she must have been feeling.

"Too late now!" I heard Jared state which caused Bella to look at me.

"Bella, get back! Paul! Calm down now." The authority was back in Sam's voice but I was too focused on Bella to listen. Her beautiful brown eyes had finally met my forest green ones, and I suddenly felt it. She was it, my world, my imprint. I felt all the cables that connected me to this world snap and connect me to her. I knew what it was like from Jared and Sam's minds but feeling it was so much more amazing.

I took a step back, my shaking slowing down since my wolf was raging at me not to hurt our mate anymore. I could feel the others shocked stares on me, but my attention was solely on Bella. She had taken a step back in fear. God, I don't want her to ever fear me.

"What the hell is wrong with him!?" She pointed her finger towards me. "Is he on drugs or something? You know what, never mind. Embry, I thought you were better than this I mean seriously." Her voice was hard and accusing causing me to wince. "Tell Jake he doesn't need to worry about me coming around anymore. As for the rest of you…You can all just go to fucking hell." Ouch, that stings.

"Oh, and Sam?" She stopped in front of him. "Enjoy leading them there because you're the god damn devil." There was so much hate in her voice that it caused us all to flinch. She turned and headed for her truck. Jacob stood at his front door calling for her as she sped away. My stomach twisted in a large knot as I watched her go.

"What the hell did you guys do to her!?" Jacob seethed as he stomped his way towards us, but the only thought running through my mind is if I just lost the girl who was supposed to be meant for me.

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