It's been four years since Aizen's downfall, the white sands of Hueco Mundo littered with leftover Arrancar and surviving Espada. Though they're enemies to the Shinigami, the death gods have let them be for now. This new species has awoken curiosity within them that demands observation, but the white sands aren't like the real world. In the world patrolled by Ichigo Kurosaki, wild animals can be observed in their natural habitats with little threat to the lives of those studying them. In Hueco Mundo, however, the Shinigami are a main entrée… and victim. With mating season fast approaching, the Shinigami are getting desperate for answers to their many questions about the Hollows and Arrancar and their strange seasons of heat. One of them, however, has a very risky plan they're about to carry out… they just hope it'll be forgiven when everything comes to light.

Grimmjow is wandering the trees of the Menos Forest when he feels it… a surge of extreme reiatsu familiar enough to halt him in his tracks. He swings around in the tall tree he's in and leaps over a few more to a clearing, crouching in the high limbs to look down and remain undiscovered. Lying in the middle of the clearing, the last remnants of a Gargantua dissipating from the air behind it, is a figure possessing a beautifully lithe frame clad in black… with brilliant orange locks.

"Well… fuck me," he murmurs.

The figure groans and shifts, groggy and uncertain in it's sluggish movements. The Sexta lies on his stomach, stretching himself along his branch like a feline languidly basking the moon's soft rays. The grin stretched upon his lips is wide and feral, a mix between excitement at the prospect of an upcoming battle and humor that the arrogant little shit below would get himself dumped off here. Ichigo's amber pools open, filling with a hint of fear and confusion and venom. He tries to sit up, but pain spikes through his body in a drowning wave. Gripping his side and breathing heavily to banish the intense burning there, he looks around at his surroundings. After a moment's thought, he grips at the strange metal band around his neck and tugs viciously.

"Fucking Kurotsuchi!" he snarls as he tries to rip the collar off. "I'll fucking kill him for this! God damn backstabbing piece of shit!"

Grimmjow muffles his snickers with a hand over his mouth, trying his hardest to stay hidden from Ichigo's notice. The two still at the shriek of a large hollow nearby, Ichigo reaching for his Zanpakto… only for the both of them to realize for the first time that it's not there. Lost for what to do and panicking in his sudden state of helplessness, Ichigo tries to stand and run. The pain laces through him again, stabbing him mercilessly and drawing him back to the ground. He forces himself up, Grimmjow taking note that he's injured, and squeezes himself into the hollow of a tree to hide. The Sexta listens carefully to Ichigo's breathing, the sound gradually slowing down… until it stops altogether. The Hollow, an Aduchas level, leaps into the clearing with it's nose in the air. It's sniffs around excitedly, breathing in the ground where Ichigo first lay and following it over to the tree. It can't reach the smaller Shinigami where he hides, yet Grimmjow knows that particular Hollow will just uproot the tree and devour the teen. With an irritated sigh, he leaps down and snarls at the Hollow. They stare at one another a moment, Grimmjow lifting a hand in warning of a Cero before the other backs off in a hurry. If it's one thing the Hollows here know, it's not to ignore a warning from the Sexta Espada… he doesn't bluff. The creature runs off with its tail between its legs, leaving Grimmjow to kneel down and drag Ichigo from his hiding place. The orangette isn't breathing, his eyes closed and his face pale. Grimmjow opens the shihakusho covering his lithe torso, frowning at the nasty purplish gouge leaking a greenish puss.

"If it's not one thing it's another with you," he huffs. "You better bet your ass I'll be taking a serious payment from you when you wake up! This is fucking humiliating, saving your stupid ass after all the hell you put me through!"

As he rants, he lifts Ichigo up and slings him over his shoulder. The orangette grunts in agony, yet the other pays it no heed… that just means he's not dead yet. After looking around cautiously, just in case other Shinigami are around, Grimmjow flash steps to the remains of Los Noches with his new prize in tow.

Ichigo wakes with a groan, his body stiff and in pain. He can't move easily, barely at all, and his body feels as though it's made of lead. He opens bleary amber orbs, staring up at a white ceiling. Confusion rules him only a moment before it's replaced with wariness and a hint of fear. He struggles to sit up, pulling himself backward slowly to lean against the headboard of the large bed he lays in. The sheets inch down to his lap, revealing that his shihakusho is gone and his middle is bandaged in gauze.


The door opens and he stills, eyes darting to the figure walking in. He sucks in a breath at the sight of Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, the Espada that nearly killed him and the one he thought he killed. The man is the same as the day they last fought, though with a few differences Ichigo can't really place. He's still a walking Greek statue, still has those unruly teal locks, the same intense and feral cyan orbs, and his skin is still a perfect tan stretched over taut muscle. All in all, he's still a walking wet dream that's plagued Ichigo's mind numerous nights since the war… not that he'd ever admit to such a thing. Grimmjow eyes him a moment, and then walks over and pulls a chair to the bedside. Ichigo tries to move away, yet those movement are sluggish and difficult.

"Stop," Grimmjow frowns.

"G-Get away," Ichigo stammers in a sleep roughed tone.

"I said stop."

Ichigo doesn't know why, but he stills at that commanding tone that seems to strike down within his soul. The teal haired Espada nods in satisfaction, reaching over and adjusting the Shinigami carefully. Afterward, he picks up the bowl he brought in with him and holds a spoon out to Ichigo's lips. The orangette merely looks at him like he's crazy, eyes wide in disbelief and mistrust.

"If you don't eat, I'll cram it down your fucking throat," Grimmjow growls. "Now open your damn mouth!"

Lost in his confusion, Ichigo's mouth drops open unhindered as his mind attempts to catch up with what's going on. He's injured, in a strange room, half naked, with his enemy spoon-feeding him? After a moment, Grimmjow sighs and sets the bowl back on the bed and away from the vibrant haired teen.

"Look, you're gonna have to cooperate or you'll never get better."

"… Better?"

"Yes, dumb ass, better," he snaps. "You were poisoned in the Menos Forest."

"Poisoned! But I wasn't…"

"It was a plant," the Sexta explains gruffly. "It's barbs are extremely toxic and can kill in less than twenty minutes… you were fifteen in when I got you to Los Noches."

"… Why did you help me?"

"I don't need a reason," he huffs. "But I'm not doing all this shit for free, you're gonna pay me back!"

"Figures," Ichigo scoffs bitterly. "Heaven forbid a Hollow do something nice just for the hell of it."

"You want charity, go back to Seireitei. We don't do that shit here."

"You should've left me to die!"

"Shut up and eat!"

Before Ichigo can utter another sound, Grimmjow takes the opportunity to stuff the spoon back in his mouth. The teen coughs and sputters a moment, forcing himself to swallow the food given to him before scowling angrily at the other. Grimmjow smirks haughtily, holding up another spoonful of whatever mush he's serving.

"Szayel said you should have your strength back tomorrow," Grimmjow murmurs once the other is finished eating. "You'll be able to get up and walk around, but not without me around."

"You're holding me prisoner!" Ichigo shouts in disbelief.

"You misunderstand," the other scoffs. "You can go wherever the hell you want, but you'll be safer with me. You have no Zanpakto, you're helpless here, and we're in the midst of mating season. A pretty little male that exudes the scent of a woman is gonna go fast around here."

"Say what!"

"You're a Beta, a submissive, an uke, a bitch," Grimmjow clarifies. "And you're not gonna stay pure long if you're not around a strong Alpha."

"… Which you happen to be," the orangette mutters in realization.

"Correct! Don't worry, I'll just add it to your tab," the Sexta grins feral. "So, mind telling me what the hell you're doing here?"

"I don't know," Ichigo growls. "I went to Seireitei for a meeting with the Taicho, but ended up getting knocked out by Kurotsuchi and dropped off here. That guy has never liked me, but I can't believe he'd go to such lengths to get rid of me."

Grimmjow is quiet for a long moment, searching his mind for the familiar name. Szayel had gone up against him in the war, but thankfully the potion used on the pink haired male had worn off in time to save him.

"… He's a scientist, right?"


"How do you know he isn't just trying to collect data?"

"Collect data on what? And why would he need me?"

"Well… Shinigami are favorite targets during this time of year," he shrugs. "They're powerful and extremely hard to catch… normally. You, on the other hand, are part Hollow and have a better chance of surviving mating season. Maybe he's using you to gather data on this time of year."

"… I'll fucking kill him!"

"So, did he leave you a way to get back?"


"Did he leave you a way to contact him?"


"… You're as good as fucked," the teal haired male cackles. "And I mean that literally, considering what goes on around this time!"

Ichigo whines at that, blushing horribly and averting his eyes. After Grimmjow's laughing fit, which lasted quite a long time considering who he's laughing at, the Sexta sighs in content and gaze on the vibrant haired teen. Ichigo still looks so similar to when they last saw one another, but for some reason… his eyes look way too old. His skin is tan and stretched over lithe muscle, his hair a tad longer and still as loud as ever, and his frame is still built like a swimmer at 5'9"… but those amber eyes have seen too much.

"How old are you now?"

The question slips from his lips unbidden, startling them both. Though Grimmjow curses himself for saying anything, Ichigo answers without thought.

"I'm nineteen now," he states. "I was sixteen during the war."

"… Your eyes look older than that. Back then they were arrogant and superior, but now… looks like someone's finally beaten you into place."

"No, I'm still the same… I've just seen too many battles and injuries… too much death," he says downtrodden. "Even if they weren't on my side, that was still one more life wasted for a stupid ambition."

Grimmjow stares at the other a long moment, something about the other pulling at him. At long last, he finally gives up and deals with things the way he usually does… jump in headfirst and damn the consequences! It's done him good so far, so he sees no reason to change it.

"I've decided," he states as Ichigo looks up in surprise. "I'm going to make you my mate."

"What the fuck!" Ichigo shouts. "Get the hell away from me, you pervert!"

"Look, obviously you're not going anywhere soon," the larger male scoffs. "It's mating season, alphas look for betas during mating season, you're a beta, if it's not me its gonna be someone else, and you owe me your very life! Need I list any more reasons this is gonna happen?"

"I'll fucking kill you if you touch me!"

"Thankfully for my wellbeing, you can't move," the Sexta points out joyously.

"That's called rape!"

"What the fuck do you think goes on in Hueco Mundo? We don't exactly live a romance novel," Grimmjow scoffs. "Now relax or this is gonna hurt like hell."

"You can't even wait till I can move!"

"Of course not, I'm stupid enough to give you any footing," he snorts.

Ichigo screams for help, but Grimmjow's laughter tells him it's just not happening. Since his shihakusho is already gone, Grimmjow rids himself of his vest and slowly pulls the blanket from Ichigo's hips. The orangette's heart picks up, thumping rapidly as flashes of his wet dreams fill his head. He starts breathing hard, Grimmjow running his hands up his torso lightly before drawing them back down. His fingers hook in Ichigo's hakama, his head dipping down and gripping the sash in his teeth before pulling it off.

"S-stop," Ichigo breathes out nervously.

"What's the matter, never had sex before?"

"… Once, but it was with a girl," Ichigo answers.

"Hmm… then I'll be your first in a way," the Sexta grins as he pulls the hakama off Ichigo's legs entirely. "This'll be more fun than I thought."

He plays with his own sash, watching intensely as Ichigo's amber pools drop down to watch with a mixture of anxiousness and excitement and lust. The minute the other licks his lips unconsciously, Grimmjow pulls the sash off and let's his own hakama drop to the bed. Before he kicks it off, he lets Ichigo soak it up and revels in the other drooling just a bit at the sight. He falls to his hands, holding himself up on his hands and knees to crawl up the orangette's form sensually before licking Ichigo's lips. They part in a gasp and Grimmjow slips his tongue between them before leaning into the kiss, ignoring the muffled protest and pumping Ichigo's half hard member. He growls when the other turns his head to break the kiss, but it quickly transforms into a feral grin when a loud moan fills his ears.

"Ah!" Ichigo gasps. "Grimmjow… hah… please…"

"Please what?"


He frowns at the orangette's stubbornness, sliding his body downward and engulfing the now fully hard member in the heat of his mouth. Ichigo screams in ecstasy, his hands using the last of their energy to jerk upward and bury long fingers in soft teal hair. The Sexta Espada doesn't waste any time on the foreplay, sucking harshly to drive his soon-to-be mate deeper into his lust-fed heat. Ichigo's eyes are dazed now, his fingers kneading at Grimmjow's scalp, and he's the most beautiful thing the Sexta has ever seen.

"P-please," Ichigo murmurs. "Please… G-Grimm… take me."

Three fingers are in his mouth only a second after he utters those words, the orangette not even flinching in the least as instinct leads the way for him. He runs his tongue along the digits, watching Grimmjow's head bob on his arousal with half-lidded orbs darkened in his need. Grimmjow slips his fingers from the smaller male's lips, spreading long tan legs wide for better access and plunging one finger in immediately. He's not afraid of rousing Ichigo from his heat fogged mind, Hollows are built to ignore the pain… some even like it… and Ichigo, being a Visored, won't be any different. Obviously, he'll have to be nicer afterward if he ever wants to touch his mate when he's not in heat… but right now it's safe to be rough.

"G-Grimmjow… that hurts," Ichigo mutters.

"It'll feel better," he assures.

He slips in a second finger and searches around a moment, Ichigo tensing and producing a lovely scream that fills the room. Grimmjow strikes the nerve bundle again, simply to hear that glorious sound that has pleasure pooling in his abdomen. He quickly finishes Ichigo's preparation, too eager to be buried in the smaller male to go slowly. He yanks Ichigo's legs, the orangette falling to the mattress from his position leaning on the headboard, and guides his member to that tight entrance. In one swift thrust, he's buried to the hilt and they're both moaning… Grimmjow from the sheer tightness and warmth, and Ichigo from the fact his prostate is struck perfectly. He wastes no time, pulling out almost all the way before slamming back in. His pace isn't gentle or loving, this is all about the sex in this moment in time… all about the release. He hammers into Ichigo's pliant body, the smaller male gripping the sheets in a knuckle-white grip as the bed frame creaks in protest.

"Oh my god!" Ichigo yells. "Yes! Grimm, yes! Harder!"

Grimmjow growls in approval, raising Ichigo's legs to press against his chest as he thrusts in deeper and rolls his hips. One hand drops from the leg it holds, wrapping a large hand around Ichigo's swollen member and pumping. Tears are in the orangette's eyes, the other so close to his release he can taste it. Those amber eyes beg Grimmjow, stealing away the last of his control. His hand picks up its pace, his canines biting down on Ichigo's collar and his hips still deep within the smaller male. They cum together, bodies singing with their release and minds bursting with fireworks of white. Grimmjow pulls away to find Ichigo asleep already, his scowl wiped clean from his face.

"Mm… fucking perfect," he murmurs.

He doesn't want to move, but he pulls out of the teen and grabs the black hakama from the floor… Ichigo won't be needing it anymore. He cleans them up with that, grinning at the stains all over it now before throwing it to the floor again. He lies beside Ichigo, pulling the blanket over their heated bodies covered in a light sheen of cool sweat. With his arms wrapped possessively around the ethereal beta, Grimmjow falls asleep with his mate.

Back in Seireitei, the Gotei 13 are glaring furiously at Kurotsuchi. The only reason he was given permission to do this experiment was under the condition Ichigo not get hurt, but the video feed they just witnessed… which knocked out many Fuko-Taicho due to massive nosebleeds… is setting off the So-Taicho's anger.

"… Oops," Kurotsuchi murmurs. "I must've miscalculated."


"It happens," he shrugs. "How was I supposed to know Kurosaki was a female? Even Shinji and Kisuke thought he was male."

"Ichigo is a male," Renji frowns.

"According to his pheromone scale, he most definitely is not."

"Well, what do we do now? We can't leave him there!"

"We can't go in to retrieve him either," the scientist shrugs uncaringly. "We have no clue how a Hollow treats their mate or others who want to separate them. We just have to be patient and observe how this Arrancar acts accordingly, and then we can make a plan sufficient enough to be successful. That's all we can do, so he's stuck for now."