A Revelation

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Chapter 15

"Yes for others but that's Harry Potter in that room, since when do normal rules apply to him?"

Hogwarts Gryffindor Suite 29 October 1994

The whole castle shook as magic radiated out of the suite's master bedroom. The grey walls became white granite and glowed for nearly a minute. Suddenly, it went quiet and everyone looked around and at each other in awe at what they were seeing.

Ragnok came through the portal and asked, "Is it true. The two are one?"

"What?" Sirius asked.

"Ages ago the best Goblin seer in our history made a prophecy that said when Merlin returned that two would become one and lead us into the light. While they and their children's, children's, children live we would have a golden age and be reunited with the other magicals, and all would be equals. First, the two would banish the darkness and recognize their heritage. This would free Merlin and would guide them to their destiny," Ragnok stated and the other grabbed for drinks.

"Ragnok we aren't sure yet but Harry and Hermione might have just been married by magic and are maturing years earlier than normal. Your eyes show you how the castle has changed. So I would say your prophecy might be correct and is in the early stages of being fulfilled," Sirius replied.

In the Master Bedroom, Harry's eyes popped open, and he saw the chocolate eyes of his beloved looking back at him.

"Hello beautiful, did you get the number of the train that ran over me?" Harry asked gently.

"No love I was holding you, and it ran over me too." She said with a smile.

"I know that I'm not supposed to say this Hermione, but you look older and more mature from what I feel pressed against my chest, I'd have to say you've grown." Harry said in a deeper voice, wondering if he would get smacked.

"Well I'm not alone in that you also look older perhaps about 20 and from what I feel pressed against my lower stomach area, I'd say you've grown too. I feel stronger and more mature. I wonder what happened to us. You put that ring on then passed out. Dobby brought you here, and we followed. I held you then blacked out, but I was facing your back then." Hermione replied in different but beautiful voice.

They heard a Phoenix trill, and looked up and saw Fawkes and another one.

"Wow Harry a golden Phoenix hasn't been seen since Merlin's."

Fawkes hopped down on Hermione's shoulder while the golden one did the same with Harry. Harry slowly turned on his back and the Phoenix moved to his chest. Hermione did the same thing. The birds looked at their charges in the eyes and began to sing the bonding song. The entire castle heard the songs and felt at peace.

"Hermione this is Adrian and he was Merlin's familiar and has now bonded with me. Adrian you are the most beautiful thing I've seen next to my Hermione."

Adrian trilled and flew to the headboard.

"Harry this is Sadie. She was Morgana's familiar until Morgana went bad. Dumbledore used dark magic to keep the bond between him and Sadie when she tried to leave him. He did it just after a burning when Sadie was the weakest. She and I are bonded just like we are bonded."

"What, when, not that I mind, but I would think I would know when it happened." Harry sputtered.

"Sometimes you're so silly Harry. It happened after we blacked out. I'm sure someone can show us a memory of what happened, at least to a point. Something else happened, look at the walls they gleam, and they're white not dull grey. Maybe we should get up and find out what's going on." She suggested.

"But I would rather hold you and never let you go," Harry said not wanting to be with other people when he could be alone with her in his bed.

"You're so sweet but we still have a school to look after, and a staff that is probably worried about us. Most probably Mum and Dad are going spare with worry," Hermione said in a way that Harry couldn't argue with and hope to win.

They got up and had to resize their clothes. Harry was six feet one inch tall while Hermione was five feet 10 inches. Harry appreciated her curves, really, really appreciated them. She loved his large chest and narrow waist. His long hair really set his facial features off. Hand in hand, they left the bedroom with their familiars on their shoulders into near chaos.

"What happened?" Dora asked.

"Let's sit first. Dobby" Harry suggested.

"Yes Master Harry."

"Please bring us some tea and butter beers and a snack," Harry said in a baritone voice the others weren't used to hearing.

The little elf popped away and then was back. Before Dobby could leave, Harry told to him to sit with them.

"What we know is I now wear Merlin's ring, but you knew that. When I put it on the magic that was passed was overwhelming as was the knowledge of how to use it. Adrian, the golden Phoenix and my familiar, says he and I are bonded and Hermione and I are also bonded. Sadie, Hermione's bonded Phoenix, told her pretty much the same thing. But Sadie also said Dumbassadork used old magic to keep the bond with Fawkes. This happened just after a burning when Fawkes was the weakest. Then for whatever reason we went through an early maturity. Adrian says I'm twenty no matter what the mortals' calendar says," Harry stated shocking everyone in the room.

"Sadie told me I'm twenty also Mum, Dad. She also says all records will now show us at those ages. Don't ask how because she would probably say magic," Hermione said with a smile.

"The other big revelation is that while the Founders built the school as we know, the castle belonged to Merlin and passed down to Godric Gryffindor. Godric gave the others equal shares in the school, but not the castle, it was to go to Merlin's heirs. Morgana in a fit of rage imprisoned Merlin in a crystal hidden in the Great Hall fireplace. He could only be freed when an heir recognized his true station publicly. My statement this morning did that and freed Merlin. Adrian says we are to be known as Lord and Lady Potter-Emrys, and only use the other names on official school and Potter documents. I am to claim the Emrys seat, and Hermione is to claim the Le Fey seats. As Lord Emrys, by law I lead the Wizengamot and am the King or Queen's Wizard." Harry said as the ring fed him information.

"This could only happen to you Harry," Dora said.

"I'd be pissed if that wasn't true Dora. Fortunately, Adrian and Sadie are here to guide us in our tasks and to indicate to all that we are light and not dark." Harry replied.

"Lady Hogwarts"

"Welcome home Lord Emrys, how may I serve?"

"Can you tell us what happened to change you?"

"The magic of your bond cleansed the castle and brought us back to our original state My Lord."

"Is there a place suitable to meet people other than this common room?" Harry asked.

"Your office is next to your bedroom my Lord."

"Dobby, please tell the Minister, we're available and she and Mr. Delacour may enter the school now."

"I'm sure glad this is the weekend Harry can you imagine setting in class while the change occurred." Hermione said with a smile.

"Headmistress, please send someone to get Madame Maxime and Professor Jackeroff, then with you, we'll have all the players. And we can get this over today," Harry asked politely.

"Harry we're going to cancel this farce right?" Hermione asked.

"Yes dear, that we are, we didn't want it in the first place," Harry said with a smile.

When Minister Bones, Minister Delacour, and the three Headmasters arrived at the suite, they were escorted to Harry and Hermione's office. None of them looked happy.


"It's Lord Potter-Emrys, Minister Bones since this is an official meeting. Minister Delacour welcome to the Kingdom of Emrys and Hogwarts. This Kingdom is an independent magical nation allied with Her Majesty the Queen of the Commonwealth. As such, I am judge, jury, and executioner in my nation. You and the others are my guests. The beautiful lady on my right is my Queen Lady Hermione Potter-Emrys. Lady Hogwarts do I speak the truth?""

"Yes Lord Potter-Emrys you speak true. However, within this Kingdom you are Lord Emrys, not Potter-Emrys."

"There are three things to discuss as a group, I'll speak you'll listen until I'm finished then I'll answer your questions. First Mr. Jackeroff you were told to leave your bigots at home and didn't listen. Your Mr. Krum had it in his head that he was going to use his pureblood status to take my fiancé to the ball then rape her. He lives only because I allow it. He has since changed his target, but that won't save him. Minister Delacour your daughter and Veela friend Marie decided to use their allure to cause trouble by inciting our young men to fight over them, they have been sent home and will not be allowed to return. Because of those actions, this farce called a tournament is canceled and Hogwarts will not take part in another. Lady Hogwarts do I speak the truth?"

"Yes Lord Emrys you speak true."

"Lady Hogwarts can you read the minds and intentions of all within our wards?"

"Yes Lord Emrys I can, and I do."

"There you have the source now I'll take questions phrased in a respectful manner unless you want to end up in the English Channel," Harry said gently.

"Lord Potter-Emrys I must apologize for my daughter's actions. This is not what she told me, and that will be taken care of I assure you."

"Thank you Minister Delacour."

"Well I do not believe this of Victor, but if it is true it is his right as a pureblood to make these demands of a muggle born so I see no problem, and this tournament will not be canceled Hogwarts has a contract, and it must abide by it."

"Do I understand you correctly that you are calling me and Lady Hogwarts liars? You do know that's a challenge to duel to the death for you and your boy?" Harry said as his magic flared, and Adrian trilled in a way that indicated he was ready to do battle.

Jackeroff's face went white. He had to either back off or face the young man who was radiating power.

"If you admit what you said about Victor was in error, there is no problem between us."

"You will ice skate in hell before you hear me lie about the truth little man. Get your boy to the Quidditch pitch in fifteen minutes and I'll take you both on at the same time. And Jackoff it will not be quick or painless. No one calls me or Lady Hogwarts liars and lives. Now go and prepare to die, you may choose swords or wands." Harry stated with ice in his voice and fire in his eyes.

Jackeroff left the office and Harry said, "That fucking idiot was given a chance to get out of here alive. Pomona please have all of our students, except the first years, in the stands at the pitch. They might as well see what happens when I'm challenged it may save a life."

"Harry, how would you feel if we were left out of seeing this in our first year?" Hermione asked quietly.

"Hermione is right, include all students. You others may want to go to the pitch Hermione, and I will be along in a moment." Harry said and the meeting was over.

The other left for the pitch and Harry asked, "Why am I forced into these situations?"

"Because you were dealing with a pureblood idiots too proud to back off so he tried to intimidate someone younger, and it backfired. You know they will use the Killing Curse or try." Hermione replied shaking her head at the stupidity.

"Hermione they won't get the chance. I will hit hard, fast, and hurtful. Krum has flown his last professional match. He just doesn't know it yet." Harry stated.

"Harry when are you going to tell them I'm a pureblood?"

"I'll tell them after the short duel, of course. Well shall we go, My Lady?" Harry said with a grin.

They faded to the pitch. Hermione joined her parents and the M Team in a special box.

Without amplifying his voice Harry stated, "You are here to witness and honor duel between Lord Potter-Emrys versus Professor Jackeroff and Mr. Victor Krum. I made certain true statements to Professor Jackeroff about Mr. Krum's intentions toward my fiancé. These were verified as true by Lady Hogwarts, who cannot lie. Professor called Lady Hogwarts and me liars. This is an affront to our honor and cannot stand since he, in effect, according to our old ways challenged me to a duel. As the one challenged, I chose either wands or swords, since they are not holding swords the duel is with wands. Hogwarts has placed protective ward in front of the stands. Now normally these duels would be duels of honor, and no unforgivables would be used. However, neither Jackoff nor Mr. Krum knows the meaning of the word honor so you may expect anything from them. Headmistress Sprout please start the countdown and on one, we go."

"On one you may begin, three, two, one."

"Jackeroff sent a Killing Curse on two, proving his lack of honor. To everyone's surprise Harry reflected it back at him but over his head. Harry then sent a Reducto, which took Krum's right arm just above the elbow. Harry hit Jackeroff with a Reducto to the chest and accioed both wands. It was over. Harry walked to Krum and said, "Just so you know Hermione is a pureblood and would have made you suffer by castrating you. She wanted to join me, so she could. Your little bigoted game cost you your arm and career. No one messes with my Hermione, not a basilisk and certainly not you shit head." Harry said and refrained from kicking Krum in the bits.

Harry then turned to the stands and said, "Durmstrang students and staff you have fifteen minutes to gather your trash and get out. The tournament is canceled. Beauxbatons you are welcome to stay for the ball and meet our students the choice is yours, but I do hope you stay. Students of Hogwarts it seems that after breakfast I received a new title and name. The name is Lord Emrys when we have official business, at all other times you may call me Harry, unless I say different. This is no longer an Earldom. It is now the independent Kingdom of Emrys. In this nation, I am King and Hermione is Queen, the magic you felt earlier was Hermione and me bonding. Two other bonds occurred during this, one between Hermione and her familiar Sadie and the other between my familiar Adrian and me."

"I would like our students to think about what they just saw. One arrogant man used the Killing Curse and died for it. Another is forever changed, and his promising career is over because of a foolish mistake. Being proud of your heritage is one thing being arrogant because you think your blood is purer than another's is foolish to the extreme. Merlin's parents were muggles, so he was, or is, a first-generation wizard. The so-called purebloods have been decimated because a good number were Death Eaters and died because Moldyshorts drew their magic to try to stay alive."

"At this rate to maintain your so called blood purity, you'll have to marry a first cousin. What's next marrying a sibling? Well, the Gaunts did that, and produced a squib that was Moldyshorts' mother. We all know how that turned out. Magic is magic people, no matter how long it's been in both sides of a family. I'll stack any of you up against my Hermione. Whoops can't do that she's a pure blood descended from Morgana Le Fey, Galahad, and Helga Hufflepuff." Harry stated.

As Harry finished both Phoenix appeared and sat on their familiars shoulder. Harry heard the mumbles about the golden Phoenix and smiled as he walked to his new wife.

"Damn chief, two Reductos and an Accio, leaves one dead and the other out of the fight." Gunny said.

Harry whispered something to Gunny and his forehead showed a frown. Then he burst out laughing and shaking his head. Harry told him that while he pointed his wand, the spells came from his left hand wandlessly. Minister Delacour went to Beauxbatons carriage with Madame Maxime and the others less the Headmistress went back to Harry's office.

"Hermione here's your marriage license. It shows that the git sitting there is your husband and that you're responsible for him. I feel sorry for you, as you'll have a hard time keeping him out of trouble. He seems to be a magnet for it. Harry I suppose Jackeroff's use of the Avada Kedavra stopped him from a long drawn out and hurtful duel. I'm disappointed in the Bulgarian Minister, picking that man, as Headmaster after Karkaroff was a big mistake. Would you like to fill me in on the business with Krum?" Amelia asked politely.

"Krum planned to use a pureblood law to force me to go to the ball with him then rape me when it was over. As a muggle born, your current laws allow this. What the bastard didn't know until after he lost his arm is that I'm more of a pureblood than him." Hermione replied.

"All this shit after the packages were sent spelling everything out. This is unbelievable." Amelia stated.

"Amy you find it hard to believe because you're not a bigot. Krum thought the same way the Death Eaters did. I doubt that Krum will ever forget that my Hermione is a pureblood, and that she wanted to go and castrate him. Given the choice between an arm and my bits, I'm sure that I'd choose losing my arm. Amy I'll pay Beauxbatons' expenses to come here, but not Durmstrang's. Now if there's no more pressing business this growth thing has wiped me out and my bones, and muscles hurt, and I have a headache. Adrian says it must run its course and not to take a potion until it's finished," Harry said.

"Harry at bedtime it's the woman who has a headache not the man," Sirius said and sniggered.

"Mutt, I'll trade you how my body feels for how yours feels. Hummm I wonder if a switching spell would work." Harry said looking at Sirius.

"I don't think so love but my body feels just like you described, come with me husband," Hermione said and led Harry from the room.

"Emma, stop her, she is going to bed with Harry," Dan said quickly.

"Of course she is, he's her husband." Emma replied.


"Sorry, it seems I have to explain about marriage and sex to my husband of over 20 years." Emma said and grabbed Dan by the arm.

"But…" Dan was still saying as Emma led him through the portal.

"I swear when Albus was here it was nuthouse, and now it's a zoo." Pomona said with a giggle.

"Welcome to the world of Harry James Potter." Dora retorted, and laughed finishing with a snort.


On 28 December 1994 in Her Majesty chambers Harry James Potter married Hermione Jean Granger in a ceremony officiated by the Right Reverend, The Lord Carey of Clifton, Archbishop of Canterbury. Those attending included, Daniel and Emma Granger, Sirius Black, Aurora Sinistra, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Ted and Andromeda Tonks, Ragnok and his wife, Dobby and Tinker, the M Team and their wives, the Headmistress and staff, and the entire Royal Family.

On 1 August 2004 Charlus James Potter was born into this world screaming that he was here. On 15 June 2006, his sister Jean Lily Potter was born and immediately wrapped her father around her little finger.

On 11 September 2001, the world changed forever as the World Trade Center fell. Unknown to Al-Qaeda they had poked a sleeping dragon called the M Team in the eye. However, that is another story.

On 31 July 2163, 183-year-old, Harry James Potter passed on to the next great adventure. His wife followed him within 24 hours of his interment. The couple was survived by two sons Charlus James and Henry John, two daughters Jean Lily and Luna Jenny. They had 16 grand children and 64 great grandchildren one of which was named Harry James. When the old man died, the house rings including Merlin's, passed to the younger Harry James Potter-Emrys-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff-Slytherin. The world had another warrior mage to carry on the work of his ancestors.

The End