I had to re write this chapter a bit but all is well. This is based on true events please read and review. Thank you.

The street light illuinated the alley. He pulled his cap down low over his face. Darkness was his best friend. He could hide in the darkness. He hid alot. Sadness floated in his sad green eyes. He slumpt against the weather beaten building. He watched people pass envying them. Their warm coats. Their smiling faces. A solitary tear rolls down his red wind blown cheek. He noticed the couple from afar. Perfect.

Gage shrugged deeper into his coat as the cold December wind blew threw him. Seeing Sydney shiver under her warm coat he pulled her closer to him for body heat. Body heat. His mind switched to another kind of body heat he would like to experience with this woman. He kissed the top of her head " Come on Syd, Let's get some hot chocolate, My treat." he said picking up the pace a bit.

"With extra whip cream? " she asked. matching his quicker pace.

"And marchmellows. " Gage promised.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked out of the alley toward his targets. They were perfect, lost in conversation. He walked toward them quicker and intentionally bumped into the man. " Sorry Buddy" The man said as they passed not even looking at the stranger that had ran into him.

Gage Felt something wasn't right after the sidewalk collision. Instintively he reached for his back pocket. "Damn It" He turned " He's got my wallet" he called to Sydney. They both took off after the suspect who was already a ways ahead of them.

He rounded the corner and hid behind the dumpster. Breathing hard he tried to calm down. He couldn't be caught.

Gage and Sydney saw him run into the alley and followed him. Entering the dark alley They slowed down and became aware of their surroundings. "All right Buddy, Come on out." Gage said panting for air. Sydney pointed to the dumpster where she saw a shadow. Gage, With his weapon pulled walked to the dumpster. Sydney scooted farther down the alley as to cover her partner with her gun. When gage inched around the dumpster and aimed his Colt at the pick pocket, His eyes grew wide. "It's Okay, " He slowly raised a hand and lowered his gun. Sydney stared with awe and lowered her gun. He was just a kid couldn't be no older then 10, she thought 11 tops. Gage crouched down and slowly grabbed his wallet out of the cowaring boys hands. Gage slowly opened it and showed the boy his badge.

He was cornered. Bad things happened when he was cornered. And now this. A cop. What were they going to do? He panicked.

"We're Texas Rangers." Gage spoke quietly. The boys eyes hid so many secrects behind such sadness and pain. Gage ran a shakey hand over his face and looked up to Sydney for answers. Sydned squatted down next to Gage and introduced them selves. " I'm Ranger Cooke and this guy here is Ranger Gage. What's your name?" The boy looked at them both then down the alley. He could run. He could jump and run. But his legs seemed like concrete blocks.

Gage slid his wallet back into his pocket and reached for the boy. The boy screamed and threw his arms up infront of his face. Gage almost fell over. As he caught himself, Sydney said " Shhhhh it's okay nobody's gonna hurt you." She slowly reached for his hands and pulled them down. His eyes were closed and his face was full of fear.

Sydney and Gage exchange looks. Gage's soft side took over " Hey Buddy My partner and I were headed to go get some hot chocolate." Standing he finished " we would really like you to come along maybe even get a warm piece of apple pie." Sydney stood up and followed Gage's lead. They slowly backed away from the terrified child in hopes of him following them.

Fear. Confusion. Hunger. The emotions wrestled in his head. He was freezing and hungry. But the man scared him. All men scared him. He looked at the blonde man with apprehension. The woman seemed nice. The emotions continued to wrestled. His stomach growled and his hunger won out over fear and confusion.

Gage and Sydney walked slowly to the end of the alley. Gage glanced over his shoulder and noticed the shy boy slowly getting to his feet. " You know Syd, That hot apple pie would be really good with some whipped cream on it." Watching the boys reaction Gage knew he had said the right thing. The boy followed Them out of the alley toward Berny's Cafe.

So many memories flooded over Gage. He saw the telltale signs of abuse in the child's actions. Throwing his hands up in defense. The fear in his eyes. Gage reached for the door of the well lit Cafe and held it open for Sydney and their young charge. They took a seat in a booth Sydney and Gage sise by side and the frightened child on the other side. Gage watched as the boy pulled his cap lower over his eyes.

A waitress walked up to the table with order pad in hand. "What can I get for y'all on this chilly evening?" she asked with a smile.

"Three hot chocolates and three apple pies, please. Extra whipped cream please." Gage ordered for the three of them.

The red haired waitress wrote the order down and walked away. Sydey and Gage spoke about nothing in particular. Watching the boy for any reaction. When the pies and hot chocolate arrived. Sydney noticed the boys eyes got the size og softballs when he saw the mountain of whipped cream on the top of the pie. She nudged Gage with her elbow and nodded her head in the boys direction. Gage smiled. He also noticed even though the boy looked ravanously at the pie he wasn't eating it.

Gage smiled " Eat up, Buddy,"

The boy sat there, his dark eyes watching Gage closely. Children didn't eat untill after the adults started. That had been a rule at home, and breaking rules had consequences. Gage sipped his hot chocolate and then began to eat his pie. After he had taken a bite, That gave the boy permission to eat. He Reached for his fork and began to eat hundrily. Sydney noticed the child barely chewed. " Well Gage, I think we found somebody with an appetite similar to yours." Gage smiled and realised the boy probably hadn't eaten in days. Probably a week.

When their plates and cups were empty. Gage looked at Sydney. He leaned close to her and said " We can't leave him out in the cold Syd." She shook her head. "Agreed. Atleaset until we can talk to Walker tomorrow. "

Gage said "All right Kiddo, since I am willing to bet an entire weeks pay that you don't have a warm place to stay, what do you say you hang out at my place for a couple nights. You know warm bed, warm baths, warm food. Sound Good?" Gage folded his hands and laid them on the table. The boy looked stright at the floor. "Hey Kiddo..."Gage said. "I can't keep calling you Kiddo Do you have a name or do we just get to make up one for you.?"

The boy slowly lifted his head and stared unsure at the two people in front of him. They seemed nice but nice was always a cover for something else. But he did need a warm bed,and warm food everyday would be nice. But did he want to be behind closed doors again. Something about the man scared him but his eyes were sincere. The woman was nice he liked her. One night in a warm bed. He could handle that.

"Charlie..." he said quietly.

Sydney smiled, "Charlie, I like that name." and she stood up, Gage followed her out of the booth and walked to the register to pay for the food. Sydney stood beside the booth waiting for Charlie to get out. He slid to the edge of the seat and stood up. Gage pulled his collar up around his neck, to try to keep the cold out. He held the door open and they started the walk home.