Luke covered me completely but I still can't get enough, our hands busied themselves in undoing the clasps on each other's garments. The leather straps and knife sheath thumped as they hit the bedroom floor following the heavy blue himation and the green chlamys. Fibulaes clattered to the ground and chitons slipped off shoulders. On the bedside table, circlets of amaranth lie together undisturbed.

I rolled us over, still attached at the mouth and by exploring hands. Light stubble scratched my jaw, I straddled Luke's waist and pressed down hard. One hand pulled my chiton down my thighs, its partner wrapping around my back and pulling me closer. Calloused pads rubbed down my spine, making me moan and mewl as they went lower and lower until –

Friction sparked the air as I grinded against Luke, inadvertently breaking our kiss as my eyes shot open, body arching up at his touch.

Moonlight made his blue eyes gleam, moist red lips inviting me back. I was about to dive in when his fingers kneaded my Achilles spot – air promptly left my lungs, my hips rutted against his, reflexively eluding the touch.

I didn't need words to explain, Luke realized what it was. He rose to a sitting position, pulling up my chiton as he went and discarding it. I kneeled before him, one leg on their side of his thighs. White cloth pooled around his waist vainly covering up the bulge on his crotch.

His hands were on my waist, pulling me flush against him as he molded our mouths together – tongues bridging what anatomy tried to separate. He cupped my hardening member through boxer-briefs at the same time inching his fingers around my Achilles' spot.

Groaning, my hands raked through his hair as tendrils of arousal claimed control over every nerve in my body. I rocked against him, his hand stroking and squeezing, his fingers slipping under the garter and pulling my underwear down as he palmed my ass. Teeth nibbled on my bottom lip as Luke pulled my dick free from the fabric, flushed red and rock hard.

My hands latched onto his chiton, guiding the cloth over his head and throwing it to the side. With one hand on his chest, I pushed him into a reclining position. I slipped off my boxer-briefs and leaned forward, aligning our chests as my lips found familiar territory on his neck. I ducked lower, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking while one hand went into his boxers.

Luke started cursing when I grazed my teeth on his other nipple and ground our hard-ons together. He gripped me by the hair and hoisted me up, mouths zoning in on each other, bodies crashing back onto the mattress. I pushed against the hands massaging my backside, grinding my ass against his cock to get my point across. He broke the kiss, a question in his blown-out pupils, his eyes searching for something on my face.

I pulled myself up, pressing my forehead against his, one hand cradling his jaw, my heart thundering against my ribcage. "I want you, Luke," I whispered, kissing him deeply. "Need you – just you – only you."

He brought up a hand to my face, brushing back sweaty bangs as he returned my kisses, gently rolling himself over me. A pillow cushioned my head and Luke pulled back, thumb catching saliva off my bottom lip. "Then I'll give you all of me," he whispered back, voice low, holding much promise.

I watched with bated breath as Luke slid off the bed, tugging off his boxers, eyes raking down my spread out form. He crouched to open the bottom-most drawer of the bedside table, setting a bottle of lube on the mattress a few seconds later.

A slight smile played on his lips as he settled back on the bed, sitting beside me. "You ready?"

"Yeah," I breathed out, nerves wracked with excitement and anxiety.

Luke leaned over me, pressing our lips together at the same time moving into position between my legs. Large hands caressed their way down my chest, down my sides, my waist, my thighs, pulling them up. He pulled back, tongue tracing my lips, sucking on my chin, my Adam's apple.

Breathy moans left me – Luke's mouth covered my hard-on with licks and suctions, my voice caught every time I said his name.

The lube bottle was uncapped as Luke sat back and he dribbled the clear liquid all over his fingers. His eyes locked onto mine and I had no intention of looking elsewhere.

It's a cold sensation, having the pad of his finger trace the rim around my entrance. It's a queasy feeling when his finger slipped inside. I tried to hold back my whimpers but it was futile. It was seriously uncomfortable and Luke could read the pain on my face, especially with how my breaths stuttered. He paused, leaning up to give me a kiss. The warmth of his lips comforted me and I spread my legs a bit wider. I squirm as Luke wiggled his finger, inching it further inside all the way onto the knuckle. Then he stilled, pulling back from our kiss and letting me get used to the feeling.

I licked my lips, shifting and experimentally clenching around the digit. Luke groaned, his eyes slipping shut and he slowly pulled his finger out. I mewled, thighs trembling as the finger caught on the rim, circling around and then pushing back in.

Two fingers scissored me open. More lube was added as three digits stretched me out. I rocked back, taking four fingers deeper and closer and then Luke pulled them out.

I keened at the loss of sensation, Luke's name leaving my lips and I begged for him inside me.

Luke shushed me, his mouth claiming a spot on my neck. Rough stubble rubbed against sweat-coated skin, I wrapped my arms around his neck, hands finding purchase in sandy blond hair. I bit down on his lip, nibbling on the swollen flesh until our mouths fell in line and he ravaged me with his tongue. One hand kneaded my ass, pulling the cheeks apart. A blunt tip pressed against my entrance.

A gasp from me broke us apart – Luke's eyes were right in front of me, half-lidded and alluring. I kissed him softly, taking in an exhale, wrapping my legs around his waist, welcoming him inside.

Luke's pressed our foreheads together, eyes reflecting my expression, mouths a breadth's width apart from each other – slowly, he pushed in, he gave all of himself, he claimed me.

For a minute, everything stilled, no sound, not a breath of air. Luke filled me completely and I stared up at him in awe, in pleasure, in love. Chests pressed together, hearts hammering in sync.

All boundaries had been crossed. There was no turning back. Neither of us planned to.

We made love, slowly, no hurries; a slow burn running through every nerve of my body. Every thrust reaching deeper, every grind molding us together. Luke was… mesmerizing. He invaded every single one of my senses and I was only too happy to drown in the feel of him.

Cries punctuated the night, Luke climaxed inside of me, hips rutting with abandon as I rode him out, my own orgasm painting white webs of semen on our chests.

"Percy…" Luke's voice was hoarse, day-old stubble scratching my cheek. He nuzzled the side of my face, teeth toying with my earlobe.

I hummed in response, clamping down on his flaccid cock, reveling in the sensation as Luke pulled out of me.

"Percy," Luke murmured against skin, trailing kisses down my jawline.

"Yeah?" I whispered back, breathless. The magnitude of what we'd just done finding a permanent spot in my memory.

"Percy." Luke's smile was blinding and warm and contagious.

"Luke," I retorted, grinning back.

He cupped my cheeks with both hands, noses bumping together as he leaned in close. "What is it with you and covering bases while we're in my parent's house?"

I blinked. I stared. I grabbed a pillow and smacked him across the face with it. "Thanks for ruining the moment," I muttered as Luke rolled off to one side.

"Aw, come on, Perce." Luke positioned a pillow under his head, arms winding around my waist and pulling me against his chest. "I love you."

"D - Don't just haul me around," I squirmed in his embrace, queasy at the feel of semen dripping out of my ass. "I'm a bit squelchy right now."

Luke's eyes dropped to my backside as he placed a kiss on my shoulder. "I can help you there," he smirked.

"Maybe later," I told him, turning about until we were face to face.

"Cuddle time?" Luke suggested with a raise of his brows.

I laughed, pressing a kiss to his lips. "Mm, yeah, cuddle time."

Waking up with a warm body wrapped around you is one of the best things ever. Sleep gave way to a heightened sensation of skin against skin and hot puffs of breath on my nape. I tried to move my hand but I found a larger one entwined with it.

I rubbed my thumb along the back of Luke's hand, holding on tightly.

On the other side of the room, the other bed – Luke's bed – lay empty, the covers half-way on the floor. The floor was also something to behold, various articles of clothing were unmoved from where they landed after being haphazardly thrown off last night.

"You awake, Luke?" I asked the quiet room.

"Hmm, yeah, I guess I am." Soft lips pressed against my nape, an arm curling around my middle.

I partially turned, craning my neck to meet Luke's kiss. "Morning."

Both of us stilled, eyes greedily drinking in the sight of the other. It could've been the morning light, it could've been just a carry-over post-coital haze, but all I knew was that I wanted to commit every strand of hair and every pore of Luke's to memory. Golden light poured in from the window behind him, giving his handsome form an ethereal glow.

Luke leaned in, placing a kiss on my cheek, ice blue eyes alight with a captivating shine. "Hey…"

There wasn't anything that I would trade for this moment. Four months ago I almost lost him and since then I had decided (maybe subconsciously) that I would do everything in my power to keep him near me. There wasn't anything that would keep me from this man I love. It was scary having this realization but Luke was right beside me, his fingers laced through mine, holding me close with no intention of ever letting go.

I could live with that.