When The Levee Breaks

E/O Double Drabble Challenge, words: Bill, Flag

Summary: Sam knows the mechanisms of his brother's soul – and he's learned to respect them. So he stays silent and invisible and right by his side. Tag to 6.21 „Let It Bleed"

A/N: I know I know – I'm way too early, but I'm flying to Croatia tomorrow and I just couldn't resist the challenge, so here you go. Happy Birthday Fire'CxO'Ice – hope you like it! It's drunk!Dean and protective!Sam – I'm just not sure about the party part :-)

He knew Dean had flagged the group at the pool table as soon as they'd entered the bar. They were sturdy, noisy and drunk – exactly what his brother was aching for. Ever since they had left the hospital he'd felt the surge of helpless rage and desperation built in Dean – restlessly rushing, climbing, seething. Now the man at his side was riding a freak wave, deep down under his motionless surface. Sam knew better than to ask about Lisa and Ben. All he could do was stand by his brother, waiting for the impact – ready to safe him from drowning.

Dean emptied their pockets as fast as the bottle of whiskey, counting the bills when the leader of the gang grabbed his jacket and took a swing. The smile on Dean's face wasn't a pretty sight. The first blows sent two men into merciful oblivion before the rest of the pack closed in on him. A sudden commotion, a furious growl, and Sam stood at his side, solid as a rock, not faltering until the storm ebbed away. They were limping towards the Impala when Dean exhaled, wiping blood from his lips.

"It hurts," he said.

Sam nodded. "I know!"