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Chapter 17

The room is bathed in pitch, the temperature growing warmer although no heat is on and it's near fall. Within the darkness of the bedroom, amongst the sound of rustling sheets, a quiet moan surfaces. Ichigo lies beneath Grimmjow's larger form, legs locked around the other waist as his nails draw angry red lines on his back. It's been five years since the cubs were born, five years of changing diapers and defusing random attacks in their tantrums… it hasn't been fun and Ichigo thanks Szayel every day for the birth control serum he fixed up. Their intimate moments have been few and far between, sex even more so, and the two take their time this night. The cubs were kidnapped by Isshin and the twins, the house cleared out as everyone decided to randomly visit the Visoreds and Seireitei, and Grimmjow miraculously didn't have to work.

"Ah!" Ichigo cries out huskily. "Mm… Grimm. Shouldn't we… ha… stop?"

"Hell no," he snorts out. "I haven't been laid in at least four weeks; your ass is mine tonight."

He thrusts in hard, striking Ichigo's prostate and making those lovely amber eyes grow large in the process. The orangette's lips part as a pleasured scream leaves them, his mind growing thick with lust as he drops back limply on the mattress. His alpha always knew how to make him boneless. A large feral grin spreads along those lips, still just as sinful as they were the first time they met Ichigo's, and Grimmjow repeats the process with a bit more enthusiasm. He picks up his pace, continuously slowing and stilling when one of them gets too close, and soon Ichigo is getting frustrated.

"Just… ah… just fuck me, d-damn it!"

"No way," he scowls. "How often do we get this chance?"


"Not near enough," Grimmjow points out. "I'm savoring every moan, scream, and plead you let fall past your lips. I don't care how upset it makes you, I'm in charge tonight and we'll go at my pace."

"Y-you're in charge… mm… every night," the orangette almost whines.

"Then you should be used to this by now. Shut up and let me work or I'll tie you up."

"You wouldn't dare," Ichigo gasps indignantly.

"… How long have you known me?"


With a dark chuckle, the larger male moves harder into his uke. The blow silences Ichigo's rage, turning it immediately back to pleasure enough to empty his mind. Those lids fall back to half-mast, the only place Grimmjow loves to see them, and those long fingers bury themselves in teal locks. He's just about to oblige Ichigo's full blown whining… when the phone rings.

"If you answer that, I swear you'll regret it," Ichigo snarls.

"Mm-hm," Grimmjow waves off. "Unfortunately, you forget that the only people that would call us this late at night… is the kids."

"Damn you!" the smaller males almost sobs. "Why? Why did you have to get me pregnant?"

With a halfhearted shrug, one he's been giving every time Ichigo's asked that same question over the years, Grimmjow reaches over to pick up the phone. He doesn't bother to pull out of his mate, so when he slides up to grab the device Ichigo lets out a whispered moan.


"Daddy! Daddy ya have ta help momma!"

"… Kohaku? What the hell are you doing up this late?"

"Momma's in trouble!" the smallest triplet yells frantically.

Grimmjow rolls his cyan orbs at his tone, sighing in irritation even while loving his little brat. Kohaku took to Ichigo like a moth to flame, never going very far from his momma. Thanks to the telepathy and his shocking intellect as a newborn, he knew just how close Ichigo came to dying… and he knew whose fault it was. He's never liked his older siblings much, though he tolerates them, and remembers that they fed gluttonously off Ichigo's reiatsu. He's smaller because he didn't feed as much off the boundless energy as they did. As he grew older, his bond with Ichigo strengthened thanks to the fact he's also a beta… but so did his telepathic connection. He never talked much to Grimmjow through telepathy, only when absolutely necessary. When he tested those waters at one and a half, his mind touched on Pantera's… and she wasn't happy to sense an intruder in her master's mind. She hadn't known of Kohaku's abilities and scared the poor kid badly, sending him crying to his momma with minimal effort. He tends to favor talking to Shiro through Ichigo's link… which, unfortunately, had him learning the other's speech patterns.

"Your momma isn't in trouble, Kohaku."

"But I can hear 'im! He's cryin' in pain!"

"… Uh… momma and daddy are just playing right now. It might sound like pain, but…"

"Are ya two havin' sex," he asks flatly.

"Where the hell did you hear that word?"

"Grandpa Kisuke and Granny Yorouchi told us 'bout it," the cub shrugs off. "They said it would be easier fer them ta tell us, 'cause ya and momma will beat 'round the subject. That still don't answer my question."

"Go to bed, Kohaku," Grimmjow growls out.

"Tell Uncle Shiro ta lock up momma's brain," the cub snaps. "I'm too young ta be corrupted by that kinda stuff!"

"I'll tell him, don't worry."

There's a yelp and a cry, voices yelling and shouting. After a barrage of hisses and yowls, the phone is picked up once more. The voice on the other end isn't Kohaku's more docile tones, however. The one speaking now has a snappish tone, filled with dominance and demanding attention. Kaida is the dominant cub, always getting her way by pressing that dominance whenever possible. She trails after her daddy like a star struck fan, mimicking him in any way she can… and getting him punished by Ichigo on more than one occasion.

"Daddy!" she chirps. "When are you picking us up?"

"Honey, daddy's busy right now," the teal haired male sighs out. "Can we talk about this later? I want to finish my game with your momma before he falls asleep."

"They're havin' sex," Kohaku provides.

"Damn it, Kohaku! If I wanted to call it that, I would've used the word!" Grimmjow snaps.

"I wanna talk to daddy!" Maro growls.

"Shut the hell up and sit down!" Kaida snarls.

"Kaida," Grimmjow sighs in warning. "If your momma hears you talking like that…"

"I don't care," she huffs. "Momma's a bitch, he doesn't have say in what an alpha does."

"He has say in what you do, young lady," the Sexta hisses. "If I hear that kind of talk from you again, you'll be wanting your momma on your good side… because I'll be tanning your ass! Now put Maro on the damn phone and get your little tails in the fucking bed!"

From the corner of his eye, he catches the fact Ichigo's own orbs have tripled in size. The orangette was listening in on the conversation, not really interested per say, when he caught the foul language directed at one of his cubs. It'll take a moment, yet his anger won't be voiced until the phone is hung up.

"Daddy!" Maro calls happily. "I miss you! I miss momma, too, is he okay?"

"He's fine… probably a little mad at me now."

"Kaida deserved it! I can't believe she'd bad mouth the one that almost died bringing her into this world… ungrateful alpha bitch."

Grimmjow was right about Maro, as the dominance that lit up her eyes at birth has settled to about Ichigo's level. The three cubs have touched all three levels of the status bar… submissive, alpha beta, and dominant. He had hoped Kohaku would grow a little harder like Kaida in the end, or at least Maro, but the cub is nothing but submissive around pretty much everyone.

"Hang up the fucking phone, I can't wait anymore!" Ichigo hisses.

"I have to go now, Maro," Grimmjow sighs. "Your mom's starting to get bitchy. Tell the other cubs goodnight for us and go to bed. Ichigo will pick you three up tomorrow afternoon, okay?"

"Why won't you?"

"I have to work tomorrow afternoon," he replies. "Go to sleep."

"Night, daddy! Tell momma I said goodnight, too!"

"And me!" Kohaku shouts in the background. "I love momma more! I want to say goodnight to him!"

"What about you, Kaida?" Maro wonders.

"Hell if I care," she huffs snootily. "Just tell daddy I said goodnight… and he can do so much better than his disrespectful and disobedient bitch!"

"… You got that, right?" Maro wonders.

"I got it," Grimmjow growls darkly. "I think someone needs to spend a lot more time with Grandma Hallibel."

"Ha, ha!" Maro cheers. "Daddy's sending you to stay with Grandma Hall!"

"What? No!" Kaida panics. "I didn't do anything to deserve that!"

The phone clicks as Maro happily hangs up, leaving Grimmjow to scowl at the receiver before returning it to its cradle. Ichigo is about to ask what's wrong, as he knows it's about to be taken out on his body, but Grimmjow is too fast for him. He slams inside Ichigo's tightening canal with a vengeance, sending his little uke writhing in a mixture of pain and pleasure he finds absolute bliss in. When at last they find their completion, Ichigo's vision goes white a little longer than usual and Grimmjow continues with the rough treatment until he's thoroughly milked of his release. They lie beside one another for a long while, the silence slowly taking reign as their panting calms along with their heartbeats. Grimmjow lets Ichigo crawl into his arms, yet doesn't look at him.

"Kaida again?" Ichigo sighs.


"I don't mind," Ichigo comments. "She's just a child; she'll grow out of this stage."

"I'll fucking beat it out of her!"

"Grimm, let's not turn to violence on our kids," Ichigo scowls. "I don't mind that she feels that way, she spends most of her time with the Arrancar and I know I'm not their favorite."

"I care!" he snaps. "I chose you for a reason, Ichigo. You almost died giving birth to her! She had better damn well respect you and that near sacrifice!"

"Grimm," Ichigo purrs. "One day, they'll be grown and they'll find mates of their own and leave us… but we'll always have each other. As long as you still love me, I don't care what she thinks."

"You think that now, but wait until she starts testing those dominant waters of hers," he grumbles. "Cubs immediately start attacking parents when they want to test those boundaries. She'll turn to you to test them, as you're her mother."

"And I'll remember to put her in her place," Ichigo smirks. "Like you said, you chose me for a reason… and it's not because I'm weak. Trying to keep up with you keeps me strong, Grimm, and she'll find that out soon enough. Until then, let her grow at her own rate."

"And Hall?"

"I think spending more time with Hallibel is a wonderful punishment," the orangette grins impishly. "If there's a beta in the three worlds that can corrupt Kaida's view, it'll be Hallibel."

Grimmjow chuckles at that, remembering how Kai was brought down from his high perch by his mother. Kai was dominant, nothing but, and those around him pressed how weak and pathetic females were. He had attempted to order Hallibel around like a simpering maid… and she showed him just why alpha females are so feared by dragging him along on her hunt for those that warped his view. He didn't stop having nightmares for three months about the incident, something Kaida can do with. Grimmjow has never stopped remembering what happened, his dreams haunted by that ghostly pale face Ichigo had when so near death, and the fear of losing that vibrant beta beside him has grown horribly. He would gladly sacrifice any one of his children to keep his mate alive and well… not the noblest thing in the world, but as Ichigo said they'll be gone someday and all he needs is the orangette. He can't help his nature, can't help that a Hollow will kill a child before their mate, but he wishes he could at times. Other times… like those with Kaida… he's glad his instincts were distorted like this.

Ichigo steps up to his father's house with a soft smile on his lips, wondering what to expect from his cubs. Maro and Kohaku are always happy to see him… but Kaida is another story. Her comments, though he's good at hiding it, strike him deeply. Kohaku is out the door before he can knock, leaping into Ichigo's arms and attaching himself as best he can. Maro is next, hugging her momma's leg and nuzzling it with her cheek. Kohaku looks so much like Shiro each day, his white hair a bit shaggy on his head and his amber eyes the only thing that differs from Ichigo's more hostile self, that it baffles the orangette. His skin is a tad on the light side, proving that he's all Shiro save for those eyes. Maro is just like Grimmjow, but Ichigo refused to let her cut her hair to mimic him. Hers is short and spikey in the back, but the bangs are long and frame her face. Kaida walks out in a huff, arms across her chest and golden eyes glaring with the heat of a thousand suns. Her light-orange locks are long, braided in multiple strands when she's at home since Isshin can't do so to save his soul, and her skin is a lovely tan thanks to her mother. She's in a punkish stage, Ichigo never one to stunt that type of growth as long as they're not in school, and her attitude seems to be getting worse by the day.

"Ichigo," she states. "Where's daddy?"

"He's at work, honey," Ichigo frowns. "He told you that last night."

"Whatever. Let's get home, I'm tired."

"I have errands to run before going home."

"You should've thought about that before you got here," Kaida snaps. "I said I want to go home. A beta like you should listen when an alpha talks!"

"I am listening," he smiles indulgently. "I'm just choosing to say no and go about my day. Keep up, or I'm likely to leave you behind."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? Worthless bitch!"

Ichigo scowls at her venomous remark, turning with a twitch in his brow as his amber eyes start to heat up. Kaida seems wary at this change in demeanor, always having known her momma as a beta… not the alpha beta he is. She's used to Grimmjow talking and Ichigo doing as calmly as any submissive would, too used to his alpha's mood swings to rise to them unless absolutely necessary, so she's never seen him lose his temper. Right now, however, his eyes are burning with the power of his reiatsu and she can feel it send tingles along her skin.

"I know you don't like me much," Ichigo says calmly and quietly. "To tell you the truth, I sometimes wonder why you turned out like this. You act like Shiro used to when he trained me to be strong, when he pretended to loathe me in order to keep my guard up. I don't like the way you treat me, yet I told your dad I didn't mind so you wouldn't get in trouble. Keep this up, and I'll take on one of my hunts."

"You're a beta; you're not powerful enough to do shit!"

"I'll have you know, your father has never beaten me… not once," the orangette comments with a layer of malicious darkness that has the young alpha backing down quickly.

Kaida snaps her mouth shut, Kohaku smirking at her haughtily and Maro nodding enthusiastically beside her momma. Though Maro looks like Grimmjow, Kaida has always been the problem child. With that last remark lingering on the air, Ichigo turns and shifts Kohaku onto his back. Maro follows after him as he begins to walk away, the young alpha trailing after them all with a pout on her lips. It's the first time Ichigo's gotten snappish with his cubs, the one's he knowingly risked his life to have, and the oldest isn't liking the change in attitude… it means she's not in charge anymore.

Dinnertime, the orangette bustling around the kitchen in hopes of finishing their meal before Grimmjow gets home from his job guarding some snooty celebrity hell-bent on catching his eye. He wasn't too keen on his alpha guarding women, but relented upon seeing how no one but himself could turn Grimmjow's eye. Kaida is supposed to be watching her siblings, yet marches into the kitchen like she owns the place. Her eyes are determined, her stance ready for an argument, and Ichigo's frazzled nerves start to scream for relief.

"I don't have time for this right now, Kaida," he chides. "Go watch your siblings like a good pack alpha."

"What the hell do you know about being an alpha, you submissive twit," she bites out.

"Kaida, please, not now," he huffs. "I need to get dinner on the table before your dad gets home. Please do as I say."

"I don't have to listen to you, I'm an alpha."

"You'll be a grounded alpha if you don't go play."

Ichigo leans against the counter, his heart thumping wildly in his chest as his vision starts to go fuzzy. Kaida continues, oblivious to Ichigo's stress induced illness. He hadn't said anything to Grimmjow, but ever since Kaida started her power-induced attitude his health had been failing. He waits, ignoring his daughter's rant, and finally moves to pull a wooden cutting board from under the counter. Kaida growls in anger, knowing she's being ignored in favor of cutting up fruit and vegetables for the table, and moves forward to hit the orangette she's targeted with her rage for years now. Ichigo turns just in time, dodging the blow only to fall and hit his head on the table. The light orange haired cub waits, seething, for him to get back up… but he doesn't. She kicks his leg questioning, yet he still lies there. Kohaku hurries into the kitchen with Maro on his heels, skidding to a stop at the sight of his momma lying prone on the ground as crimson covers the floor beneath his head.

"Kaida… ya killed momma!" he shouts in a mix of horror and grief. "Ya killed 'im! Ya killed momma, ya monster!"

"I didn't," she protests in a sputter. "I didn't… he… it was his fault! He made me… I was mad!"

"Stay away from me!" he shouts when she steps closer. "Ya killed momma! I hate ya! Yer nothing but a selfish… Hollow!"

She seems struck by the word, realizing just how much like them she had been acting. Hueco Mundo had seeped into her veins and tainted her mind with too much ease, eons of raising its cubs lending it that luxury. Just as she's about to lose it, the door opens and Grimmjow calls out to Ichigo.

"Oh no," she gasps.

"Daddy!" Maro shouts. "Daddy, momma's hurt! Hurry!"

It's a heartbeat and he's there, lifting his mate into his arms and searching him for injury. His eyes are knowing and filled with blame, turning immediately to Kaida and holding her gaze for a minute. He gently lifts the orange haired male up and takes him to their room, muttering for the cubs to stay put. Afterward, he calls Szayel and sends Maro, the fastest cub, to retrieve Kisuke.

"Momma's gonna be okay, right?" Kohaku asks quietly.

"… He just hit his head," Grimmjow sighs. "He'll be fine with some rest."

"Daddy?" Kaida whimpers from the doorway.

"Kaida, go sit in another room," he orders firmly. "I don't' think you should be around your mom anymore… I'll ask Szayel to escort you over to your Grandma Hallibel's later."

"I… didn't mean it."

"I don't care," he snaps before forcing calm into his tone. "It doesn't change what you did. If you had listened to me rather than blatantly disregard what I told you, this never would've happened. Isn't it enough that he nearly died to bring you into this world? You need him completely dead? You want to take his life on your own?"

"No, I… It was an accident," she glowers with a pout. "I was mad; I didn't want to kill him…"

"Just hurt him," he scowls. "I know how that is, Kaida… That's how a Hollow thinks. Either learn to live like an Arrancar, or stay in Hueco Mundo. I won't have this! You're not even sorry!"

"… I am," she whispers before leaving.

Kohaku looks to his dad, yet says nothing. He knows it pains Grimmjow to cast his daughter out like that, but he also knows that Kaida is stubborn and won't learn a thing unless she's hurt in the process. She's just like both her parents in that aspect.

Ichigo wakes with a yawn and a flinch, lifting his hand to rub the gauze covering the cut on his head. Grimmjow walks in quietly, sitting on the bed and watching his mate cautiously. Once Ichigo's sight focuses, he tilts his head a bit in question.

"I'm sorry," he sighs. "I did warn you, though."

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo smirks. "I slipped on some water in the kitchen. I mean I was dodging Kaida's pathetic attempt at a punch, but it was the water that did me in."

"This isn't a laughing matter," the Sexta snarls. "You could've died, damn it! What would I have done if you left me?"

"… Go to Hueco Mundo or Seireitei?" Ichigo muses. "I mean… I'm sure I'd go to one of them."

"And forget everything? It was a fucking fluke that I got you in the first place!"

"… Good point. Where are my cubs?"

"Kohaku and Maro are playing in their room," Grimmjow mutters. "Kaida is in the living room with Szayel. He didn't want to leave until you were awake, but he'll be taking her to Hallibel when he does."


"She's killing you, Ichigo," he sighs. "You should've told me your health was going bad. I know she's putting too much stress on you, so I'm sending her away for a bit… just to give you time to recuperate."

"She's my child."

"She'll be your executioner."

"I can handle it!"

"You can't… I can see that now," Grimmjow frowns. "My first priority will always be you, Ichigo… I need you with me. Kaida will learn her lesson, but not from you. I'm sorry."

"Grimmjow, I'm fine," Ichigo pleads. "I just haven't had the time to take out my frustrations; I haven't been working but two or three times every few weeks. Please, just… let me get to Hueco Mundo and I'll be good as new."

"… Fine, but Kaida is coming as well. She'll learn her place, just as Kai did," he decides. "Who will your opponent be?"

"… You, Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, Stark, and Hallibel."

"Don't overdo it," Grimmjow growls.

"I have five years of stress piled up within me," Ichigo states. "I'm gonna need one hell of a fight."

Kaida is fuming as she's escorted through the Gargantua by her parents, uncertain what's going on and unappreciative of that mystery. Szayel stayed behind to babysit the other two cubs, eagerly volunteering when Grimmjow had mentioned Ichigo letting off steam. She doesn't understand that reaction, as her mother is nothing without her father. When they step into the white sands, Nnoitra and Ulquiorra are standing eagerly beside her Grandpa Stark and Grandma Hallibel.

"Are you ready?" Ichigo asks cautiously.

"Bring it on, alpha bitch!" Nnoitra grins excitedly. "I've been waiting for this since you had those damn cubs!"

"Whenever you are ready, Ichigo," the raven nods.

"If we must," Stark sighs. "We might as well get it over with quickly."

Hallibel simply nods her ascent, standing at the ready as Ichigo draws his blade. Kaida has never seen Ichigo in his Shinigami form, the very thought drawing a snort of derision from her. The blade he picks from his back like a piece of plastic is huge, causing her to wonder how he can throw its weight around as though it's naught but air. She knows it'll be much lighter than what it looks, as her father's blade is a bit heavy for her and her mother is supposed to be weak.

"Ichigo, give your ring to Stark," Grimmjow mutters. "I don't want you losing it."

"Oops, sorry," he blushes. "Hold this please."

Grimmjow nods and reaches for the Zanpakto, gasping as he nearly falls over from the weight and grinning on the inside at the reminder of his mate's strength. Once the ring is safely in Stark's possession… the one least likely to throw himself into a fight… the blade is swiftly drawn to settle on one shoulder and Ichigo sends his alpha an innocent look as Kaida's jaw falls.

"I'm ready now."

The battle is fast, all of them jumping Ichigo at the same time as Kaida watches. Their blades strike, blocked as a whole by Ichigo's blade with barely a movement. He isn't stressing beneath the strong blows, just standing curiously before throwing them all with a minute thrust forward. Grimmjow sends a cero his way, the orangette blinking out of sight before appearing behind Kaida's father. Grimmjow doesn't move that fast, a speed Ichigo normally couldn't reach without Bankai. Thanks to hours upon hours of sparring and fighting, Ichigo's speed is natural to him. Ulquiorra almost catches him off guard, yet Ichigo's body ducks down low and his blade is swung so the wide flat edge slams into the raven. Nnoitra slams into Ichigo's body, tossing him like a ragdoll, and the orangette lands on his feet with the ease of a feline before darting forward. Blow after blow, Kaida can only shiver as the fear of her mother's obviously tightly bound power grows. Finally, the battle is over and Ichigo is grinning with a refreshed look about him. Grimmjow and the others are lying in the sands, groaning in pain and exhaustion.

"Sorry," Ichigo grins sheepishly. "Maybe I should've asked to borrow a few Taicho as well."

"Next time, you get to play with Gin," Nnoitra whines. "I like fighting you… but not this much."

"I really am sorry. Come on, I'll get you all to Szayel."

"I can stand," Hallibel comments. "My pride will not let me be carried."

She and Stark lean on one another, Nnoitra and Ulquiorra doing the same. Ichigo shrugs and pulls Grimmjow to his unsteady feet instead, allowing his alpha to use him as a crutch while their daughter stares in shock. With a pointed glance her way, she unwittingly allows her feet to follow them through the new Gargantua.

The cubs are supposed to be sleeping, but Kaida can't. Every time she closes her eyes, she sees Ichigo's face of determination and a dominance he shouldn't possess. Kohaku is sitting up in bed, watching his dominant sister curiously, and Maro is just walking in from going to the bathroom.

"What's wrong with ya?" Kohaku asks. "Ya've been actin' funny since ya went ta Hueco Mundo."

"Momma is a monster," she mutters. "I saw him as he fought… he took out daddy, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Grandma Hallibel, and Grandpa Stark…"

"Duh," the youngest snorts. "Daddy didn' pick momma 'cause he's a pushover, ya know."

"What do you mean?"

"I can talk ta Uncle Shiro, so I know lots 'bout momma ya don'. If ya'd listen ta me 'stead a brushin' me off like the bitch ya think ya ain't, ya'd know all that shit too."

"Just tell me, you little…"

"Kaida, stop!" Maro snaps. "This is what got you in trouble!"

"… Just tell me, Kohaku."

"Uncle Shiro is a alpha, right? Well… he an' momma used ta be the same person," Kohaku states smartly. "Momma wasn' always a beta, jus' right 'fore he saved Aunt Rukia. 'Fore that, he was a alpha jus' like Uncle Shiro. When they split inta two persons, Uncle Shiro was the more hostile one an' took up the alpha status. Momma was the more carin' one, so he was left wit the beta status. When he gets ultra pissed, he an' Uncle Shiro merge ta be one again… which makes momma jus' like Grandma Hallibel and Grandma Yorouchi!"

Kaida's face pales at that, remembering all the stories she was told about their tempers and the lengths of violence they've gone to in the past. Her mother, such a gentle and calm beta, is just like them. Normally she would scoff at the idea and brush it off, but she saw the steely look in Ichigo's eyes as he faced off with five of the most powerful people she's ever known. Just like that, her attitude evaporates. If she keeps going as she is, Ichigo is likely to get that pissed. Child or not, she's been told how Hollows react to threats from children of higher status. She may have almost killed Ichigo a couple times, but there's no doubt in her mind his instincts could kill her before he could get control of them.

Three weeks and all is well. Ichigo's health has returned and Kaida's temper has cooled, though her nightmares remain. More than once, she's had to crawl into bed next to Grimmjow in order to sleep through the night. On the one night she's managed to sleep without a nightmare, the door creaks open and all three children are roused from their slumber.

"Momma?" Maro mutters sleepily. "Why are you waking us?"

"Nope, try again," a watery voice cackles as quietly as possible.

"… Uncle Shiro?" Kohaku hisses in a whisper. "What are ya doin' outside momma's brain?"

"Ichi was so tired after playin' wit Grimm-kitty, that I thought I'd give him time ta rest a bit," Shiro grins gleefully. "An' ya cubs have been so good; I thought ya'd like ta take a li'l trip wit me."

"Trip?" Kaida frowns. "Momma and daddy aren't going to like us wandering off on our own."

"Ya know, the best part 'bout me livin' so close ta yer momma… is the fact he's technically wit ya wherever I may take ya. Like, say… ta Seireitei? Come on, let's show 'em how Grimm-kitty an' Ichi's cubs like ta play!"

The triplets send questioning glances between each other, nodding as a whole afterward. Shiro's got Ichigo on a technicality, as the orangette can easily take control of his body back… if he's awake to do so. Grimmjow can't get mad at Shiro, because he'd end up hurting his mate. The cubs grin to one another, slipping from bed to throw on some clothes. They trail after Shiro like a line of ducklings, Kaida first with Maro behind her and Kohaku bringing up the rear. Shiro quickly opens up a Senkaimon, a trick he developed after seeing it done so many times before, and escorts the group of cubs through. With cackles that sound too much like their Uncle, the cubs get ready to bring chaos to Seireitei… just the first step in their plans of lifelong mischief.

Before you start to ask, I wasn't planning on a sequel... I just like that ending ^^; Sorry... maybe someday. No promises though, I have way too many ideas fighting for attention at the moment. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this fic and I'll be ending Maid next, so don't look for anything else until that's over with ;p Till next time! Luv ya lots!