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The Line Hasn't yet Ended

Disclaimer: Eiichiro Oda

Part 3 Delivering Such Desirable Nights




When Ace opened his eyes, he found himself locked with seastone handcuffs, and many dirty men gathered around him with weary expression on their faces. Ace rubbed his eyes many times, making sure that he was still dreaming. He was having nightmare, he told himself. Those men were part of his illusions. Desert's illusions or Fata Morgana, the strange mirage effects on distant mountains, especially appeared in the desert areas like Katorea. Ace still convinced himself that Moda was still here with…

"You awake, huh?" One of the dirty men opened his mouth, staring at him. His thin face obviously reflected his poor stomach, which had never been filled with decent food for the rest of weeks. Moreover, the foul smell from that mouth was as bad as Marco's deadly breath in the morning. "You slept like a rock, young man."

Ace suddenly jumped, and unconsciously he hit the top of the cage. He weren't dreaming! Moda wasn't with him! Fuck! He had to get out there as fast as possible!

Ace's head started bleeding as he hit the iron cage repeatedly. Yet, he didn't care and kept on trying to destroy the cage. That was hopeless. With seastone handcuffs covered his wrists, he was as weak as toddlers.

"You are sealed with that goddamn rock," the other told him in slightly dry tone, staring at Ace's tattoo. "Shit, I thought you could help us then…"

"Could you explain what's going on here?" Ace sighed. He looked around more carefully. There he was, in the middle of desert with horrible men. Ace clenched his teeth, realizing he had been captured when he had been asleep. How careless he had been.

"We're in slave trader cart, freckles boy. Unless you're lucky enough, you couldn't get out here alive."

"Slave trader?" Ace's eyes widened. He couldn't believe that he was caught by those people. That was fucking sad, actually. Sometimes Marco and his crews caught those filth traders for fun, tortured them, and finally shoved them away forever. How could he trap like mouse there in their fucking cart?

"Yes, freckles boy. You heard my words."

Ace opened his mouth in disbelief. Then, flash of cute young woman face appeared before his eyes. Ace snapped, losing his patience. "Do you know what happened with young, beautiful girl that was with me! Is she all right!"

"Stupid question," answered a dark-skinned man beside Ace. "They had sold her. Pretty one like her sold with high prize…"

He couldn't finish his sentence for Ace screamed angrily. He roared as if the world had been tumbled around him. His dark eyes were burned by rage, and his mouth hardened. He was very, very frustrated hearing that.

"THE FUUUCKKK!" Ace yelled harshly, hitting the cage with his hands. He kicked it, slamming at it, and many more. The cage was still solid, unmoved. It seemed that the cage was also made from seastone, which locking the power of every fruit user. Ace ignored that fact. He groaned and tried whatever he could do. He completely lost his senses. He couldn't think straight. All he wanted was finding Moda. "LETTTT MEEE GO YOU ASHOLESSS!"

"Man, he's goddamn crazy."

"Hey, stop it, boy! You're getting yourself killed…" one said, desperately tried to stop Ace's brutal acts, but Ace was unstoppable. He was still screaming like mad person and created such havocs. The rest of the men barely closed their ears. Ace was too annoying to ignore. They understood that the beautiful girl probably the young man's wife or his beloved woman.

"There's nothing you could do, you had better…"


"Oh, dear lord…"


As Ace went berserk and hurt himself, the carts stopped. Those men gasped, knowing something bad was going to happen to the young man. They were right. The man in golden clothes came out from his cart with a big whip in his hands. He had heard the annoying sound Ace made and he was more than ready to give something for his precious prisoner. The golden clothes man walked and opened the cage, which Ace was kept.

"Hush, stop it!" one tried to warn Ace, but Ace was still in his berserk mode while the golden man noted him. "Uhm, it's too late for you!"

"There, there! Stop your screaming!" the man whipped Ace's back real hard. Ace blinked as the whip coiled his back with great power. The men watched with fear upon their faces. They recalled their bad memories when they saw the golden man and his golden whip. However, Ace was Ace. He wasn't ordinary young man.

That blow was nothing to strong man like Ace. However, it returned him to his sanity. Ace knew he had to do something that could lessen that man's guard. He quickly noted his chance. He had seen it all right.

"Aaah…" Ace growled as if he had been terribly hurt. He did that purposely. Even he bit his lips in bitchy way. "Aaah, it hurts…"

The golden man's eyes gleamed with lust as he saw the young man in front of him showing his pain and sorrow. That one stared at him, biting his bloody lips. The golden man could feel part of his body hardened. He wanted Ace immediately, in his bed.




Ace still remembered Marco and Lily's cruel joke last time when they had tricked him to spend a night with such gay man. They had said that the person had been his fan for years. Ace had believed those words. In the end, he had almost killed that man the first time he lay his eyes on him, and had several days fighting with his own crews. He couldn't believe that cursing day would be such luck for him. Ace only had to tease him and make him lower his guard.

Ace closed his eyes for seconds. Such a great plan, Ace, he told himself repeatedly. This way was the only way to get out from this sickening place and get Moda back.


He was stuck with one golden gay bastard, who desired him the most. Nothing could be worse than that. Ace tried his best to suppress his emotion, giving his best to pretend that he enjoyed the golden man's treatment to him. Apparently, the golden man showered him and gave him so much food, without opening his handcuffs.

"You want more fruits, handsome?" the fat fingers of the man passionately touched Ace's chin, sending horrible feeling to Ace's veins. His body turned cold under that man's touch. Ace nodded, giving his best fake smile. Shot, he was so fucking dead for forcing me doing this!

"I barely hold myself when I look at pretty boy like you, and your amazing abs—you are godlike, handsome." The man looked closely at Ace's body, and then he took off his clothes in no time. "Let's go to the main show."

"WAAAITTTT!" Ace said in hoarse tone. He almost vomited in front of the golden man with golden skin. That could destroy his entire plan.

"I couldn't wait any longer, handsome…"

Ace's face turned pale seeing that disgusting naked body, yet he still managed to whisper something to the man. "I want me to hold you the way you hold me, tasting your amazing cock."

"Anything for you, handsome."

"Could you release my handcuffs? It makes me hurt."

"Of course, handsome."

Without further ado, the golden man released the seastone handcuffs. He certainly didn't have any ideas what would happen next with him and his slave business. Well, he had known the man was pirate, but he didn't know which pirate Ace belonged to. When Ace got himself free, the first thing he did was burning everything in that cart to ashes. Yes, including that golden man with his golden everything.





Ace put the golden and silver brothers in their seastone cage, half-baked and naked like slaves. He treated them like dirt, hardly controlled himself not to kill them immediately, since Moda's existence was still missing.

"Where did you sell my woman?" Ace asked them viciously, his body was covered with fire. "Answer me or you'll see what I could do with filthy people like you!"

"We—we sold her to the Moonlight tribe in the desert… please don't kill us!"


"Yes sir, yes… I beg you, spare our life…"

Ace clenched his teeth furiously. How could they still ask him for salvation for what they had done to him and his Moda?

One of the slaves came to Ace, warned him. "Young hero, if your woman was taken by Moonlight tribe, you had to be hurry and get her back. Look at the moon, it's almost full. They could kill her tonight, in their moonlight ritual."

Ace twitched his brows. He hardly said anything. "What are you…"

"They live by the scary underground caves somewhere in this desert, yet scorpions will lead you the way. Hurry and get your woman back, young hero."

Ace turned his back to the former slave brothers. He said in disgust. "You're lucky I don't have enough time to kill fucking pests."

Then, Ace thanked the man, holding his old hands and then he quickly rode one of the ducks to the place where Moonlight tribe lived. The sun was dawn, Ace acknowledged it bitterly. Moda, hope you are all right. If this is such kind of joke, please end it…

Ace's face was pale. He worried anything bad might happen to Moda. He couldn't bear it. There's no way he could accept it. Ace cursed himself. Shit, nothing would have ever happened in the first place if he hadn't had that fucking narcoleptic attack!




Moda sobbed silently when the tribe people placed her on the top of stage, covering her body with animal blood. There she was, in the middle of dark cave under the ground. The only light was the light of full moon, which shone above her. Lot of people was gathered around her, chanting words she couldn't comprehend. They wore strange costumes and had strange painted colors on their face. The tribe of Moonlight, as the slave trader said, would make her sacrifice to their God, killing her.

Moda bit her lips. She still wanted to do many things. She was too young to die. Moreover, she wouldn't ever see him again. She would lose Ace… Ace. Oh, how happy she was when Ace was with her, sharing beautiful moments together. Perhaps we aren't meant to be together, Ace.

The faces of her family came to her head. Her beloved animals in the farm were calling out for her. Her uncles and her new friends appeared too. Mommy, Daddy, I'm sorry I'm leaving you first. Piggy, Ducky, Teddy, Bunny, Cocky, Doggy and all of you, goodbye…

"O Moonlight God, we offer thou this virgin tonight… shall thou come and take our humble sacrifice…" the priest of the tribe pulled out the knife from his robe, ready to take Moda's heart out. Moda closed her eyes. She held her breath in fear. Tears trickled slowly from her eyes as she felt the cold knife touched her skin. Ace, goodbye…

"O happy day, full moon, bless our innocent lamb, give thy honor…"

"THY HONOR YOUR ASS!" Ace jumped from nowhere and kicked the priest. He stood before Moda, flame surrounded his tanned body. "HIBASHIRA!"

Ace made wall from fire to cover Moda, saving and securing her from another idiot attacks from those wild people. He yelled angrily, "HOW DARE YOU SACRIFICING MY WOMAN!"

Moda's eyes widened with happiness. Ace is coming! He really comes!

Ace smiled to Moda. "Stay here, let me finish everything, okay?"

Moda nodded lightly. "I believe in you, Ace."

The Moonlight tribe didn't let their precious slave that they had bought with many pieces of solid gold just disappeared. They moved closer to Ace with knives in their hands. Still, Ace was much clever than they, launched massive attacks to them, destroying the sacred stage and the whole ritual place. He exclaimed, "HIKEEENNNN!"

In no time, Ace had brought Moda from that scary place, placing her in his arms. The tribe didn't follow them, for they had realized who the fine young man with Whitebeard tattoo. They were too scared to fight with Whitebeard tattoo. Who would be so stupid to face Fire-fist Ace anyway?

Moda felt her heart beat like crazy in Ace's embrace. She had so many words, but she couldn't spill them away. She was so, so happy.

"Sorry, it took time to trace the scorpions. It seems they use scorpions as part of their ritual." Ace explained. His eyes looked very sad when he faced Moda, "I'm sorry I involved you in this fucking mess."

"It's—it's okay…" Moda hardly spoke. "You saved me back there."

Ace smiled sweetly to her. "Thank God you're alive… thank God…"

Moda's face blushed. She turned her face, hid it from Ace. Suddenly, she realized that the blood from her wet clothes spoiled Ace's. "Ah, you'd better release me, I can walk by myself."

"Why? This way's much faster."

"No, I made your clothes wet with this blood…" Moda bit her lips. "You'll be wet and dirty…"

"I see there's small inn behind that mountain when I was tracking you. We could clean our body there." Ace knew his face was red when he said that. He just didn't noticed that Moda also felt the same way.




The inn was quite dusty during the night. The old emblem of the Arabasta Kingdom was hanged near the front door, old and rusty. Ace decided to spend their night there despite its poor condition. Besides, there's no way Moda could sleep with bloody clothes. The owner of the inn was a very sexy woman, which appeared to have foul mouth. She seemed excited when Ace and Moda came, fixing her eyes at young man and detested his partner.

"This is my wife. We're looking for a single room tonight." Ace stated, smiling at Moda. "Do you have decent clothes for her?"

"Acee…" Moda stared at him with such uncertain feeling inside her stomach. Why Ace said that she was his wife? Wait, Ace also mentioned the same when they had been in the Moonlight tribe's cave. Did he feel something special about her?

The owner pouted her face and gave one of her clothes to Moda. "Here, you can have the dress with extra money."

Ace accepted the offer and hurriedly took her upstairs, holding hands. Ace told her. "Sorry, I just wanted to make everything easier."

"That's fine."

The room was dark and cold. There wasn't any heater or so. The good thing was small bathroom there, with a bit dirty water from the illegal pipe, coming from underwater connection. The owner said she connected with pipe from Rainbase. Ace told Moda to take a bath first, while he waited there, in the small bed.

Ace sighed desperately. Here he was, back to the first problem. How could he control his desire this way? He could hear the sound of the water dripping from Moda's body. He could see Moda's shadow clearly from his position, sexy and curvy. Fuck, I should order another room! Yet I couldn't let her away from my sight! Not anymore!

Moda bit her lips with blushing face as she came out from the bathroom. The dress wrapped her body tightly, showing everything she got. The dress was a bit transparent too, what a shame. She had cleaned her clothes, but they were wet. There's no way she could face Ace with that dress.

"What took you so long? Are you okay?" Moda heard Ace calling her with soft tone. "Moda, you hear me, right?

Moda kept quiet, making Ace losing his patience and walked toward the bathroom. "Moda?"

"No! I'm okay!" Moda answered nervously. "Wait a minute!"

Ace joked, "I want to clean myself too, but if you…"

Moda quickly opened the door, slamming it in front of Ace's nose. They were so close. They were very, very close. Moda stared at Ace shyly. Ace was staring at her in strange way. His face looked so tense. There was a strange light in his dark eyes.


"Moda, you… you finished already?"

"Yes, you can use the bathroom if you want to…"

Moda couldn't finish her sentence. Ace grabbed her and kissed her, pressing her closely to him. His lips were hot like the fire, yet tender and soft. Moda closed her eyes when he kissed her again and again, sending such unexplainable feeling over her body. His hands started touching her, sliding down under her dress. He wanted to touch her, tasting her.

Ace realized what he was doing, but he didn't want to stop. Well, he couldn't stop, actually. His body demanded her, his little milk maiden, which had transformed into such delicate young woman upon his eyes. Her innocent look in that hot dress and her wet hair were dangerous combinations, destroying all his senses. Ace couldn't resist those temptations.

He was just young man in love.

Ace gulped uneasy, knowing what he would have done next. Fuck it, Moda, please ask me to stop, please slap me, please do anything you want to make me away from you…

"Ace… holds me closer…"

Ace held her tighter, giving passionate kisses he had dreamed all this time for his beloved Moda. He had dreamed what she would like when he kissed her, and that was beyond his expectancy. She was much more beautiful, burning, aching, tempting.

Dammit! That's wrong order! Why did you say that? How if I kept continue like this? I would do such inexcusable things to you!

Soft purring came from her throat when Ace kissed her neck, tracing her delicate skin in affectionate way. Moda whimpered as Ace drew her body closer, much closer. When their bodies met and pressed with each other, Ace knew there was no turning back.

There was no turning back.

Ace brought Moda to the bed, and kissed her again. Those kisses were different from the kisses before. Those were hot and demanding, full of passions he carried for her. Ace kept kissing her, his fingers fluttered along her breasts and caressed them affectionately.

"Moda…" he called her name in hoarse voice, pushing away everything between them. He knew she wanted him the same way he wanted her, desired her badly. "Moda… I want you…"

With those words, Ace started pulled himself deeper in her, trust her in such rhythmical movements. He buried himself in her, pressing her closer to him. Moda moaned as he did that, hardly controlled her screams when his maleness was finally inside her. Ace knew it. He kept kissing her, sucking her lower lips, trying to overcome her pain.

"Aceee…" Moda moaned again, calling his name. That time her face was much relaxed as the pain changed into pleasure when he moved himself deeper into her. "Ace, please move deeper…"

"Like this?" he heard himself spoke in strange voice. "God… you are so beautiful…"

"Ohhh, Ace…"

Moda held him tighter when she felt such intensity of their joining, groaning sexily when she reached her climax. Ace followed after her, hardly breathe when he let all out inside his beloved woman. That was so damn satisfying. That was so wonderful. And guess what? They still had all night along.




Ace gently kissed Moda's nose, pressing her closely to him. He never felt that feeling before. Did Marco ever explain something called love? Was it love? Whatever that was, he wanted Moda. He wanted her to be with him. He wanted her forever. Moda let out a sweet smile and kissed his bare chest, touching him in seductive way.

"Moda, stop it or else." Ace warned her. He chuckled when Moda didn't stop. She was insatiable all right. "You are such naughty girl, aren't you?"

"Hmmm, now I know what kind of wild bug that had attacked me last time." Moda whispered to him, looking at her some red spots on her hands. "Ace, you did all, right?"

Ace laughed like that was the funniest joke ever. His hands cupped Moda's face, drawing her to face him. "You're right. I'm that wild bug. What? Want to get rid of me?"

Moda hit his chests repeatedly. "You are so silly."

"I want this last forever, Moda." Ace told her softly. His tone was so serious. Finally, he found something worth trying for in his life. All his life, he had been searching the reason of his existence and he had found one. He loved Moda. He love that cute milk maiden. He really did. "I want you to be mine, forever."




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