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This fanfic centers around Ed and a female OC as his love interest. If that appeals to you, and if you're into strong erotic (but not too graphic) content, wrapped up in a certain amount of story, emotions, suspense and thrill, then chances are that you will really enjoy this story! :3

What you may have to know as well before reading: The Grid in my fanfic is a rather "ENCOM-limited" Grid, a bit like in the original Tron movie. Also, I took some liberties in describing the Programs. I established it a head canon that they are more like A.I.'s than human-like persons. (The question of them having a soul I left open, though! ;3) I did this out of story-wise reasons. I hope you forgive me! X3 But you'll see that this decision makes sense once the story unfolds.

Also: I know NOTHING about computers! LOL

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A Little Gift From ENCOM

Chapter 1: Gift

Accessing the Grid was day to day business for ENCOM these days. Following about three years of further development, the company was using the virtual world for several purposes: To fight viruses, to impress possible investors by arranging sightseeing tours … And for passing the time. Every now and then employees who achieved something remarkable with their work or who were just outstandingly loyal and devoted in what they were doing for the company gained the exclusive chance to get access to the Grid for games and fun and adventure. It was a special sort of bonus gratification nearly everyone at ENCOM was eagerly striving for.
So the Grid, meanwhile, had grown to some kind of a playground of leisure for outstandingly diligent workers.

And so was Judith.

Since two years now she's been working really hard for the company, offering all of her energy, her lifeblood and quite often her free time to ENCOM. She really earned herself this unique opportunity to travel into the virtual world.
Although she wasn't entirely into this whole Grid thing – in fact the thought of getting drawn into a computer scared her a little – she was also proud to be one of the chosen ones who were given the rare chance to experience the fascinating world of the Grid.
What it was all about she knew from instructors and her fellow employees who told her about racing games, duels, games of skill and stuff like this. But, it wasn't entirely secure, they said. The games were sometimes dangerous, and came at one's own risk. In the worst case one could get hurt or even killed. But she wasn't really that afraid of the Grid. She would take care. And probably she would just end up walking around, doing some kind of sight seeing.

Today was the day.

She was just about to pass the procedure of getting herself "digitized" and transferred into the virtual world. It was no big deal at all, nothing painful, nothing spectacular, just sitting there without moving, two instructors around her, one monitoring her vital signs, the other operating the computer and the laser.
She felt an electrifying warmth for a moment as the beam hit her. And then she lost her conscious for the blink of an eye.

She felt a little dizzy and weak, was trembling on her shaking knees, as she finally found herself in the Grid. She was breathing fast, her heart pounding in her chest as if complaining angrily about the unnatural incidents it had to bear with. After she had gathered some strength again she took a look around.

Her area of arrival was a pretty spacious, high, but bare, dark blue room. Four huge, wide windows to her right, a semicircular construction which she assumed to be a bar to her left.

First, she had to wait. At least that's what she had been told during her instructions. A host would appear to guide her.

Well… she was waiting…

She walked towards the windows from where she had a stunning overview to the entire Grid landscape. It was so beautiful … Full of breathless fascination she looked down to the buildings, the lights, the freeways, the arena, and the mountains on the horizon. There were even clouds floating across the dark blue sky as if there was atmosphere existing in the Grid.
This view alone is worth the travel… she was thinking to herself, smiling in silent bliss.
For some moments of pure enjoyment and devotion she was just sitting on the wide windowsill. Then she moved. She noticed her own reflection in the window. She was wearing one of these fancy skin tight suits with the light-blue stripes everyone has told her about. Slowly she turned around, looking at herself, inspecting her body. Fortunately she had been doing some exercises and lost some weight in the last few months. She couldn't imagine herself wearing this thing with a belly and a fat ass…

As if that would matter! Silly you! She scolded herself. Nobody of her fellow employees was in the Grid anyway at the moment, only her. Nobody would see her apart from some inhuman programs.

She approached the bar. Rows of several bottles where arranged there on a shelf made of glass, not a single one with a brand or a name on it that revealed its content.

"Well… there's nothing to be said against some surprises in life", she muttered and took one of the bottles of which she liked the color. It was filled with something pink and syrupy. She poured it into a glass and took a little sip. It was surprisingly delicious! Cold, sweet, rich and rather strong liquid ran down her throat leaving a warm, soft and pleasant burning in her stomach.

"Hello User!"

Taken aback, Judith spun around to the voice suddenly sounding into the silence. There was someone appearing out of the shadows of a corner. A slender, lean man was walking towards her: shiny dark brown hair framing his chiselled face, well groomed with softly curved bangs reaching the rim of his purple tinted glasses, the stubble of a well trimmed, short beard around his broad grin.

Dillinger! She realized, startled.

Impulsively she stepped back as Dillinger was approaching. She despised him! That arrogant, selfish prig she had to work with every day, for he was her superior, head of the department. And now she had to pass even her free time with him? How awful…

Well… There had been a time, when she was new at ENCOM, when she had a crush on him, even was seriously interested in him and gently attempted courting him. He was more handsome than every other man she had met before and he was over brimming with intelligence and self confidence for his work, what made him appear staggeringly attractive. But he destroyed everything by being mean and repulsive and by acting like a complete insensitive asshole. So she had swallowed every tender feeling for him and had learned to hate him.

"Did you have a pleasant transfer to the Grid?" Dillinger spoke in soft and polite words as if he was just doing small talk, as if he was nothing but her host welcoming her to the Grid.
And slowly Judith began to assume: This might not be the real Dillinger at all, only his alter ego program.

"Yes", she replied, reserved, still not entirely sure if it really was a program or not she was talking to and therefore staying distrustful.

Dillinger planted himself at the bar right next to her, leaning with his elbow onto the blank surface, letting the other one rest on his hip, constantly smiling at her, cheekily, but yet appealing. A quite irritating sight, for she had never seen him smile like this before. Too bad…
She looked him up and down. He was wearing a skin tight shiny black suit with a lavender circuitry following his muscles, veins and tendons in a way that made his body look even more attractive. It seemed as if his circuitry was deliberately underlining the beauty of his body, giving it a peculiar but yet striking, eye catching identity.

He was indeed a stunning appearance. Judith just couldn't deny that fact. And now that he was within arm's reach she could take a deeper look into his eyes. They were dimmed by the lilac of those extravagantly shaped, fancy, spacy glasses – which Dillinger probably would never wear in real life – but still she could see how bright and shiny they were. Two icy diamonds piercing into her so that she was shivering for a moment.

"Your first time in the Grid", he said. It wasn't a question.


"You will love it", he claimed as if there was no doubt about that. Then he was making himself a drink too. "Cheers!" he said, not losing eye contact for a second while drinking the same pink liquid.

She took a sip too and finally asked him, because she couldn't stand the uncertainty any longer: "Are you a program?"

He placed his glass back onto the counter, looking at her and remaining silent for a few moments, as if teasing her by holding back the answer.

"Yes I am. My name is Darek."

"Are you my Grid-host?"


"So what's your use then?"

With a sly smile in the corner of his mouth he replied: "I am here to please you."


"I'm here to satisfy your needs", he said, giving the impression of being slightly amused, taking a sip of his drink again, fixing his eyes on hers.

Judith was convinced that he must be talking about something else than she thought he was.

"I don't understand, Darek. I'm sorry." That program sure had some inadequacies…

He sighed as if he was talking to a silly child that didn't comprehend anything. Then he moved a little closer. "My use is to satisfy your sexual desires." His voice was lower now, almost a whisper. His gaze…so intense, nearly intimate.

Judith shook her head in pure puzzlement. "You're making fun of me!"

"I am a program. I have no sense of humor", he replied, although there was this small but mischievous grin on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes as if he knew exactly what humor was.

Judith studied his features, suspiciously, her brows furrowed, trying to make out what kind of game this program was playing with her.

Darek's shoulder was now touching hers after he had smoothly shoved his body one step closer to her. He reached out his hand to stroke hers.
"So… Are you ready then?"

All of a sudden she moved away from the bar, raising her hands in a gesture of repulse. Slowly stepping backwards she looked at him, confused and slightly wrought-up.
"Let me tell you, program: I'm not much into fooling around. So stop it and escort me to the Grid, which is, I assume, your only purpose!"

He kept smiling. "You are already on the Grid, Judith. And there's nothing more worth to experience than the carnal delights I am offering you. Believe me."

She slowly began to consider that this program might really was serious about what he was saying. When it was possible to drink virtual beverages and taste them, enjoy them as if they were real then it was certainly also possible to…
She was shocked and distracted.
What kind of leisure is ENCOM offering to its employees? That's disgraceful!

And what was Dillinger's part in all of this? Was he a pervert getting a kick out of creating a sex program after his image, harassing his female subordinates? However... It was completely immoral and distasteful to even think about such a thing.

So Judith stepped back, embarrassed and bewildered. "I'm sorry but I'm not going to take on that… offer! Thanks, but NO!" Again she shook her head, her hands still raised as if beating him back.

"Why not? The Grid is for fun. Why shouldn't you have fun then?" Darek spoke while he was slowly sauntering, almost sneaking, towards her. His circuitry; a distracting, entrancing glow in the dark.

"When I came here I wasn't expecting that kind of fun, you know! That's just … That's not my cup of tea, sorry!" She turned away now from him entirely, heading one of those huge windows.

For a few seconds Darek stood still, arms crossed, looking over to her, smiling his nonchalant, complacent smile as if amusing about her. Then he was moving again. She watched him approach. His moves were so smooth but yet powerful, every step a lithe expression of energy. He was pure beauty. Magnetic, sublime, infinite beauty… She couldn't take her eyes of him.

The color of his light-stripes seemed to be a little more intense now, a little richer. A gently pulsing violet-purple as he reached her.

Briskly Judith turned to the window, crossing her arms and looking down to the Grid in a gesture of rejection. But she wasn't expecting Darek to suddenly appear right behind her, unabashed, his chest touching her back. And in the very moment she wanted to protest, he began to stroke her arms, up along her shoulders and back, very tender, very slow. His fingertips were just faintly gliding along the material of her suit, but it felt as if he was touching her bare skin. She took a deep, trembling breath, feeling a shiver down her spine and soft warmth arising in her body.

"Let me give you just a taste of it... Maybe then you'll consent… " Darek suggested with a low, warm, seducing whisper and wrapped his arms around her waist, his fingertips on her belly, his hip now against hers.

"Please don't…" Judith breathed and turned around.

Ignoring her protest, Darek reached out his hand to caress her hair, full of devotion and admiration as if he never had touched something so exquisite. His fingers felt warm on Judith's skin as he let them brush over her cheek. The texture of his glove was sleek and silky like a mixture of suede and latex. Two fingers of his right hand, the index and the middle finger, were also part of his circuitry and felt a little warmer than the other ones.

She was paralyzed, stunned by his appearance and couldn't do anything else but to look into his face. His features; angelically beautiful and lecherously hungry at the same time.

Now that he was that close she saw that there was no doubt he was a program. He was no human being. Although Dillinger in real life was a stunningly handsome man with nearly flawless features he wasn't as perfect as this virtual phenomenon in front of her. Not only was he taller and more athletic than Dillinger, there was this scar that was missing, those freckles, that little dissymmetry of his nostrils, that one faintly crooked tooth…

"This is not reality", he began to speak to her as if confirming his artificiality, the sound of his voice serene but yet intense and deep. And for a moment Judith was confused by his breath touching her face as if he was human and breathing.

"Give into that unique experience of pleasure I am offering to you. There's no shame and no commitment. And there will be no regrets and no consequences. There's only this moment of lust, detached from real-life."

The tips of his fingers were still caressing her cheeks and her hair as he lowered his face a little more down to hers, looking deep into her eyes, his lids slightly closed, while he moved even closer, forcing her to lean against the windowsill, his hip meeting hers.

Her heart began to beat a little faster. The seducing, pulsating warmth of his body was so pleasant, so captivating… And his gaze, invading her, ferociously, as if forging to her innermost part, was way too deep to withstand.
With words, dripping heavy from her trembling lips she returned: "No … this … this is just … indecent… and embarrassing… and …"

"It's not supposed to be…" he whispered, his mouth tickling her ear, leaving some tender licks there while his hand was slowly sliding from her neck to her chest, following the light-stripe between her breasts down to her belly.

"No!" she shouted roused, turning away from him in a rush. "I'm not going to –"

But she couldn't move far before Darek put a stop to her every action by fixing her between his arms, his hands grasping the edge of the windowsill just behind her.

"Relax!" he spoke low, softly commanding. "Just let go of all of your worries, fears and ethical standards and allow yourself to enjoy." His voice was gentle and loving.
"I know you want to…" he added. His words; only a breathe in her ear.

"How dare you!" she hissed. But her voice began to tremble as his lips touched the corner of her mouth, warm and soft and titillating.

"You are the User, Judith, so go on and use me! That's what I'm here for. That's my purpose", he murmured against her neck, her body, still flexed against his, her voice weakly moaning in silent but faltering protest. "What's so bad about releasing your own desires, Judith? I know, as a woman you've been educated to suppress your sexual drive for the sake of manners and social orders. But here you are free to do what ever you want without worrying about reputation or morality. "

Slowly he let his lips graze along hers, faintly touching them, the tip of his tongue teasing her flesh with just one single lick.

"I can't…" she breathed, feeling but the sweet and mindless urge to taste his kiss.

"I fulfill your every wish…" His voice… a tender draft on her neck. His words... pure sweet promising.
"I will do what ever you like. How ever you like it. And you don't even have to speak…"

She softly whined and shook her head, fighting against her own reservations and her modesty, not against him.

His mouth slightly fondling her earlobe he continued: "Your body temperature just has reached 36.8 degrees… your pulse is 150 to 90… your heartbeat is two times faster than normal, constantly pumping blood to specific parts of your body… to your lips… your cheeks … and most of all to your vulva which is beginning to get warm and swollen and moist. Right now. In this moment…" The content of his words was just bare explaining of some biological facts, but his voice was the one of a lover full of lust.

"See, Judith?"

Judith couldn't move. Not because of Darek's tight embrace, for he had loosened his grasp now. To give her room? To let her decide? To make clear that, in the end, this would only happen with her consent? She didn't know. But a sweet and soft defencelessness was fixing her body anyway, making her knees shake in weakness.
As if taking advantage of her fading resistance, Darek leant in to kiss her, hot and slow and with devoted relish, gently licking her lips, playing with her tongue. And just as she began to play along, her body winding up, a silent moan arising in her throat, he stopped to look at her.
She returned his gaze and saw that he was breathing quite hard as if aroused, his shoulders moving up and down, his mouth slightly open. His circuitry had now turned to an even richer color, to a deep, almost carmine glowing purple which seemed to pulsate with his every breath.

Full of overwhelming fascination Judith touched his suit, let her hands glide along the shining circuitry which felt hot under her shaking fingers like feverish blood vibrating through veins.

Smiling in silent complacency Darek reached out for the collar of her suit, let one finger slip under the material, and as if there was an invisible zipper he opened it at its front, opened it with a smooth, quick move down to the middle of her body. Then he slipped the suit from her shoulders, and it was entirely gliding from her body like it was nothing but a cloth made of silk.

Judith leant against the windowsill, letting it happen with a hot, sweet feeling of anticipation and arousal pulsing through her body. She wasn't thinking anymore; pure lust has made her drunk.

His eyes not moving away from hers as if watching her reaction he opened his own suit the same way as hers, leaving but a two hands breadth stripe of bare skin from his throat to his crotch, while all the other parts of his body remained covered.
His hungry gaze, gliding all over her body now, enjoying the sight, caressing every part with his eyes, made Judith feel more attractive and desirable than she has ever felt in her life.

He embraced her for yet another kiss. Passionately he grabbed her neck while his kiss grew more fervent and demanding.
Judith flung her arms around him, feeling the material of his suit, that velvety sleekness, leaving an indescribable, tingling sensation everywhere on her naked skin. She let her hands delve into his soft, full hair and caressed it raptly, allowing him to kiss her until she was nothing more but a weak and yearning creature in his arms.

His right hand was gliding down her body, passing her breasts, sliding along her belly, slipping finally between her legs. And she gasped with surprise and lust as two of his pulsating, slick, hot fingers delved into her flesh, moving slowly, caressing in a gentle rhythm while constantly moving deeper.

She was moaning with pleasure while Darek was watching her face as if enjoying her reactions, highly satisfied with what he saw. Smirking warmly, he increased tempo and intensity of his caresses…

Judith shivered, bending one leg. One more stroke and she would…
Losing all control of her body she came. With a subdued cry of rapture she clenched her fingers into Darek's shoulders, the back of her head hitting the window behind her.

His fingers still resting inside of her he waited till even the last slight pulses of her climax had died down. And while he was kissing her again, a kiss that felt like an eternity of sweet delight, she felt her body arousing once more in a pure, hot rush of hunger still burning.

His kisses were wandering down her body now, teasingly slow. And Judith's tensing muscles were trembling in sweet anticipation.

Some tender caresses on her breasts … her belly …

He kneed down before her, placing one of her legs on his shoulder. His lips on the inside of her legs… his tongue between her thighs… his stubble gently tickling her sensitive flesh…

Her muscles were flexing and with a breathless, trembling moan she grabbed Darek's head and closed her eyes, sighing with pleasure with every of his gentle licks. And just as she felt she couldn't take that sweet delight any longer without just bursting of lust he stood up again and wrapped one of her legs around his waist. He invaded her as if he was just growing into her, filling her space completely without hurting her in any way.

It was no flesh she felt gliding into her body, it was pure, hot, electrifying energy. For a moment, for the blink of an eye, she lost her breath, lost her thoughts, her mind, everything. Even her heart, strained by the overwhelming rapture it had to cope with, seemed to miss one beat.
And then he began to move, his deep and gentle touch reaching parts of her body she never knew existed. With every thrust he stirred up blissful sensations which were entirely new to her.

He began to move faster, breathing hard against her neck, panting, moaning with pleasure. And although she assumed that this was part of the program, part of pleasing her, the lust in his voice felt so real that it was arousing her even more.
She wrapped both of her legs around his waist as he heaved her onto the windowsill to let her sit there. While he held her thighs firmly to him she felt him deeper inside of her than even possible, feeling him in every part of her body, like electricity floating through her veins.

His moves were getting slower now as if teasing her. Then he stopped completely.
"Turn around!" he ordered her tenderly with his deep, velvety voice. And she did it without hesitating. Her hands on the windowsill, she spread her legs to receive him again. And while she was looking at his reflection in the window, seeing his light-stripes leaving a deep dark carmine glow all over, he re-invaded her yearning flesh.

She leaned her forehead to the window, her hot sighs condensing on the cold glass, as he continued his loving; each thrust, each move he made a delicate, sweet and almost unbearably pleasant physical delight.
He stroked her hair aside and she felt his lips and his tongue beginning to caress her neck, her shoulders, her back; every kiss a tender tickle.

His movements were growing faster now and more and more intense, for she wanted it that way, wanted him to bring her to that sweet finale. His left hand was caressing her breasts while the right one was moving towards her hip, staying there for a few moments, holding her tight and firm against his thrusts, letting it finally glide between her legs. And as he placed his middle finger there, let it rest on that certain spot, causing a gentle friction with every move he did, Judith couldn't hold back her body's reactions for one moment longer. With a breathless scream of lust she let go, while Darek was embracing her tight, her body writhing in ecstasy, her fingers clinging to his arms.

But he wouldn't stop.
He just went on with his deep and delicate strokes, rousing again waves of passion in her body, letting them grow and burst. Again. And again. So easily as if the reactions of her body were all in his hands.

Tears of rapture were running down her cheeks now, for this was the only way her body could cope with the overpowering emotions Darek's loving was stirring up in her.

He was still holding her, now that it was over, waiting with patience until she had calmed down. His arms were wrapped around her firmly and caringly for she was trembling hard as if she could fall on her knees any minute. But he kept her safe in his strong embrace.

As she had gathered her strength again she turned around. In quiet bliss she enjoyed the beautiful sight he was; His dazzling face, the stripe of nude, smooth, rosy skin along the front side of his suit, the glowing of the circuitry, which had now returned to its former lavender. And while her body was wet all over, he had not a single bead of sweat on his flawless skin.

He picked up her suit from the floor after a while and wrapped it gently around her shoulders as if it was a cape. And to Judith's surprise it immediately took up again its initial form, was closing around all her body parts again as if living and remembering its former shape.

"You can come here again, when ever possible. I'll be there", he promised, a warm smile on his lips and a tender sound in his voice, kissing her one last time, before he was walking away, her gaze following him with a trace of melancholy in her heart.

As if reading her mind, knowing her fears, he turned to her again and said: "You don't have to worry. No one at ENCOM knows about what's going on here."

"What about Dillinger?" she asked. But he already had turned away from her, delving into the shadows of the back of the room he had came from, disappearing without giving her an answer.

The next day at ENCOM was awkward.

To meet Dillinger, to get to see him face to face, after those events in the Grid was just embarrassing.

She bumped into him in the break room where she wanted to fetch some coffee. He was standing there in front of the big shiny coffee machine, his back to her, waiting for his cup to be filled. He had one arm on the top of the machine, bowing over that thing as if possessing it. And as his cup was filled he just remained standing there, drinking his coffee in slow sips, seeming somehow contemplated, wasn't moving away and therefore blocking the access to the machine unintentionally. But Judith was stuck within her embarrassment and didn't dare speak to him, didn't dare to even move.

That's silly! She scolded herself. Just move over there!

She had never been afraid of Dillinger, not at all. He was mean, yes. And it was quite hard to work with him for he was dismissive and emotionless, often sarcastic and cutting. And she probably would never forget how he had spurned her so coldly, back then. But luckily, she possessed enough self confidence and composure to be above Dillinger's meanness.

But now, with those intimate memories in her head, still feeling an aftertaste of Darek's touch on her flesh, she felt paralyzed with shame. But she finally gave herself a push and walked towards the coffee machine because she couldn't stand the thought of behaving like a coward. For that just wasn't her.
She was now right behind him, only a step away; he, still covering the whole corner where the machine was standing, not noticing her.

"May I …" she said politely.

And Dillinger was turning around abruptly, seeming slightly startled.

At the sight of his face, his eyes, the same eyes that had been admiring her body in lust just a day ago, his lips, the same lips that had been kissing her allover, Judith felt her cheeks getting hot. And she was hoping Dillinger wouldn't notice.

"Oh! I'm sorry", he apologized, raising his hands defensively, let one small, dry smile glide over his lips and moved away with his cup.

Judith watched him as he left the room.

No cuttings? No arrogant phrases? This seems to be a good day for Junior...She was thinking to herself.

Later that day she had another encounter with him.

She was sitting on her desk in front of her computer, working on some important and quite challenging and complex coding.

Dillinger appeared behind her, looking over her shoulder at the screen, bowing over sp close that she could smell a whiff of his exquisite eau de toilet. She had to stop typing for a moment for another rush of embarrassment was arsing in her body.

"Good work" was his short, plain, but appreciative comment, not a trace of the usual sarcasm in his words. And what astounded Judith the most about his honest praise was the fact that Dillinger hardly ever gave praise to his employees. For he considered himself the most talented programmer around, and praising others was just beneath him.
And just as Judith was muttering some bashful words of thank, Dillinger disappeared without saying anything further. She turned around, watched him heading his office and then was out of sight.

What the hell…?

Shaking her head, she turned to her screen again and proceeded her work. And suddenly a thought came to her mind, an idea, fascinating and shocking at the same time: What if Dillinger had created Darek for her? What if Darek was the only way for Dillinger to express feelings he wasn't able to express in real life?

First she was totally captivated by this possibility, even touched, for it would – if true – reveal some kind of an emotional side of Dillinger she wouldn't ever expected him to possess.
But the longer she thought about it the less she liked it. As wonderful as her little sensual encounter on the Grid had been, she would have preferred it if the real Dillinger showed feelings than just coming up with some kind of a virtual substitute to compensate his own emotional inabilities. Or at least be a nicer human being during their working hours…

Supposing that she was right…For it was only an idea. Probably nothing more than wishful thinking …

However… She probably wouldn't ever get to know the truth. Because there was no chance in hell that she would directly approach Dillinger to ask him about her idea. She didn't dare to imagine his reaction in case she wasn't right!
But maybe she just had to make the best out of those events, had to take them as a new beginning, a hint, a gift, a chance. And tentatively, she allowed her heart to feel hope.

She sighed, feeling tired and slightly distracted with all these rousing thoughts running wild in her head. She felt like she couldn't concentrate on her work anymore. She needed a break.

She was heading for the break time room once more. And this time she was somehow hoping to meet Dillinger.

A trace of challenge was in the air…