Qwaser no Seikon

The Wandering Qwaser


The Church, as always, is so quiet.

He walked on down the aisle, pass the flickering candles and the rows of oak-brown seats for those who believe. However, he is not one of them.

As he came down to the stand, he noticed the portraits hanging on the walls. They bear little significance to him, yet he could not help but notice them. For to someone else out there, those paintings probably meant a lot to their lives.

He came here not to sightsee though, only for a visit. Or rather, he just wandered in. Wandering was his specialty and had been the center of his life. His little insignificant life. Time is cruel to not wait for anyone and he was its main victim.

"11 years of my life. Gone. Taken. And the rest of it…Doomed…" He mentally reminded himself of his plight. The chair behind him instantaneously melted into a ikky goo, affected by his anger.

"You do know you have to pay for that? Right?" From the church doors came in a smiling priest. He recognized the silver cross eye-patch and the unnerving smile from anywhere.

"Yuri Noda. I'll pay later. So… has Athos decided to leave me alone or you're here to recruit me?" He scowled. He never really liked the organization.

"The latter. I'm here to persuade you and…"

"Don't waste your breath…I'm not interested. You understand?" Another chair collapsed.

"Look at your powers. You can help us out so much. Even if you're a non-believer, you still have a duty as a Qwaser no matter what you believe in."

"Enough…" He felt the coffin on his back begin to vibrate. " Enough…This conversation has ended long ago, Yuri. I have no interest whatsoever in the war nor do I want to dwell in the topic of Qwasers."

He begin to walk out as the priest stared after him. "Do you really think you can simply ignore what's happening around you? Don't you have anyone you want to protect? You understand, as a Qwaser, all you are close to will be targets. I'm right, Jethro?"

Jethro paused at the doors. Their large clandestine frame has yet to lose its shine nor its simplicity. He resisted the temptation to melt them. Taking another look at the priest, he smiled and continued walking out. " All the more reason to be a wanderer. That way, no one gets hurt."

He left Nato in the church. At the same time, two hooded figures appeared from above, landing metres in front of Jethro. " Thanatos, we of the 12 Adepts are here to convince you to God's light. By words… or by force…." The first one produced chakrams and fired them at him.

"Meaningless apostles….." he let them bounce off him, his body unharmed and the chakrams smashed to smithereens. "Platinum is useless against me…"

"Take this!" The second figure produced a spear and took a thrust at him. The spear tip shattered upon contact. "Wha…."

"Neither is lead…..Out of my way, or else…" He muttered under his breath. His coffin began to shake even more. "Calm yourself, Izanami. I don't intend to cause any bloodshed tonight…"

In response, his coffin opened and a large wrapped twisted zweihander appeared, flying out into the air before landing at his feet. "Not you too, Izanagi….."

"Don't ignore our prowess….We will fill the vacant seats of the 12 Adepts one way or the other." The two figures charged at him, one with twin lead spears, the other amassing an huge amount of platinum chakrams. They had obviously taken a large amount of soma from somewhere. Or someone. Someone they had obviously murdered.

"Now I'm not holding back!" Aldous felt his rage appear and instantly gave out a wave of shock and awe. As the wave passed through the charging figures, they slowly melted into a pile of goo, having failed at their suicidal attempt. "For ones who look down on other peoples' lives so easily, you obviously don't possess the skill to deserve such a view. I hate people who are like that. Get out of my sight." He flicked a hand and the screaming masses of bloody goo instantly dispersed and flew away disintegrated. Another flick and the mess of blood on the ground collected into a small ball and then assimilated into his blade Izanagi and his coffin Izanami.

"Have a good meal. I hope this will be a last one in weeks. I'll be lucky to even avoid a meal for a single week." He sighed as he carried on his wandering, strolling further and further away from the church and into the dark alleys of the city.